June 9th, 2017


Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 16.40.55.png

For the past 3 days I have been drawing. A lot.

My ‘camping’ subscription box is coming out soon, and so I wanted to add a fun little printed comic.

So I started drawing, and I’m just done with it!


Of course I can’t show too much or else there would be no point in adding this to the subscription box, but because it took a lot of my time, and I really like how it turned out, here are some of my favourite parts.


If you didn’t figure it out, it’s about Maya and Edgar going camping.


The funniest bit to me, was drawing Edgar. I made sure to give him a different look each time.


And I got to draw some scenery (which is my go-to when I doodle).


And a lot of hilarious pug close ups.


There are only 30 pages, so I’m not gonna show any more, but I hope you like what you see so far… I will most likely show it all on my unboxing video anyway.

That’s it! I just wanted you to know what I have been spending my time on these past few days. ₍ᐢ•ﻌ•ᐢ₎*


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