July 8th, 2017

Refreshing, easy and very tasty.


Yesterday I wanted to make a quick cold dessert with just a few ingredients.

I had some cookies that I hadn’t eaten in a while, so I wanted to finally finish them, as well as some soy cream and a vegetarian lemon jelly pack. I combined them, and came up with super easy frozen cake.


These are the ingredients I’ve used. I’ve only now noticed that I’ve made a typo in the photo, it’s just 300ml of soy whip (not 330ml).


I started by crushing the cookies, as finely as I could.

Once I was happy with the texture, I combined them with the melted vegan spread to create a paste, which became the base for the cake (it’s basically a cheesecake).


I placed it on this aluminium tray so later, after freezing, it would come off easily. I smoothed it out with the back of a spoon.


Then I worked on the cream: I used the soy whipping cream and mixed it with the lemon jelly. You can use any flavour you like, if lemon isn’t your thing.

I did this not only for flavour, but to change the consistency of the cream so it could hold a shape.


I used an electric mixer for a couple of minutes to combine them. Once the cream a bit stiff, it’s ready to be poured on top of the base.


I used a fork to make a pattern.


Then I sliced half a lemon as a decoration, but I would recommend you adding the lemon after freezing the cake, cause the lemon got really hard and made it difficult to cut the cake without breaking. Plus, the cream right under the slices got very sour cause it soaked up the juice.


I put the cake in the freezer for an hour.


And after that, it was ready to serve!

As you can see, the frozen lemon caused for the cake to break a bit. So, add the fruit you like only after freezing the cake.


After the freezer, keep the cake in the fridge: it will hold the perfect, creamy consistency, without melting.


Felix didn’t eat it last night, but this afternoon, and it was still really great (I also ate a slice).


So, the presentation may not look perfect, but learning from my mistake, you can make yours look prettier. It was delicious either way, and lasted a full day.

Let me know if you try it! ໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७




69 thoughts on “FROZEN LEMON CAKE.

  1. Alejandra Cortez

    Hi Marzia!

    Hope you’re doing well. I just watched your cinnamon cookie recipe on YouTube that I can’t wait to try but something else caught my eye!
    I LOVE the shape of the drinking glass you have near the end of the video that you’re drinking milk out of.
    I would love to know if you know what the brand is, I tried looking it up but had no success 😦
    You have an amazing way of decorating, and I look forward to more videos from you 😀


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