June 23rd, 2017

Hot and sunny.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 15.32.18.png

I haven’t been blogging in the past week because we have been experiencing some amazing weather, and I was busy enjoying every second of it.

This post will fill you in on what I have been up to.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 15.08.27.png

The weather started to be really nice last Saturday, and so I took the chance to go out wearing some cute sandals and show my pale – at the time – legs.


Felix and I treated ourselves to some really unhealthy food. These were the starters. I snapped a photo of them cause the composition looked pleasing, somehow (possibly because of the succulent). It was very fat. But those fries.


Then we headed down to the beach.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 15.08.14.png

And of course we brought the pugs. The only problem: they were too hot. And both terrified of water.


But that was only the beginning. On Sunday I stayed out with Maya for a couple of hours.

When I got back inside, my arms were burnt.


Now, this may seem like a bad thing – and it probably is – but after 4 years of living here, I finally managed to get a tan in the UK. A true miracle.


I had the idea to invite Signe and Jack to the pier and just have a spontaneous evening together.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 15.07.22.png

It was such a fun night! We got to go on rides, play games and win some items (Felix managed to drop my newly won bouncy ball into the ocean).


Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 15.07.33.png

The pier is always gorgeous, but when the sun is setting, it’s even more magical.


Felix and Jack ended up into the ocean, just like my bouncy ball.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 15.08.01.png

Jack had these in his backpack, so we lit them up!

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 15.07.01.png

On Monday I stayed by the beach all day, pretty much. And I loved it. This time I had sunscreen on, and I got to go for a nice swim.

Also, yes. The pebbles hurt. But when it’s summer time, you can endure the pain and ‘enjoy’ laying on them.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 15.06.42.png

On Tuesday I had to work on some stuff, one of which is a print set I’m just done drawing. I’m thinking of making a pack of 3 and selling them on my store, and these will be very affordable. I’m hoping people will like them, cause I would love to do more.

I have been loving to draw lately, I can’t stop doodling and it feels like it’s all I wanna do some days. Not sure what started this, but I always go through periods when I focus mostly on one thing over another (sometimes it’s baking, others is cooking in general, then sewing, and so on…) and now it happens to be drawing. It’s so calming.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 15.06.33.png

Later that day I did manage to go down to the beach again, shortly, just to try and see if the pugs were gonna get a bit more accustomed to the water. But no, it didn’t happen.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 15.07.12.png

Wednesday was a full working day, as well as collecting stuff for a last minute party I decided to organise: in fact, I was told I was gonna get the kitchen finished on Thursday, and so, to celebrate, last nigh I invited a few friends over.


That was an insane idea, but it turned out really well in the end.

It was so much work, because the workers left at 3pm, and the guests were coming at 7pm. I wanted Felix and I to cook all the food from scratch, clean out the living room from all the boxes, arrange the kitchen, learn how to use the new appliances, prepare music and games, decorate and make sure that everything was nice and clean.


It took 4 full hours of madness, but we pulled it off! Here is the cake I prepared.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 15.06.20.png

We all made flower crowns, ate veggie meatballs and potatoes, salad and cake, as well as some Swedish snacks.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 15.06.12.png

Oh! If I didn’t mention it, we celebrated Midsummer, that’s why I wanted to throw the party. After rushing everything to make it work, only later than night we found out that each year midsummer happens on a different date, and this year wasn’t on the 22nd but on the 24th.

So we could have totally taken our time and planned things better, but hey, it was still a lot of fun!


But here is a first look at the kitchen. It’s not finished yet, we are missing two big shelves on top of the sink, but as soon as it’s complete I’m sure I will post some more detailed photos of it.

I’m really loving it, and Felix is as well. It’s so fresh and airy, and exactly what we envisioned. We are so happy with it.


I’m just so glad I can get back into cooking. Expect some new recipes coming your way!

What have you been up to? Has the weather been just as nice where you live?





127 thoughts on “A PRETTY GOOD WEEK.

  1. Sunny

    Nope the weather here in Australia is a cold and miserable winter. It’s horrible, but we’re going north for the holidays so I’m looking forward to some warmer weather (and some cooler clothes!) Your house and blog is so aesthetic, it’s so pleasing to read!


  2. Zantia's Blog

    Seems you’ve been having an amazing week…Love the photos, they’re so cute…and I think I’m in love with your kitchen tiles, so please pass the love on to them :). The weather in here in Cape Town is very cold however I’m definitely a winter girl so it doesn’t really bother me. The cake you made looks absolutely delicious and I hope you share the recipe now that your amazing kitchen is done. So happy for you that it turned out just how you guys wanted it. Sending you love and happiness from South Africa!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brittney

      Hey fellow saffa! I am from Durban, it is just so nice to see someone from a close place! I unfortunately am no longer in South Africa, I moved to New Zealand about 7 months ago and miss it a ton, but it really does make my heart happy to see someone from SA watching Marzia on Youtube and her blog! Sending my love back to SA! ❤


    2. Brittney

      Also as I side note, I too recently started a blog but havent posted anything new. I really hope to do something like Marzia and in her style, but I am not nearly there hehe. I checked out your blog and gave it a follow, hope to see what you come up with! (btw in case I may seem a bit forward and creepy, check out my blog if you wanna know the weirdo to whom to you speak) hehehe sorry even I can’t take that sentence seriously


  3. Eman

    It seems like you had a wonderful week and the party looked like fun, also i absolutely love your new kitchen it makes me want to cook in it 🙂


  4. Katherine Franco

    I read you from Latin-America and the weather here is mind the most of the time. Marzia I find your blogs so interesting and I can spend a lot of time read them. I have a question for you: How did you learn English so well?


  5. Brittney

    This was so pleasing to read, I wish I can visit Brighton some day and the peer, it looks absolotely wondeful ! It’s cold where I am and I happen to be moving to a much colder place in about a week, but it is still beautful and cosy! I was also wondering, will you and Signe (Wiishu) do a colab of cooking or DIY? Even just a normal vlog or travel vlog! It would make many people’s hearts happy, (including mine hehe), but I think it would just be spectacular and fun too! Hope you have an amazing day ❤


  6. Megan

    It’s been pretty warm where I live, but I get to go swimming in the lake with my best-friend, so that’s always fun 😀


  7. Hiroto

    somehow i’m not surprised at all to see that jack just had some random little fireworks in his bag ahah.

    did y’all make your own flowercrowns ?


  8. Chloe

    Hi! I know this blog post was made awhile ago but I’m commenting anyways!! My week hasn’t been the best. I’m almost going back to school and it’s been so stressful. I’m glad I saw this cause it really cheered me up. I immidently subscribered after reading. I hope that the school going to now is good (unlike my last one…) Im having a bit of a hard time right now trying to heal and stuff. I had a few anxiety attacks today because of the newfound stress. It’s hard but I’m dealing with my problems and trying to get the help I need.


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