May 12th, 2017

An intense month.


This morning I woke up next to this bumble bee. It is huge, I don’t think you really get an idea of the size. But it was fascinating, so before releasing it out into the world, I took a photo of Β it.

Oh, I’m here to give you a quick update!


Remember my kitchen? Lovely, yes, but not so efficient.

Back in March I’ve redesigned it and on Monday we are getting ours removed, to then install the new one. I’m very excited, but it makes this already busy month, even more complicated for me.

In fact, we have to clear it completely, and till the end of June we won’t have a kitchen, so we might end up moving out of the flat for the time being.


Today Felix went to dye his hair, and so he left me little Edgar. He is a demon at times, but still very cute.

I’m getting ready, on Tuesday, to travel again.

I feel like since the end of April, after coming back from Tuscany, my days have been passing by me so fast. There is just so much happening right now, and so many projects I’m working on.

It’s all good – don’t get me wrong – I love to keep busy! But I find that it’s challenging to find time for everything, so hopefully if you don’t see me on here, or on Youtube, you just know it’s because I’m working on cool stuff. πŸ˜‰


Right now a tricky thing is the selection of fabric for my Winter clothing line, which happens to be called “Le Api” (Bees).

I have designed each piece already, and selected all the fabrics, but unfortunately it turns out most are very expensive.

The whole line was shaped around one specific fabric, which almost costs €50 per meter, making the final cost of a piece around €200. I’m sourcing the fabric from this Italian textile company, and the quality is amazing, but I’m so afraid of making such expensive pieces cause they won’t really cater to most.

So I’m hoping to be able to get a good deal on the fabric, and if that doesn’t happen, I will have to look for some cheaper options.


Either way, I’m super excited about everything I’ve done so far, and even more, about the fact that my Limone line is coming out pretty soon!

Up here is a sneak peek of the rain jacket. I can’t wait to reveal the whole line!


I’ve also received all the Forest Creatures merch today: we made a t-shirt, a tote bag, a pencil case, some pins, candles, pencils, and these cute little plushies. They are adorable!

So expect everything to be on my online store soon. πŸ™‚


On a completely different note, today I received this magazine, which I had bought a week ago. It looks really cool, and makes it for a perfect coffee table read.


It’s very creative. I love it, so I wanted to share it with you in case you are into these kind of stuff as well.

Oh, and by the way, tomorrow there is Eurovision. I vote for Portugal. I want him to win so badly. Will you be watching it as well? Do you have a favourite? Let me know!

The structure of this post is all over the place, and the writing is rushed, but if anything, it makes it a more spontaneous entry. πŸ˜‰


61 thoughts on “BUSY BEE.

  1. Storey Kay Holcomb

    Hello, Marzia!
    I am super excited for your new collections! And I really appreciate you dedicating your time to finding more affordable options for those who love buying from your collections! It really shows that you care about us! I just wanted you to know that your videos brighten my day every time you post, and I can really see the hard work put into every one. Thank you so much!


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