August 15th, 2017

Fairly minimal, cheap and quick.


This is the bedroom in the ‘old’ flat (the one where Felix works from).

About a month ago I sold our bed frame on eBay, as it wasn’t really our style anymore, and I decided to do a simple makeover. 


The quality of this photo up here is clearly bad, but I wanted you to be able to see how the bedroom looked like before.

Originally, we decided to go with a French frame as we wanted to match all the beautiful details on the walls and ceiling, but the gold/brown shade of the bed and its matching side tables made the space feel a bit dark, and somewhat dated.


So as I said, I sold it all on eBay, which meant I now had a blank canvas to play with.

I had some paint samples around as we are getting our flat (the one we live in) re-painted, and so I picked these two – Pashmina and English Manor – and mixed them up to give a new, fresh colour to the background.

In fact, since we now don’t have a big frame covering it up, having that beige shade in there was fine, but I wanted it to stand out more.


After painting the wall, I used sandpaper to give it a distressed look. I think industrial/distress and period features work really well together.


These were the only two things I had to buy for this makeover.

I intended to place them one on each side of the bed, but I ended up propping them next to each other, as it seemed more unusual.


I’ve also added a bigger, fake plant (which before was in Felix’s old office) as I think it balances the others, and the green just looks so pretty against the faint pink wall.


In the basket on the right, I put some books, decor items, and a small humidifier lamp (which I had bought a long time from eBay) that changes colour, so it not only has a purpose, but further creates an interesting light effect.


Finally, I kept it simple with some white sheets, as they never go out of style.


I placed the mattress on a rug, to add more definition to the bed area, and that was it.

For how little it costed me, and how quickly I turned it around, I’m honestly really happy with the result!

What do you think? Do you like it?



117 thoughts on “BEDROOM MAKEOVER.

  1. Willow Greenway

    It’s so beautiful in a vintage sense, and yet it’s also very beautiful because of it’s youthful colors. I really love it. I would recommend caution however if the mattress is on the rug because it can get moisture into the frame. There are some mats for cheap that can be placed between the mattress and the rug.

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