June 18th, 2017

New clothing line!


Summer is here and so is the Limone line!!

Read this post to find out all about each piece. 



When it comes to my personal style, I find that a beret tops off any look. That means that my own line had to include one, and this one is an off-white colour, with an adorable leaf detail.



I’ve paired the beret with this sweet linen dress, with baby blue and white stripes, embellished by a lace hem that matches the front of the ‘corset’.


To make this a cohesive piece with the rest of the line, I’ve selected some pale yellow ribbons to tie up on your shoulders.



Moving onto the second outfit, I’ve included another dress-like option,  but more casual.


Pinafores are my go-to all year round, and this one has chunky straps, which are adjustable, and comes in a pretty blue denim with yellow stitching.


The best feature must be the two pockets with lemon embroideries all over (we had these custom made, which was pretty cool).

The fabric is thin and breathable, perfect for a hot summer day.



Underneath it I’m wearing the softest t-shirt I’ve ever put on. I’ve looked everywhere for this fabric, and finally found it during one of my trips to Italy. It has just the right amount of sheerness, so that you can wear some cute bikini or bralette under it.



For this outfit I’ve also put on my rain jacket. Brighton may be having some really nice and sunny days, but it always switches to rain really quickly, so having a rain jacket – even during the summer time – is a must.


But during summer, which is the only time I get to show some skin, I didn’t wanna end up covering my outfit, and so a clear option was the way to go!


As I said, colder days aren’t unusual here, and maybe where you live that happens as well, so I incorporated a warmer outfit for those days, which can still be worn in other seasons too.



This one is the most sporty outfit out of the 3, and features this oversized hoodie with puffy sleeves, elbow patches, and an asymmetric hem.


Like the t-shirt, it has some yellow touches, the lemon embroidery, and it is made of a super comfy fleece material.



These are probably one of the pieces I will wear the most, cause they look cool, unusual, and are the comfiest.


The scuba fabric is thick enough to hold a great shape. I’ve found this one in Italy as well.

In the back, there is a pocket with the lemon embroidery.



To finish the look, I wore my Limone socks (the text goes all around).


These are all the pieces! Do you see anything you like? What’s your favourite piece?

I haven’t posted my lookbook video yet, but if you fancy anything, you may wanna grab it now using the code LIMONE to get free shipping (the code is only valid till the 20th of June).

I really hope you like it! 🍋



157 thoughts on “LIMONE.

  1. Pepplifer.

    The whole line is absolutely great. I like the hoodie and pinafore. I would love to buy one soon. Thank you for bringing this amazing clothing line.


  2. Marion

    Marzia I am absolutely in love with the sweater! But I don’t have the money to buy it right now 😦 If it goes out of stock, will it be re-stocked after a while? Because if I can’t get this gorgeous sweater, my heart might just break! Pleeeaaase I need to know if I actually have a chance to wear it! ❤


    1. marziabisognin

      Hi Marion! I’m honestly not sure if we would be able to get more fabric to produce more at the moment, but I think if it sells really well we may be able to find similar fabrics and make some more pieces (like we did with the cardigan in the past). I hope you do manage to get it tho! ^u^


  3. kimiko24

    Hi Marzia !
    Your collection is amazing ! I LOVE the beret and the first dress so much, they are so cute together !
    Kisses from France ^^ love you


  4. Rachael Leigh

    Your clothing line is beautiful, as always. I love the pinafore dress with the little lemons on the pockets! It adds the perfect amount of detail. The t-shirt is also a must have! I hope to get my hands on them both here soon!! I also have a question…will you be including any items form the Limone clothing line in your VIM camping box? I could be patient and wait till my box arrives, but I’m too excited. (:

    Hugs from Utah, USA


  5. MJ Cobra

    This is my favorite clothing line of yours, and it really displays your growth as a fashion designer and creator! I especially love the clear raincoat and hoodie – but the dress is my personal favorite. 🙂 These pictures are great too. Well done, Marzia! You’ve come so far. 🙂


  6. Daria

    The pants are far the best option!
    They are just so playful and personalized, though simple enough to be worn on a daily basis
    I’m always trying to find myself something similar because there is nothing sexier than short pants that show your ankles haha) they are flirty and sporty at the same time
    Good job!


  7. icaweng

    I love that beret, the leaf is such a cute touch ^^ The rain jacket is also handy to have, hope I will be able to get it later, but for now, the perfume would be just right for me : ) Thank you for creating such an amazing and refreshing line for the summer, Marzia.


  8. diabolikwolf

    Omg I love the dress but its so pricy ;-; my mum would never let me get that unless it was for christmas (considering she bought me some Kendall+Kylie boots) but I doubt this will be still available then. I’m lucky enough to be buying the $29 subscription box which i’m so happy with even though I have been dying to get the subscription box with more stuff *^*

    Anyhow my little rant/thoughtful moment is over sorry if this was dramatic or anything XP

    Also I had an idea, it would be nice if you could send out emails if you posted a new blog because I always forget to check lol.

    Your the best Marzia and you always put a smile on my face, when I’m feeling sad I watch any of your video’s and I smile instantly. Thank you :3


  9. Charlotte

    hey marzia! love the new clothing line. on a completely differnt note, i just wanted to know what book/s you were reading lately. and again, i really love this Limone theme.



    Marzia, I bought your pinafore dress a couple of days ago (in size S) and I was wondering if you could share how short the dress will be. I’m uncomfortable wearing very short skirts/dresses and I fear yours might be too short. I am 164cm tall. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


  11. Belu

    Loved the whole collection! Just puechased the pinafore dress and the t-shirt. I live in Argentina but I think that the order will arrive by summer here haha! Customs is the worst here. Congratz on the beautiful line!


  12. Gia

    Your whole collection is very stylish yet simple. It is all great. I was wondering, in the future, would you ever make a clothing line inspired by one of your favorite movies? That would be so interesting. Best wishes to you, Felix and your pugs!


  13. limurra

    I’ve been looking forward to this line, especially the clear vinyl jacket!! I’m completely in love! 🍋💛xx

    I’m nervous to buy because there is no size chart for the jacket (that I’m aware of) and I’m afraid of it either swallowing me or not fitting around my bust (42″). Would you be able to give us a feel for the sizes on the jacket? 😢


  14. oly

    hi marzia! i know you and felix are currently learning Japan, and you said that you watched many animes including “your name” which i really love. and i was just wondering, have you watched “a silent voice” ? this anime is really beautiful and the soundtracks are really good! and you should definitely try to watch it. xo,


  15. noemixblog

    I love all of it Marzia!

    You are doing such a great job and I’m always looking forward to see new stuff from/ about you.

    Wish you a nice evening and greetings from switzerland 😘


  16. My Pastel World

    OH MY GOD I love that limon embroidery – it coordinates each piece nicely and makes your collection recognizable in first sight, as well! I would purchase any of these items because they’re gorgeous and SO my style, but I’m sure you’re aware that the price is a barrier for us who are living in an average lifestyle. :c


  17. chuda5360

    Geez Marzia, That rain jacket is genius!! I can’t say much about anything else as a guy though. But they’re all really cool.
    I’m wondering how soft and warm that fleece hoodie is…


  18. anarchyalice

    While I loved reading about the design process of this collection, I wish we got to know more about the production. I know you pride your self in always choosing ethical production. I saw that the clothes were made in Canada but it would be nice to know a bit more than that. Maybe 1 or 2 fun stories from your garment workers. You always encourage us to ask #whomademyclothes during Fashion Revolution week so i think it would only be fitting to see some #imadeyourclothes responses from your factory 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  19. HopeStolz

    The new collection is wonderful! it is like a sip of cool lemonade will refresh you in hot days and awaken the energy in cloudy
    And I want to ask you..
    You travel a lot, and next month I will fly on a plane for the first time in my life and not somewhere, but to France! Paris of course and other cities are in plan. Also I’ll spend 2 days in Barcelona.
    What should I definitely visit, try or buy that you can not find in the guidebooks? Or not waste time and money on it
    Like: a place, food, cosmetics or anything else not typical and more atmospheric))
    Thank you)))


  20. Domdi

    Hi Marzia,
    I’ve just watched your Lemon line video and my bf and I were discussing about it and reached the point where he was very critical of how you make sure the fabrics you use are fair trade. I was trying to convince him through the life style you preach arguments (fair trade, swap hauls, vegetarianism/veganism, animal protection), but I realised I have no idea about where you get the fabrics and how you make sure they are slave/child labor free or that the people making them are treated fairly. I’m simply curious, if you have already addressed this aspect of your collections I would be glad to be directed to the video or blogpost.
    Thank you. Also, you are more and more beautiful and lovely with each video, not sure how you manage that 😍😍.


  21. candace amethyst

    Hi Marzia,
    I was wondering if your clothing line is ethically made? I really love everything in this one. So cute and lovely. And I enjoyed the video lookbook that goes along with this as well.


  22. AmoyLily

    I really like your first look, it’s earthy, ethereal beauty and savageness. The leaf beret and baby blue and white stripes dress. Really beautiful. The color is vivid and eye-catching. Great post.


  23. mahika

    Honestly, you can see every single detail that Marzia has meticulously integrated into her collection.It all flows together so beautifully and im so proud of you! xx


  24. mahika

    Honestly, you can see every single detail that Marzia has meticulously integrated into her collection.It all flows together so beautifully and im so proud of you! xx


  25. A.S.

    Hello Marzia, (stating some concerns)

    I love your new clothing line, but a lot of people have a problem with the price and how some of the outfits go against your own morality. For example, the sheer top for $40, in your defense a lot of people said that your clothing isn’t made in sweatshops so naturally they’ll be at a reasonable price. Apparently the material in the top you had a hard time looking for was rayon, which is used by a lot of fast fashion companies. It’s a material that’s mass produced, to mock natural materials, and has damaging affects to people health (???). What are your thoughts?



    1. marziabisognin

      Hi! How do the outfits go against my morality? I bought the fabric from an Italian company, how does rayon affects people health? I never heard that, and although fabrics can be massed produced, anything can be. I don’t understand what you are getting to, as I’m not mass producing myself, and I’m paying the employees fairly for their work, as well as for the fabric itself. Please explain to me what your concerns are so that I can look into them and properly give you a response.


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