June 11th, 2017

A gift.


I was sent this on the mail. I was told it was coming, but I wasn’t sure what was going to be inside.

Pretty often, one of my favourite clothing brands – Lazy Oaf – collabs with artists or brands. This time, they teamed up with Hello Kitty, and sent me a few pieces from the line.


I got home, and opened it up. Seeing that turtleneck instantly made me happy.


They included a few other things from Hello Kitty as well, which was a nice addition. I’m more into other Sanrio characters (as you know), but I liked the way they shaped the collection around this one. Can you imagine tho, Gudetama x Lazy Oaf? I would buy every. single. piece. if they made a line together.


The two pieces they sent me are such good choices for me: the turtleneck is a bright red (which you guys know I have been loving since December) and my favourite thing about it is the branding on the actual neck; that’s a really cool touch and I wonder why I haven’t thought of doing that with my own clothing brand.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 13.55.51.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 13.52.51.jpg

















The pinafore came in a small size and is a bit big on me. I don’t mind it, as I usually love to pair this kind of dress with oversized sweaters underneath, so the extra space will turn out to be useful.

I think the straps are extremely cool, by the way.

I don’t think this line is available just yet, cause I didn’t find it on the website, but if you have never seen Lazy Oaf before, do take a look at their stuff cause it’s one of my favourite places to shop at!

This post isn’t sponsored, by the way, I was simply gifted some stuff as the brand knows I’m a massive fan, and I’m super glad they did.

On a completely different note, I have been obsessing over pufferfish. I mean, I always have, but yesterday I found the one.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 14.27.42.png

Also the cowfish is super adorable, but this porcupine puffer is everything I have ever wanted.

I originally went into the shop to look at some dwarf puffers, which I would be able to care for, but after seeing this one up here, nothing else mattered anymore.

Unfortunately, the one I like lives in saltwater, which is a lot harder to care for than freshwater, so I had to say goodbye to it. My heart is a little broken, but at least I got this photo.

Ah! Maybe one day I will have enough space and time to care for one.

But for now, that is all I wanted to say. Have a lovely Sunday!



70 thoughts on “HELLO KITTY X LAZY OAF

  1. Bianca

    Hello, Marzia. This is totally out of subject, but i really need to ask you something. Do you ever visited Rome? I will go there next month and i’m looking forward for some ideas where to go there, what to do and what to visit. Another thing is could you tell me a few words in Italian like the base of italian words, hello, thank you, i want to.., etc. I really don’t know and i really want to learn some italian. Thank you so much! I hope you’ll help me..please answer me! Have a good week! Kisses xx


  2. Rachael Leigh

    Just had the opportunity to go to the U.K and we saw LAZY OAF!!!!!! and it was so cute inside. I wanted to buy everything, but I held strong…now that I am home. I am on their website constantly buying whatever I can. Such a cute shop. (:
    Hugs and Smiles from Park City, Utah U.S
    p.s just bought your camping box. very very excited to see the goodies inside. (Mostly excited for the Edgar and Maya go Camping Comic.)
    much love


  3. Rue

    Hey Marzia! I just received my Forest Creatures pencil bag and Wet N’ Wild chapstick in the mail and I am extremely satisfied with both! Thanks so much! ~Rue


  4. Angy

    Always I saw something about Hello Kitty remembers me my mom. She LOVES her as much as I love Pusheen, I’m sure she loves this products.
    And, you know? Lazy Oaf should make a photo shoot with you as a model, you look great! ^^
    Have a nice day! Hugs!


  5. Anja

    Hey Marzia!! I just wanted to ask, how are you feeling after the sickness with Felix? 😦 I also wanted to say that I love your blogs so much, and I enjoy your videos on YouTube as well. I hope you never stop!! 🙂


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