June 13th, 2017

The most unique doll.


She arrived today, and I couldn’t help but take some pretty photos of her. ❤


She was made by Daria, an artist from Russia, which has a shop called Claymate Creatures.


I have a few other creatures of hers, which are so beautiful, but in all the months I have been following Daria on Instagram, I was hoping she would put for sale one of her bigger, human-like dolls. And a couple of weeks ago, she did!


As soon as I saw that Minako was for sale, I didn’t think twice about getting her. Plus, her Japanese name, and her looks, are simply perfect.


Daria included this pug brooch in the box as a gift, so cute!


This is what Minako came with: an adorable beanie, a furry jacket (as well as a crochet top hidden underneath), a silver skirt and ‘leather’ jacket, a matching bag with small books inside, and a mask so that she can fully transform into a bunny.


That mask adds such a cool twist to this doll!


Here is how she looks with nothing on, and to be honest, I quite like her this way as well!


I was so happily surprised by her dimensions: she is much bigger than the animal creatures, so they look proportionate when placed next to each other.


Of course the temptation to make her cute clothes was too strong, so the first thing I did after unboxing her, was to run into my office, grab some scrap fabric and make her a couple of pieces.

She comes with a lot of winter items, but none for summer time, so it made sense to me to make her a few, and it was so much fun that I’m already planning more outfits to make her.


I’m so happy she arrived, and so glad I was able to get her.



83 thoughts on “MINAKO.

  1. Lisa

    Ciao Marzia! Sinceramente parlando non mi sono mai piaciute le bambole in quanto le trovo inquietanti (un po’ come i clown) ma devo dire che questa non mi dispiace affatto, anzi, non la trovo per niente inquietante mette quasi tranquillità. Con il vestitino rosso adorabile 😃
    Buona serata 💖
    Ps: spero non sia un problema se commento in italiano? È solamente perché così riesco ad esprimere meglio il mio pensiero ! Magari alternerò! xx


  2. Dani

    Minato is so weird but beautiful at the same time. I can definitely see why you bought her, she’s surely one of a kind.


  3. jandallie

    How cute and creepy!! Loved the fact she has creatures as company too. Marzia, if you read this, could you make a tutorial with FireAlpaca? Im drawing with it but im struggling because I cant make shadows and details like you do! I would love a video about it! Kisses , allie


  4. maytecedano

    I just checked out her dolls and they all all look amazing, hope in a future I can buy one of them.
    Minako’s face is beautiful, if you plan on making her more clothing keep us updated please!
    I would love to see her closet in a future :)!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Megan

    She is very different from anything I have seen, but she is beautiful. I love the fact that she turns into a bunny, it is definitely an unique idea!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. GIA

    You should try to make Edgar and Maya looking doll humans but with their doggy personalities..that would be so cool.Hope you are doing well, Marzia!


  7. Alessandra Rodriguez-Mondragon

    Hey marzia the doll is so creepy and mysterious to me for some reason it seems like it has a storybehind if you know what i mean. Also i recently went to this online shop called “Love Miss Daisy Vintage” and i saw a few things that i thought you may like. Some stuff are slightly used but i think you would like some of the things they have there. I highly recommend checking it out. BYE 🙂

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  8. Eman

    I’ve been following her too, her creatures look so awesome.
    I love that you made her clothes by your own they look great!!


  9. marenfricke90

    Hey Marzia, I just finished an amazing book/Comic called “Maus” by Art Spiegelman. It’s about his parents surviving 2WW and Auschwitz as polish Jews. It is such a unique way of writing/painting an autobiography and really touching. So I thought you would like it. I really recommend it to everyone. I never got to learn about the Holocaust in such a personal and creativ way before i red it.

    I hope you will give it a try like you did with strange weather in Tokio.

    Greetings and love from germany!♡


  10. Shie Lee

    I soooo appreciate that you’ve personalized making her more clothes to put on and that made her very extra cute. ❤ Jealous of how your creativity goes a long way. 🙂 Wishing that you'll give us tips on how to sew clothes 'cause I did not try on doing it until now. Hehe. Continue to spread some good vibes to us Marzipans, Felix's better half. ❤ ❤


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