July 23rd, 2017

With new products.


I’ve been collecting lots of boxes full of new products to try out.

Today is a rainy Sunday, and so I spent the afternoon opening everything up and use it, so I could write about it on here.


I’ve had this package from Tarte for a few weeks but never came across opening it, mostly because I peeked inside and noticed that I already had almost everything.


Can we take a moment to appreciate how beautifully they put this together?


But as I said, I already have most of these things – of course, I love them all – so I am giving away the foundation, the palette and the blush at the end of this post. (I’m keeping some things for my mom). Because of it, I’m not gonna go through these products again on a blog post – just know that I really like them all!

I don’t know if I ever mentioned it before, but 99% of my makeup brushes are from Tarte. So I’m keeping these two to myself cause they are too good. Hehe.


Other makeup and skincare stuff came from Milk, Soap&Glory, and Cover FX. I’ve never heard of the latest, so I was curious to give it a go.


They sent me this minimal-looking bottle of setting spray, which says ‘illuminating’ but I’m not sure how exactly that would work. I couldn’t tell any difference from other setting sprays I use, but I go through them pretty fast so I was glad to get a new one, and I really enjoy the way the mist feels.


I’ve sprayed some over the plant (not actually on it) so you could see the blurriness and get an idea of how, when you spray it, it creates this ‘soft cloud’. All of this to say that I like how the mist is sprayed across the entire face gently. Hopefully this makes sense.

If I had to point out one thing I didn’t love, is the scent, but it doesn’t truly matter.


Zoe also sent me her newest line the day it came out. I saw on Instagram that she had a little ice cream truck by the Pavilion to promote it, which was such a great idea!

The packagings are really good (and I like the names as well). The one thing that I didn’t expect was the scent, because she picked elderflower and pomegranate for all the products, whilst the names were gelato (ice-cream) and jelly inspired – so I expected something on those lines. Either way, it smells totally fine.


I love the look of the bath fizzies, very cute. I used too little so I didn’t really get to see much fizz, but I was planning on using many more stuff in the water anyway.


Whilst I was preparing the bath, I poured one of these packets containing ‘bath milk powder’ which basically makes your water cloudy.

I was excited about this, cause as you pour it, it creates a beautiful effect. I wasn’t able to catch it on camera unfortunately!


Lush also sent me stuff, which as you know, always makes me happy. This time they included two bath bombs, two jelly face masks, and two hair treatments.


I was looking through the papers they attached for me, showing the new stuff available, and instantly wished I had the rocket bath bomb. I’m most likely gonna pop into the shop tomorrow and grab one!


The product I was most excited about was this face mask: first of all, I’ve never tried a jelly face mask before, so it was pretty fun – although quite tricky at first; and also the ingredients all sounds good to me (chamomile, honey, rose oil – all ingredients I look for in my skincare).

Oh! Not to mention the name ‘Bunny Moon’ which is also translated in Japanese ‘Tsuki no Usagi’. This mask must have been made for me.

After using it, I could actually tell a drastic difference. I’m not saying it because I wanted it to be good (for the reasons listed above) but because I could truly tell it worked for me: I’ve been battling pretty bad breakouts in the past few days, so my skin is red and angry in some areas. After washing this off, the redness was much less obvious, and my skin was very soft.


Since I was preparing a bath I figured I would give a go to the hair mask as well. It wasn’t really time to wash my hair yet, but hey.

I love how these come with the wooden stick and instructions, and this red one smells like cinnamon – which I love – but the ingredients didn’t list cinnamon so maybe I’m going crazy.

You just let the product melt in hot water and then put it on your head for 20 minutes.


Quite simple, but it got quite messy. And very chunky.

Washing it off fully was also a bit tricky, but my hair smells amazing so, even tho I wouldn’t do it regularly, maybe once every couple of months could work for me.


I then popped the darker bath bomb into the water, and I was not ready for it.

With Lush, most bath bombs are just very pretty to look at, so when I put this in I expected for the black to be a thin layer, and then the inside to be very colourful.

That wasn’t the case.


My first thought was ‘why’. Then ‘oh, kind of creepy. Black water’. And finally ‘I like this’.


It was just fun. The foam felt a bit different, it kind of ‘attached’ softly to the skin to further moisturise. I don’t know, maybe it’s not the prettiest, but I ended up really enjoying it!


Going back to Zoella’s products, I’ve then used the scrub, which was not as grainy as my usual ones – definitely more on the gentle side.


But it was a nice surprise when I opened up the body cream as it had these pink dots everywhere. Nice touch!


I’ve almost forgot to mention that I’ve used the ‘Soft’ line by Maria Nila to wash my hair. I use the ‘Heal’ one on a regular basis, but I’m about to run out of it so when I saw this package I was incredibly happy, so I have a replacement.

I love this brand a lot. It’s vegan, cruelty free, from Sweden, and the packagings are gorgeous. Plus, the shampoo and conditioners usually match the colours of their bottles.


They included a heat protectant, which seems quite strange as it’s in cream format (resembling more of a leave in conditioner). I’ve tried it with wet hair, but I’m curious to know if it would work on dry hair before curling it, or if it creates a paste? Have you tried it?


On my face I used the Matcha cleanser stick by Milk, followed by the toner. I really like these, they are so convenient and feel so nice when you apply them onto your skin because it feels like a mini massage.


Finally, I wanted to quickly talk about this… serum? I’m not sure if it’s a serum, a moisturiser, or something else, but I’ve been applying it in the morning because you can smell the Vitamin C, making me feel like it’s waking up my skin.


Plus, it looks so pretty.


After pampering myself, and taking photos of all the products, I looked over at the couch and saw Maya looking adorable, so I had to photograph her as well! She has a cold, apparently (we went to the vet again yesterday). She keeps coughing and sneezing, but the vet said it should only last a couple of days.

How have you spent your Sunday?



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New giveaway will come soon! Thanks to everybody for joining. (∗•ω•∗)



424 thoughts on “PAMPERING.

  1. Karen Wapinski

    Hi! This isn’t a contest post, I just wondering if you ever heard of the manga Dazzle by Minari Endoh? The clothing is gorgeous and the artwork I think you;d like ^_^

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  2. elisabethreneejolie

    Hi Marzia,

    Thank you for posting about the products you’ve been pampering yourself with. I always find your blog to be uplifting, especially on the days when I could use a little nudge out of the blue mood I’m in. I was just wondering if you have blog that is your go to when you’re feeling bit down that always seems to have the magical effect of elevating your mood?

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  4. Aeila Edmonston

    Hi! I know you’ll probably never get to my comment but I wanted to tell you that watching your videos always makes me feel better and confident. I am diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and sometimes it is really hard to take care of myself. But when I see your cooking and beauty videos, it gives me confidence and motivation. I just wanted to say thank you.

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  5. heyjessical

    I love the esthetic in your pictures !! Btw, you made me fall in love twice with Tarte! First was when I tried it in your VIM box, and the second time is right now with that whole collection you’re presenting us ! Think I need to go to Sephora now, bye Marzia xx


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