August 6th, 2017

Another update.


I always say to Felix that time goes by way too fast. I’ve never noticed it as much as this year.

I’ve been meaning to write here on my blog multiple times in the past week, but always ended up finishing my daily amount of work late in the evening, feeling too tired to put some thoughts together.

Here is a collection of failed attempts.


First of all: we got a hedgehog!

His name is Dogy, and as of today, he is 9 weeks old.

He looks like a tiny pig. He loves that blue fish toy.

Felix had been showing me hedgehog videos for a while, suggesting that we would get one. I never really considered it, I never knew if he was serious, knowing that he has little time to spare, but eventually we were both looking up info about them, and getting one seemed doable.

We contacted multiple people looking to re-home their hedgehogs, but pretty soon we learnt that they all go quite quickly, in a matter of hours.

Last Saturday we saw that there were just a couple left for sale in Birmingham, and so we went for a 7 hour drive to pick Dogy up.


The following days went by fast, as I was driving to different pet shops to get Dogy a new cage, better food, a big wheel, a playpen, toys…

And then Thursday came. I had been invited to the Gudetama Launch in London, and so Felix and I hopped on the train to spend an egg-cellent evening meeting some really cool people.

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 16.46.24.jpg

I was introduced to the Sanrio team, and I was also given a tour of their office.

I ended up speaking to lots of people and had little time to film around, so my original idea of blogging and vlogging had to be scrapped.


At this point, on Friday, I felt like I needed to get back here as too much time was passing by, but on the same day I had to come up with a video idea, film and edit it.

I ended up trying to make a smoothie recipe for the blog, but realised it was far too simple to post. So that’s another idea that didn’t cut it.


Oh, and my camera completely broke. Not sure what happened, but this is how the screen froze. I removed the battery, fully charged it, hoping it was a glitch… but it wasn’t. It’s gone. So that’s something I will need to take care of tomorrow.

Also this laptop I’m currently typing on is dying on me as well, so I will have to fix this too.

Everything happens at once, it seems.


Yesterday it was supposed to be a sunny day, and since Felix and I spend Saturdays together, we decided to drive to Camber Sands, which is less than 2 hours away.


The weather was very windy, and kept switching from rainy to sunny to rainy, but the beach was stunning, as usual.


Edgar and Maya love it there, and I do as well. The beach is so open and peaceful.


Look at all these cute houses!

I actually recorded some clips, so I may edit a video, but if I don’t have enough, I may not upload it. Will see. I never know these days, haha.

Anyway, that’s about it for this week. The vast majority of my time went into developing the different projects I’m working on, and the best progress we have made is regarding the winter clothing line: all the fabrics have been selected, and we managed to bring down the price (originally it was going to be very expensive); I’ve also changed the theme of the line, so it won’t be bees anymore, and all the designs are finished, so we are currently going onto the sampling phase!

Sorry that I haven’t been able to reply to your comments, just know that I always appreciate seeing you here.

How is August going for you, so far?




108 thoughts on “TIME FLIES.

  1. Heather

    I agree with you that this year is going by so incredibly fast. Dogy is absolutely adorable. A few years ago my dad found a baby hedgehog injured by a lawnmower at work and brought him home to nurse back to health. When he was all better we tried to release him but he just wouldn’t go. So my dad made him a big pen out in the garden, like a rabbit hutch and he lived out there. We named him hedgepig

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  2. Jasmine

    August meant a lot of new and exciting stuffs for me. I’ve just finished school and is now looking for a job (btw, I’ve a bachelor degree in Biomedical Science and loves journalism. If anyone has any job ideas that can merge these two, I would really love to hear from you). I’m on the process of writing a manuscript for my thesis to be sent for publish and was recently told that it will also be sent for nomination for an award. On top of that, I’m preparing for my engagement day which is due on two weeks time! I enjoy reading your blog, Marzia. Please wish me the best. Thank you πŸ™‚

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    1. jenesaispas

      I think it’s important that the public is in the know about health and medicine. Perhaps you could be a writer for health/science columns in newspapers or blogs.

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  3. Ellie

    It has been going so so quick! It’s nice to see Dogy is doing well, he is so cute and looks very happy in his new home! πŸ’–

    It would be nice to see a haul video of some sort from you soon! Since the seasons are starting to change again, I always love those even if it’s a few items!
    Sending love as always! X

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  4. Maira

    Busy, busy! All summer I’ve been sick (my stomach) and soon ill be going to school for my final year of college! Reading your blog always makes me feel better! Love ya Marzia

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    1. Jesk

      Ah, that sucks! Hope your last year in college goes well and isn’t too difficult. I’m about to start my 12th year in highschool.


  5. kamgabbyj

    August has been great for me so far! Today is my birthday, gonna have sushi dinner later (my fav πŸ˜› ) and my bf and I have been going to different places near our town to experience as much of summer as I can πŸ™‚ (having to work during the summer is never a good thing sigh, esp as a full time student but gotta pay those bills somehow!) been going to the beaches and seeing new cities close by. Been a blast. πŸ˜€

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  6. photogenius

    hahaha A hedgehog called Dogy!! How kawaii!!! I’m sure he’ll fit right in with Edgar and Maya…….who well….. are “dogs” too… XD

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  7. meagos

    Hello Marzia,

    So far, August has been nerve-wracking for me. I’m going to be a senior in high school this upcoming fall and it’s approaching. Fast. I have ten days of summer vacation left and I’m sitting here at my desk wondering what on earth am I going to do about my future. Of course, I have to start applying for colleges and financial aid, but… It’s just all so terrifying and exciting at the same time. Terrifying because for once my mother isn’t holding my hand and leading me through each step as usual, exciting because for once I get to be a little more independent.

    I’m scared and I’m excited, but I guess that’s the whole experience of planning out your future. I want to study animation and, if I’m able, get my teaching credentials as well so that if being an animator doesn’t work out, at least I can teach animation at a college level and still do what I love doing: drawing (with a bonus: teaching, I love teaching).

    I just hope I can get over this fear ASAP.

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  8. Sunny

    August has been good so far for me! I know what you mean with your blog – I always get stressed if I haven’t posted in a while. But I’m glad you’ve been able to make progress with your clothing line. πŸ™‚
    Lots of love,

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  9. earthtoloz

    I completely agree. I keep needing to get up earlier and earlier- but just remember being busy means you’re living your fullest life, even if it means that time goes quick! Love your posts xx

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  10. OneMan

    I can tell you that I saw wonderful places in Italy that I’ve never seen.
    I can tell you that I helped my dad to make something inside his company to empower competition.
    I can tell you that I’ve never spent so beautiful days with my cat since 4 years (she’s old but she’s still my baby)
    I can tell you that I felt sad for my sister and for my best friend who don’t find their place in the world.
    I can tell you that I spent an entire afternoon with a homeless man near the hospital talking about life.
    I can tell you that an old man stopped me only to talk with me and he thought I was 20 years old, he told me: you’re so funny and I’m so lonely.
    But these are meaningless words, actions, comfort zone. It’s your little world and it’s time to break the walls.
    Sometimes, Marzia, break the walls, be the woman you always had fear to be, be more than you!!! If you were the strongest woman in the world, who would you be?


  11. Elle Smith

    Time does fly. In two days, I’ll be moving into my first apartment. It’s scary and my nerves are fried, but I’m also so excited! Thanks for giving us an update, reading even the smallest posts from you tend to brighten my day.

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  12. Brittany

    Hi Marzia!
    August has been flying by just as fast as the rest of this summer. I start school monday and I haven’t been in school since 2012 so I’m feeling nervous and excited. I love reading your blog when I’m stressing out. You inspire me so much, you make me want to be a better person and just do more in life. Thanks for being a great role model!

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  13. MEW

    Dogy is so cute! ❀️ I’m really sorry you haven’t had time to post and have had to scrap ideas. The struggle is so real Marzia πŸ˜‚ But it’s always so nice hearing from you and seeing what you’re up to whether you’re coming up with ideas or not ^_^


  14. Brooke

    Hi Marzia! I always LOVE reading your blog. I love looking at all your photographs and your writings that go along with them. You have been so inspiring to me, especially through my rough times. I hope you read this ^_^ XOXO

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  15. icaweng

    August is going to be pretty eventful for me. Soon this Friday, I will be on a 5-day trip with my family in North Vietnam; it will be the last time for us to be all together because my younger sister is going to study abroad two days after the trip ends. Besides helping out at my dad’s clinic, I might also get some other freelance projects, so everyday will be full of work. Which is nice : )

    I am so excited to see your winter collection and other projects. Your creations always amaze me and I really appreciate all your hard work and dedication. Wish you, Pews, and every your animal the best!

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  16. Millie

    I thought this blog post was so cute! Even though you called them all failed attempts, they all came together to give us an overview of what happened during the last couple of weeks. And sometimes when you’re busy, that is absolutely enough ❀

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  17. melaniesworldd

    Camber Sands looks so pretty and peaceful!

    I have been in the States for holiday and just got back home a few hours ago. It was so much fun, but also really glad to be home. Not so excited about the jetlag tho haha


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  18. maytecedano

    I hope we get to see more updates on dogy, he looks adorable! And don’t pay attention to people being rude about you having a new pet, hedhegogs are lovely and I’m sure you guys are gonna love him and take good care of him!
    I have a hedhegog called Toribio and he is adorable! c:

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  19. ronalynvictor

    August so far has been boring. But the first day of school is tomorrow, so now I’ve got something to do! I’ve got zero period for the first time, but it’s a video game design class. I really wanted it because I wanted to try something new on the creative side of things. It’s senior year, so I got to deal with college applications soon. I have no idea what to do in that regard. I used to be so on top of things when it came to academics, but junior year and life in general has destroyed me and my confidence. Now I feel like a lost fish in the open ocean.

    But I still have faith in myself. I’m sure I’ll figure everything out.

    Love your videos and your blog! Your stuff fires up weird bursts of inspiration and encourages me to check out new and different things! Keep it up!

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  20. Owlixir

    Hey Marzia~

    I’ve actually been thinking to start a blog for a while and now I’ve finally started one – I just want to thank you for inspiring me and so many other people – August is scaring me because I can’t believe how fast this year has flown either, this year has been a whirlwind for me, so I’m hoping that it can end on a positive note ~ My birthday is next month so me and my boyfriend are going hiking in a beautiful forest for a weekend, I can’t wait ~

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  21. biancaagabrielaa

    August is great so far. On 1st august i started my first blog (this is one of my wishes that i dreamed to become true) . Then i spend and felt the summer. Here in Romania are 41 degrees (Celsius) so i don’t know what summer is this because it’s so hot. Anyway in August, this means..now i was wondering why June and July felt that were so fast..like 2 second ago was June and July and now it’s August?? How are you feeling that autumn is coming? Happy or sad? Hope you’ll answer me (also this is one of my wishes)

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  22. brightandcolourful

    I have done a lot of stuff
    I have applied for a school last month and i got in, but as fast as i’ve seen the list of people in my class i didn’t wanted to be part of it anymore
    So this moth i applied to a different school (yesterday)
    I also was in offiece with my parents to deal with some stuff
    Spent some nice time in the countryside and I’m going there today too
    Lately I am hanging out with my friend everyday and we’re having a great time together while doing really nothing
    I also bought some stuff for schol year
    And I’m dying from the heat
    Greetings from Poland to all of you

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  23. Nikki Cabrales

    Time flies by way too quickly lately, I leave for college again soon and it feels like time hasn’t been good to me financially regarding school. My grandmother is sick, has been for a few years but time flies and her time is lessoning quickly. I’m glad I get to spend as much time with her as I can but still, feels like there is no time. Time has been good to me in a sense with how quickly it goes too, I’ve finally met someone (its been a while since even considering dating someone again) and these past few weeks to a month has been amazing and it feels like I only met him yesterday, and my family grows a little closer with all of this happening.

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  24. bridgyspace

    August for me has been stressful. It didn’t
    Start out that way. I got a new goldfish and named her Nerida. But she made my other two fish very sick. So I have been non stop treating the fish tank and doing water changes this past week. On top of that I’ve got insomnia and the stress and lack of sleep is really getting to me. *sigh*

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  27. Vinita

    August is going so fast and this year is almost finished! *already counting the days down till Christmas* My birthday was just a couple of days ago and it was so rainy! Whereas, now it’s so bright and sunny.. summer keeps coming and going here in London!

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  28. Savannah

    Hey Marzia! Time does go by fast, much faster then i would like. School for me just started up again which sucks because i hate school (and i think everyone else does too). My August is going good pretty much i feel like i’m always hanging out with my friends more than family because i don’t see them much during school. Anyway love you! xox!


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