June 3rd, 2017

A couple of weeks early.


Here is a photo of my plants. To lift up the mood from my previous blog post, I wanted these little guys to cheer everybody up.

Thank you so much for all the helpful comments, reading them made me feel a bit more calm and positive. So far, I’m feeling okay, and Felix is slowly recovering.

Now that things are getting a bit better, let me catch you up!


As I said, Felix and I decided to move back to our regular flat, even tho the kitchen isn’t ready just yet. It should be done in less than 3 weeks, but the water has been turned back on, and we have a fridge and boiler in the living room, at the moment, so we figured we could come back here.

Felix is actually setting up his office into the old flat – back to basics! And because of the virus (no matter how much I cleaned, I didn’t feel safe as it can live on surfaces for a while), packing up and settling back into our home felt like the right choice.


Obviously, the kitchen is looking quite messy, and a lot of work needs to be done, but look at these tiles peaking through. I’m so excited to see it all finished!


I received a box full of Crosta&Mollica goodies, which I very much appreciate because everything is made in Italy, and vegetarian.


Snacking on these is going to be a joy. I’ve missed my good ol’ Tarallini and Linguette (although I do find them at the grocery store here, I go through these things real fast) and pouring some crostini in any soup makes it all better.


Thank you to the guys at Crosta & Mollica!


Now onto great makeup additions, I was gifted this highlighter by Milk, and it may not say much from this photo, but….


BAAAM! It’s their holographic stick, and it looks stunning.


It has a beautiful pearlescent look to it. The one I’m swatching is the Mars – Golden Peach shade. They also have a lilac one, which is totally cool if you wanna rock something different, but this one – for me – is probably the best and most wearable option.


Then Tarte sent me their new Clay Stick foundation. It comes in 11 different shades, and what I like about it is that – it coming on this packaging – you can easily use it as a concealer or a bronzer/contour as well as its original purpose, a foundation.


I only ever tried one foundation stick before, and I remember that it had great coverage but it was quite thick and difficult to really blend.


No problem at all with this one. As soon as I put it on my face, it felt like a really creamy formula, and blended really well.

The main thing that really impressed me, is that I was wearing this product, without a primer, on a very hot day, whilst I was running around town, cleaning the house, reading  a book out in the sun, and it did not budge. It was flawless. I even went to Felix to tell him.

SO. As promised, here are another 2 boxes you can win!


The first one, let’s call it “BROWN”, includes the Milk stick, a Tarte foundation in Light Beige, a cleanser, an eyebrow palette, a vampy lip gloss, a nude lipstick, a shimmery pigment, some Forest Creature goodies, and the second volume of Forget Me Not.


This other one, let’s call it “GREEN”, has the newest Tarte foundation stick in Deep Honey as well as the powder foundation in Light Beige; then it has a haircare product, an eyebrow pencil, a cleanser, a bright coloured lippie, Forest Creature goodies, and an eyeshadow base as well as the simmery pigment. Oh, and the 3rd volume of Forget Me Not.


The giveaway is now closed, thank you so much for all the lovely comments you left. Here are the two winners:

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 13.01.41.png              for the BROWN box.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 13.03.15.png               for the GREEN box.

As usual, new giveaways will come soon!  ˁ̡̡̡∗⁎⃙ ̫⁎⃙ˀ̡̡̡ ̩˳♡⃝


407 thoughts on “WE MOVED BACK.

  1. SuzeQ

    Good to hear you are doing better Marzia!
    For the contest i’d like the GREEN one please 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely week and everything will turn out allright!


  2. Amapola

    Hopefully Im not late but:


    On no, I was just studying and just read it..

    Anyways, happy to hear that everything is ok and totally get it with the feeling of feeling that the house is not clean enough.

    Kind regards,



  3. Love, Soph

    Glad you two are feeling better – felix’s virus sounded horrible and I know the feeling of everything feeling contaminated after someone has been so ill! Can’t wait to see the new flat all finished, the tiles are so dreamy! For the giveaway, I’d love the brown box 💗💗


  4. irusadventures

    Hey there Marzia! Glad to hear the good news about you and Felix, I was very worried! Your posts always find a way to cheer me up! I love both boxes and I seriously can’t choose, “Green” or “Brown” both are sooo pretty! Haha
    Much love from Morocco! :* ❤


  5. Ellie

    I think I might be too late, but I must try to enter for BROWN!
    Thanks for another giveaway and I’m glad that you are all feeling better! 💖


  6. Westlys

    Hi Marzia, so happy you and Felix are feeling better, and especially that you are feeling up to doing a giveaway like this omg thank you so much 🙂 BROWN sounds amazing even if I don’t win it!


  7. Sara Deon

    Ehi Marzia, sono felice che vi stiate entrambi riprendendo! I prodotti di Crosta&Mollica sembrano deliziosi.

    BROWN ❤


  8. Silvia E.V

    I hope is not too late to join, but the GREEN box is awesome!

    So good to know that Felix and you are better and everything is going well ❤


  9. Tünde

    Looking forward to see more post about your health in the future ❤ you just made my day telling us that you are feeling well and Felix too 🙂 i would love the Green one. Have a marzipan and unicornistic day 🙂


  10. Maddalena

    I’m very excited to see your apartment when it will be done! As a future architect and designer, you inspire me everyday! Hugs from Romania! *brown*


  11. Angelique

    Never forget to breath and watch a horror movie.
    This relaxes me when I got a lot of things on my mind.

    I would really love to get the brown box.


  12. OneMan

    Ciao Marzia,
    sono uno sconosciuto ma posso darti un consiglio di cuore: prendete una villa tu e felix sul Lago di Garda e prenditi cura di te stessa stando vicino alla tua famiglia, la tua qualità di vita migliorerebbe tantissimo!!
    Il costo della vita si abbassa, la tassazione si abbassa (siamo sui 100K euro annui + 25K euro per te) e ti godi la vita.

    L’attacco di panico non è altro che una manifestazione che ti manca qualcosa nella vita e se chiami alle 3 di notte i tuoi vuol dire che senti ancora il bisogno di averli parte della tua vita. Torni moltissimo in Italia e lo faresti di più se non avessi timori di “controlli”. Fidati di uno sconosciuto, compra quella villa!! E magari un giorno mi ringrazierai di persona. In bocca al lupo, in ogni caso!!


  13. annieclow

    Hi there, Marzia! ヾ(^-^)ノ

    It’s such great news you will be staying at your regular flat again. That way you can be more relaxed about everything. I hope you get better sleep now you’re there, too.
    I understand how bad you should have felt/feel still, but you will see that you will be able to get through this completely healthy. Keep your spirits up (: ❤

    Already want to see how your kitchen turns out! Your house is like a doll house so I’m sure it will also be beautiful.
    I would love to have plants of my own, but no matter how much I care for them, they always end up withering 😦 so I have given up on the idea of having those.

    I wrote a comment yesterday, but it seems it wasn’t published for some reason :c so I wanted to post this anyways even if I didn’t win anything 😛

    My best wishes,

    Irma (V●ᴥ●V)


  14. violetnikol

    I missed the giveaway, again >:c
    But I read the article mainly because of your and Felix’s health. It’s good to know that you are getting slowly better.

    Wish you good luck with the kitchen, looking forward to reading new article from you!


  15. Brittney Smith

    Hi Martzia! My name is Brittney (15yrs old) and I absolutely love your videos! I only found your blog today but am loving it! I was wondering where you got your adorable pots in which you keep your beautiful plants, I love cacti and own six house plants of my own, but I want to get some adorable pots to keep them in.
    Always here to support,


  16. Thora

    Hey Marzia. Im 13 years old and ive heard many people saying my singing is very good… ive also wanted to get my voice “out there” but i havent deared to try. What should i do? (And if i make a video or something. Would you like to listen to it/ or use it in a video?) love your videos and basically the whole you❤️ Bye 👋


  17. Sweet Pea Marie

    Dear Marzia,
    There is this horror/thriller/psychological movie that came out this year around January and it is very different, creepy, and well done. Its called “The Cure for Wellness.” Its one of those movies that doesn’t tell you everything and you’re constantly trying to figure out. It is quite long but I think you’ll really like it.
    Thank you!


  18. Brooke

    I love your plants, my boyfriend and I have lots of plants in our home too. I’m obsessed with your Forest Creatures collection and want to buy a shirt! 🙂


  19. solveigds

    Hi, Marcia!

    I love your plants, and also the fact that two of your ceramic planters are from my favorite atelier. ^^
    (They so hard to get ahold of, here in Norway. So you are really lucky to be able to shop from her shop! Also I hope they bring you as much happiness, as they have brought me.)

    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday,
    Hugs and kisses from Norway ^^



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