July 13th, 2017

Here are some of my favourites.


I haven’t been wearing earrings, especially big ones, for a little while (other than thin, golden hoops occasionally), but lately I’ve collected some really fun ones and wanted to share them with you, cause I think the summer time is the prefect season to rock something a bit more… unusual. 


A recent purchase, and the most expensive pair of the bunch, are these severed hands earrings by Alexa Chung. I wish they came in gold, but the size is great, and the chopped hands are perfection. I had to have them. I tried to buy them in the past but were sold out, so I’m glad they restock them!

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 19.17.34.png

I’ve already shown these on Instagram, so in case you were wondering where they are from, now you know.


I got this number from the Asos website, from the brand ‘Limited Edition’ (I think? I can’t tell if that’s the actual name), a long time ago, but wanted to include them cause they are so colourful, and that brand has a lot of really quirky pieces available.


If you really like these, and can’t find them for sale, I think getting a thin hoop and trying to DIY them shouldn’t be too difficult.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 16.29.03.jpg

Another colourful pair is this pompom set. I found these on Etsy, from ‘Embloiing‘.

They are fun and colourful, but my favourite earrings from that shop are these down here.


How strange are these? I think they look super cool. They are supposed to be faces, and you can select from different ones.


I really liked these, but as I said, there are similar ones still available.


The final pair, which once again, I got from an Etsy shop (this time TemporalFlux) are these old school moon pendants. I love the moon, I love faces on stuff, and so of course, I love these.

Those are all. Do you have any quirky earrings? Any suggestions on shops or websites where I could find some more?



59 thoughts on “FUN EARRINGS.

      1. Oriana

        Well, you get a very cheap product for a very cheap price (plus : delivery can last a month). But I still always buy from wish, they have some really fun jewellery and for 1 dollar it’s worth it 😉


  1. kittyp0p

    I love all of these, but the hands are my favorite! My ears are too sensitive for earrings unfortunately (only can wear my original surgical steel studs in one earlobe now), but I used to work at World Market and always adored the jewelry there. Maybe you can find something online you’d like xoxo


    1. Cassie Thomas

      I worked with Apache’s in America and they told me how in the old days they would go to a neighbouring Apache rival camp and kill the babies and young kids and sever their hands. They would then bring the bags of hands back to their camp as trophies. It so disgusting. The earrings remind me of that. I don’t know why anyone would want to wear those. Oh and Marzia copies Zoella so much. Zoella just did a vlog about summer crazy earrings, and Marzia even copied Zoella house plant and new kitchen shelves vlogs! It’s getting ridiculous now!


  2. Sara Fike :3

    I love to shop at forever21! it’s a very popular store but it has very cheap and strange yet cute stuff! I got pom pom earrings and a choker there, along with some very cute dresses! again I am not sure if you already have been but I think you will love it! lovely wishes from the u.s! ♥️♥️♥️

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  3. Stella's Journey

    Unfortunely, I don’t own any of the quirky ones, but I do love to rock some bulgy earings once in a while. These look great on you by the way — really unique, just like you! I think that the ones with the moon are my favorite.

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  4. oxria

    The ones with faces are so quirky!! 😍 I think those are my favourite ones (although all of them are amazing!).
    I only own basic earrings at the moment (small white or black pearls), but now that you showed us those fun looking ones I might actually go out to buy some, haha!

    Thanks for sharing! I’m always super excited when you post something! 😆

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  5. Erika Z

    I live for this kind of fun earrings. I mainly get mines in Seoul, but I was able to find some in asos and from inditex stores, but they’re kinda rare 😦 Now i’m going to check out all the comments haha.
    By the way, the tan on you looks so healthy and glowy, Marzia! 🙂


  6. sophierobinsonx

    I love these earings Marzia. Iv still got the Crystal ones from the Sub box which are so pretty. I get so many compliments when I wear them.
    Tuesday my boyfriend had some buisness meetings in Brighton and asked me if I wanted to go! I jumped at the chance! So i spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Brighton, because Tim was busy I got alot of time alone to do what I wanted. My hotel was on the seafront so I went to the Beach and The abandond pier, Its sooooooo beautiful.
    MARZIPANS! If you ever get the chance to see Brighton please take it 🙂 I felt like I walked in Marzias footsteps and saw so much that she talks about in her Vlogs. I had the best time! Even if it is 5 hours away from me ill deffinatly visit again!
    I hope youve all had a great week, Thank you marzia xxxxx

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  7. Adela

    On Depop there are some lovely handmade lemon earnings! Little cute ones and giant slice earnings – I have both! Would definitely recommend @nohojan also known as Peter Pan Syndrome, quirky and brilliant for summer 🙂 also love the earrings Marzia xx


  8. kaylie153

    I love those pompom earrings. So cute!

    I actually bought a pair of my favorite earrings on the Wish app. They were only like $3. I wish I could post a picture of them. But one of them is a sun and the other is a moon and they hang down to almost my shoulders. They’re pastely blues and pinks, with a gold colored metal. They’re so quirky and I always get compliments when I wear them:)

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  9. 1sbg

    Definitely check out Betsey Johnson if you like fun earrings. Also Kirk’s Folly, Tarina Tarantino, and Lunch at The Ritz.


  10. Mely_Chaudron-Pastel

    Hello Marzia ♡
    I wear often earrings, and keep it simple the most of the time (some pearls or gold stud).
    But some days, to balance a outfit too simple, I like to wear some more original earrings : I love the one “fairystitchfactory” on Etsy create : they are SO beautiful… like fairy wings ! There are all sorts of colors, and they’re available in gold & silver.
    I have some piercings as weel (tragus on left side and headed-ear on the right one).
    Have a beautiful day. A hug to Maya & Edgar ♥

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  11. Lisa

    Ciao Marzia! I più originali sono sicuramente quelli con le mani! Dalla foto di Instagram non avevo proprio capito come fossero ma ora si 😍 I secondi che mi piacciono sono quelli con i pom pom ! Belli così colorati giusti per l’estate 😊 ti stanno benissimo tutti! Purtroppo gli orecchini non sono proprio il mio campo perché ho i buchi ma mi fanno sempre infezione quelli che metto 😔 però adoro le perle bianche (lo so, non sono il massimo dell’originalità però stan bene 😅)
    Buona giornata !
    Ps. Spero che Maya si sia ripresa!! Forza Mayaa sei uno strong pug 💪


    1. Lisa

      Mi sono dimenticata di dirti che l’altro giorno stavo passeggiando per il centro e ho notato questo negozio, ho cercato il loro sito web e ho visto che fanno spedizioni in Europa e per stare nell’argomento vendono anche orecchini. Si chiama Hidden Forest Market, è italiano e personalmente vorrei comprare tutto… magari lo conosci già!😊


  12. BlitzeyInNewYork

    Hi from a Marzipan in New York!

    I love a store called PIQ here. When I saw your Alexa Chung hand earrings, I thought of these Peace and Love hand earrings from PIQ:

    They also sell cute pins and patches like this pug one that I think you’ll like:

    I think my clothes that I ordered from your Limone line are going to arrive soon. Can’t wait!


  13. barelysara

    The pom pom ones are perfect! I think I’m gonna try and DIY them!
    One of my favorite “weird” earrings are two that I usually wear during fall. I have ones that are a comic POW and I have a pair of little spiders, that everyone that notices them gets freaked out by, hehe.

    Have a nice weekend 💕

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  14. ONEMAN

    Marzia, pensa a noi uomini quando dobbiamo andare con voi a scegliere il vostro regalo. C’è la perla d’imitazione, poi la perla Freshwater, la perla giapponese Akoya, la perla Tahiti, quella Australiana, ecc ecc. Alla fine noi usciamo dal negozio con un mal di testa allucinante, confusi se tutto ciò sia reale e voi sorridenti, felici e amorevoli, esclamando: “Grazie amore, abbiamo visto così tanti negozi.. Lo facciamo anche il prossimo weekend?” “No, amore, il prossimo weekend facciamo altro… 😀 :D”
    P.s. Staresti benissimo con le perle, Marzia.

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  15. Savannah

    Hey Marzia! Another suggestion as where to buy some more jewelry/earrings is Anthropologie. It’s a cool shop (but also a dangerous place for my wallet!!!) (≧▽≦)

    anyways, hope you are having an absolutely lovely day!

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    1. Savannah

      Oh! Another nice place is a store called “Sundance” once again, very dangerous, but neat jewelry whatchamacallits


  16. violetnikol

    Those are super cute! I only own some classic ones, nothing fancy, just elegant.
    I really like those with faces and also moon ones are really pretty ♥
    I think handmade earrings are the best and most creative than in famous stores. In my country, we have online shop called “Fler”, where everyone who makes something (handmade, diy projects) can sell his stuff. I will look for few earrings there!

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