June 18th, 2017

New clothing line!


Summer is here and so is the Limone line!!

Read this post to find out all about each piece. 



When it comes to my personal style, I find that a beret tops off any look. That means that my own line had to include one, and this one is an off-white colour, with an adorable leaf detail.



I’ve paired the beret with this sweet linen dress, with baby blue and white stripes, embellished by a lace hem that matches the front of the ‘corset’.


To make this a cohesive piece with the rest of the line, I’ve selected some pale yellow ribbons to tie up on your shoulders.



Moving onto the second outfit, I’ve included another dress-like option,  but more casual.


Pinafores are my go-to all year round, and this one has chunky straps, which are adjustable, and comes in a pretty blue denim with yellow stitching.


The best feature must be the two pockets with lemon embroideries all over (we had these custom made, which was pretty cool).

The fabric is thin and breathable, perfect for a hot summer day.



Underneath it I’m wearing the softest t-shirt I’ve ever put on. I’ve looked everywhere for this fabric, and finally found it during one of my trips to Italy. It has just the right amount of sheerness, so that you can wear some cute bikini or bralette under it.



For this outfit I’ve also put on my rain jacket. Brighton may be having some really nice and sunny days, but it always switches to rain really quickly, so having a rain jacket – even during the summer time – is a must.


But during summer, which is the only time I get to show some skin, I didn’t wanna end up covering my outfit, and so a clear option was the way to go!


As I said, colder days aren’t unusual here, and maybe where you live that happens as well, so I incorporated a warmer outfit for those days, which can still be worn in other seasons too.



This one is the most sporty outfit out of the 3, and features this oversized hoodie with puffy sleeves, elbow patches, and an asymmetric hem.


Like the t-shirt, it has some yellow touches, the lemon embroidery, and it is made of a super comfy fleece material.



These are probably one of the pieces I will wear the most, cause they look cool, unusual, and are the comfiest.


The scuba fabric is thick enough to hold a great shape. I’ve found this one in Italy as well.

In the back, there is a pocket with the lemon embroidery.



To finish the look, I wore my Limone socks (the text goes all around).


These are all the pieces! Do you see anything you like? What’s your favourite piece?

I haven’t posted my lookbook video yet, but if you fancy anything, you may wanna grab it now using the code LIMONE to get free shipping (the code is only valid till the 20th of June).

I really hope you like it! 🍋



179 thoughts on “LIMONE.

  1. Kelly

    I’m in love with the raincoat. It’s so unique and I love the vibe it gives off. The limone symbol is just the topping on the coat. I’m excited for your next clothing line! My expectations are high :))

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Colleen

    hi, i was wondering what your dimensions are and what sizes you’re wearing? (specifically for the pinafore dress, lemon tee, and the sweetheart dress) thanks!


  3. Celine

    I love the Lemon Tee but unfortunately mine arrived with tiny holes in it. It was expensive enough but unfortunately you don’t allow refunds or returns 😦 I can’t wear it anymore because of all the holes but it’s still hanging on my closet 😀


  4. vanerramos

    hi marzia, It’s 3:51am in my country and is soo late but i’m doing research cause I want to make a clothing line with second hand products and this particular article was really really helpful, thank you so much for giving a trully good and unique aproach to this topic, Im so happy that people like you are really suportive and mindful when we talk about fashion. thanks so much this was lit.


  5. Shie Lee

    Hi gorgeous Marzia! I’m just wondering if you can ship also for Philippines. Will be waiting for your answer. Thanks a lot! 🙂


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