May 28th, 2017

I like Arden. I like Ohh Deer.


I received this in the mail the other day.

I follow Arden so I knew about this collab, but I didn’t expect to get this gifted to me, so I was happy when it arrived!

Because I was so excited, here is a little post about it.


If you don’t know who Arden is, well… she is a babe. I’ve only met her once, at Disneyland, but she is fun to be around! Her channel is very real: she will talk, in depth, about any topic, and her Instagram is full of beautiful photos. Plus, she is as big of a fan of LazyOaf as I am, so *high-five*.

Often in her videos she does adorable little doodles, so I wasn’t surprised that she teamed up with Ohh Dear.


If you check out the website you will see she worked on more items than these, but these 3 up here were the ones I was sent.

The keychain is cute, the notebook useful, and the planner is gorgeous.


Small and well structured. Love it!

I’ve made a blog post about Ohh Deer before cause I love the stuff they sell, and you can find new talented artists, but I wanted to post about this collaboration to support Arden, which I think did a great job with these products and overall offers some great online content.

Happy Sunday!


23 thoughts on “ARDEN ROSE X OHH DEER.

  1. Sara Fike :3

    yay! those things seem like something that will keep you cute and organized! ordering now! love you martzia and please make more of these small reviews. I know that you get a lot of packages and you should show them off! keep doing what you do . love ya girl! ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Bri

    Marzia I just love your taste in art and such! I feel like you’ve really introduced me to some of my favorite brands now!

    P.S. The song “The less I Know the better” by Tame Impala that you told us about a while ago is my new jam!! Love it



    Liked by 1 person

  3. MEW

    I need that planner in my life! It’s just so pretty ❤ Whenever I see collaborations like these happen I just feel so happy. There are so many people who believe that drawing and doodling is a waste of time. But when you see creations come to life like in these little pieces of stationery, you really notice that a little bit of creativity goes such a long way. ^_^


  4. danielle.wng

    I love collecting stationary and I almost always have 4 notebooks on me at all times! For my sketches, writings and for school. I really love the products, especially the planner and the cute keychain.

    Thank you for sharing!




  5. Dani Kay

    Update: I just checked out Ohh Deer’s website and stocked up on some of their cards that were on sale. All of them have such cute designs!! A lot of my friends live in different states than I do so I can’t wait to send them out. Thanks for featuring them!


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  7. itsmekae

    Arden + stationary?!? Oh man thats exciting!! I fell in love with stationary this year and everything is so cute and aesthetically pleasing 😍😍😍


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