May 23rd, 2017

A fun, silly t-shirt!

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 17.11.40.jpg

About a month ago Felix and I started having this inside joke of Maya ‘calling the cops’ over anything ‘wrong’ one of us would do – any small thing counts, like not folding a blanket properly or not feeding Maya at the right time, for example.


It was a late night and I kept giggling imagining Maya actually picking up a phone saying ‘Im callen de cops’. Up here is the actual text I wrote down on my notes just so I wouldn’t forget about the joke.

But it turns out it never died down since then. And so I decided to turn it into a t-shirt!


A week ago I made this drawing of Maya wearing a pink onesie and an eye patch, calling the cops with a toy phone, over the fact that someone touched a plant.

I don’t know why I find this joke – and this t-shirt – so hilarious, but I figured some of you may like it as well.


The t-shirt is going to be a limited edition, only available for a bit and once it’s gone, that’s it! You can find more info about it on my shop.

Hope you like it! ₍ᐢ•ﻌ•ᐢ₎*


76 thoughts on “MAYA CALLS THE COPS.

  1. ascodders

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  2. Sara Fike :3

    I saw your yt video today! so I get one of your lemon patch stickers and put one on my phone case and water bottle! I brought it to school and my friends loved it! will you be making more fruity ones? sorry this is a strange question! live you martzia and all the hard work you put into everything – love from Sara ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Patricia

    Hi Marzia! I’m a huge fan of you! I’m from Jakarta,Indonesia and I’m 13 y/o. I love animes and manga.I really love to read, novels especially. I really like your channel and your blog and I’m waiting for updates every single day. Anyways, I really want to buy Dream House but it’s not released in here. I want to ask you, will it release on Indonesia? I will be waiting tho. Anyways, lots and lots love from Indonesia❤


  4. Teddii

    I would love to buy this shirt (the design is the cutest thing I have ever seen) but once shipping is included it adds up to $116 AUD ;-;
    Is there any way you could be able to make shipping less expensive for us Australians? I don’t mind having to pay shipping but I can’t reason spending $67 to ship a t-shirt.

    You’re my favourite youtuber and I have wanted to buy things from you for ages. I guess Ill just have to wait until there is a way for poor uni students like me to afford your merchandise.


  5. coconutsinjapan

    Hi Marzia. I’ve been a fan for a long time but this is the first time I’m actually writing to you. It’s actually quite unnerving. I want to say I really miss your horror stories and your creepy animations. I fell in love with them and was inspired to write some short dark children’s stories of my own. I would really love to create something out of them but unfortunately I can’t draw to save my life. If you’d like to have a look at them (they’re really short) I would be so grateful! And please make more creepy animations of your own!
    Lots of love!


  6. Ilona Witteman

    Hey Marzia!
    Thanks for always making people smile with your video’s, blogs and Posts. Im a huge fan of you and Felix. Just finished Reading Dream House and I honestly loved it!Keep up The good work Both of you Hehe!
    But anyway. I have a question that’s been bugging me for a while now.
    Does Felix take Edgar with him to the Office and do you have Maya during the day? I don’t see you much with Edgar (or Felix with Maya) on screen/pics. It that an arrangement you guys made so no one will get lonely?
    X Ilona


  7. hoodiememo

    Hey Marzia!

    I was trying to buy this shirt but I couldn’t change the size from xs. Is there no more sizes left of this shirt? (I’m using my phone so maybe that could be a problem?)


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