July 27th, 2017

A chilly summer evening.


Yesterday I had a work meeting. On the way home, the wind was pretty intense, and since I was all dressed up, I decided to stop by outside and take a few photos.


This isn’t really a post about anything, if not a quick update.

This year, so far, I’ve been really focusing on making projects come to life. Right when I think I have plenty on my table, I come up with a new idea, and something new begins.


The fact that I’m working on the winter clothing line is not a secret, but I have a total of 5 different projects coming up, which will all be revealed this autumn and winter (if everything goes as planned).


One of these secret stuff includes Felix. I’m very excited about it because we have never really worked on creating anything together, but we are both putting lots of effort into it. It’s taking a pretty long time, but it will be worth it once it’s all ready to go!


Changing subject, can we appreciate how cute Maya looks in this photo? It’s not properly focused, but she is too adorable.


It’s morning here right now, so I’m gonna get started with my day.

Hope you liked the photos!


75 thoughts on “WINDY.

  1. Sunny

    Lovely! I don’t mind little updates – your blog is usually so perfect and proper that we don’t mind something causal every now and again. I’ve got so into your blog recently – I can’t get enough!

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  2. Aletze Estrada

    A collab between you and Felix!? O M G. I can’t wait!!!! I’ve always said it but… autumn and winter are my faves and this only adds to my predilection towards those seasons. ❤

    Thank you for the update!

    Have a good day, Marzia! Send my regards to Pewds and the pugs.

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  3. Cordelia.

    I hope I get to do what you do one day. To wake up to a new day and a great idea and to have the power and influence to make it into reality. And one of the projects is with the love of your life! This post was so simple yet so inspirational for me! Love you mertz, I cannot wait to see what you’ve got!

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  4. Fakhrana

    What camera did you use, I really love how it came out. It’s really pretty. And I really want to go to Brighton, because it’s so pretty :”). Maybe you could give me some places i should go if i go to Brighton

    Thanks Marzia 🙂

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  5. violetnikol

    I’m always fascinated by your creativity and hard work! I’m so excited for the project that you are working on with Felix c: Maya is so adorable, it always warms my heart when I see a pic of her on your Instagram ♥ So, good luck with the projects, looking forward as a fan! c:

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  6. lavendericecreamblog

    Hey Marzia!
    I didn’t know where to post this, so I’ll just post here, but I found cute ceramic creations (such as succulent planters and other stuff) on instagram and I thought you might love them (if you don’t already know them).

    The name is Myostery and they have an etsy account (although its empty at the moment, sadly).

    Anyhoos, I thought it could interest you, as I know you like cute, peculiar stuff :3

    Have a nice day!

    – Loree –

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  7. Barby

    Amazing! I don´t use to watch this blog but now I see that I´m missing too much so I´m going to check it everyday! It´s very beautiful and relaxing to watch

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  8. Luna

    Marzia, please anwser me: where did you bought your bracelet with a crystal? It’s so stunning and I can’t find anything smiliar to that on the internet :C

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    1. marziabisognin

      Hi Luna! Do you mean the clear one? It’s a fake crystal, I found the bracelet a very long time ago on Asos. Not sure they still have it. :c But you can always make your own, by buying a simple chain bracelet, and adding a crystal charm to it. I do that sometimes. 🙂

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  9. Karen Wapinski

    This looked like such a lovely day ^_^
    I gave my sister a choker and the yellow beret from your collection to my sister for her birthday and she absolutely loved them! We’re both really excited to see what else you’ll be offering because everything on your website is adorable so far ^_^
    Have a great week Marzia!!

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  10. Marina Leancă

    Hi Marzia, hope your projects will flourish and gain you more good things in life. I heard one of your projects is to learn Japanese. Well, I did learn when I was working in Kyoto. But I have no practice lately because I am now in Eastern Europe studying Russian and Romanian instead. If you want, I can share you all my video/audio files of this course I completed from Jappod101. It is really helpful. It also has supplemental pdf files. Just let me know if you do need. Have a great day! Muah!

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