May 4th, 2017

An easy recipe.


I have talked about my love for chia seeds before, and how I like to soak them in water for a quick, healthy snack. But lately I have swapped the water with almond milk, so that I can add some extra flavour to it, and makes it the perfect base for a breakfast meal.


For breakfast, my go-to is porridge, but sometimes you just need to switch things up and so – anytime I feel the need to – I opt for a good chia bowl (with basically the same things as I would have in porridge).

I like it because not only is just as healthy, but it’s cold, so if I’m wanting something that feels a bit more refreshing, this is great.


So these are the ingredients. I didn’t put a specific dosage/number for the cinnamon and syrup just because you can add it as you wish. You can definitely also swap the almond milk for any other type.

Again, regarding the granola and the fruit, you can have what you prefer, or none at all.


In fact, if you just want a quick snack, you can put the soaked chia seeds in a small pot and keep it refrigerated, so it’s ready as soon as you crave some!

I honestly love the taste of it on its own anyway, but if you do want to make yourself a nice breakfast, adding some toppings makes it more filling.


So just mix your liquids and powders together, so that you get the perfect base for your seeds to soak up.


Once you add the chia, let it rest for about 15 minutes. They should stick to each other, and make a thicker consistency, like a pudding.


Then simply add anything you like on top, and enjoy! ( ິ•ᆺ⃘• )ິฅ✧


43 thoughts on “CHIA BOWL.

      1. Vanti

        Marzia! It’s actually not that healthy to eat more than 2-3 tbl spoons of chia per day since they have huuuge amount of fiber ! you can block your guts from working actually


  1. Ernesto G

    Where do you get your Granola from? I find it hard to get healthy commercial granola so I make it myself, but buying some would be easier.

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  2. complicatedmattie

    This made me so hungry, which is a big inconvenience because I’m at a dorm with curfew (it’s almost 12MN here) and I still need to write 8 pages on my Psych paper and one paper for another subject and study for an exam I have, all for tomorrow. 😦 But I still love you for sharing this! Lol.

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  3. complicatedmattie

    Reblogged this on SOFT SERVE LIFE RANTS and commented:
    This is actually a really tasty meal for breakfast. Unfortunately, I don’t think we have any of those Chia seeds in the Philippines. If we do have them, I don’t know if there are stores nearby that sell those.

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  4. BubulleTime

    I was seriously literally just wondering what kind of healthy breakfast I could start eating ! So thank you for this post ! It look delicious !
    Gonna try it out tomorrow !

    PS : LOVING your sweater !

    Chloé 🐒

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  5. MEW

    Ooh I love this! Sometimes in the summer it’s nice having colder breakfasts to wake up feeling fresh. It’s a habit I’m trying to get into. It’s so cold in Ireland all the time so I always reach for the same thing like a hot bowl of porridge and mountains of cinnamon but this is going to be nice for a change I think. ^_^ Thank you for the recipe Marzia! I love healthy recipes like this ❤

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  6. nightynightlove

    There is this awesome place in Chicago called Kanela Breakfast Club and they have this amazing Chia Seed Pudding that is similar to this! It includes almond milk, agave nectar, coconut shavings, blueberries, almonds and I absolutely adore it! Marzia, you posting this makes me want to go there right now and get a bowl ^^ x Yummy!

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  7. Bri

    I tried the chia seeds craze out a few years ago when it first became popular, but I cannot STAND the texture of them. So gooey and disgusting. But good on you for enjoying them, they’re supposed to be really good for you!

    Thanks for sharing as always,


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  8. Dani Kay

    Thanks for the recipe! Chia seeds for breakfast are one of my favorite things. Like you did suggest, I usually fill a few jars with the milk and chia and keep them in the fridge so I have then ready as soon as I wake up. It never occurred to me to top with granola, which sounds sooo good!
    P.s. I just got your subscription box in the mail and did a review on my blog. I love all the items you picked and THANK YOU for selecting only cruelty free products!! :]

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  9. brendaa.

    You’ve really been loving that sweatshirt! Haha it’s so cute. I haven’t had chia pudding in a while, so maybe that’s what I’ll have for breakfast today, yum!

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  10. danielle.wng

    I’ll definitely try out this recipe! I’ve been really into yogurt bowls lately and have been searching for new recipes to try with other ingredients so this really helps a lot! also i really love the bowl ❤

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  11. a0204

    Thanks for sharing your recipe! i tried making an overnight chia seed pudding but it didn’t go as well- though i can’t resist going back to the chia seeds and now i’m excited to eat this for breakfast! *^*

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  12. vyominee

    Now this makes me wanna try chia seeds again!

    In the summer, my mom always soaks chia seeds in water overnight and then just drinks it the next day. It looks super refreshing, and she always wants me to drink it too, but I hate it in terms of taste and sometimes even texture lol.

    So I guess soaking them in almond milk may feel better for my taste buds, considering that I love almond milk!
    May the Fourth be With You (haha)

    Bye from California!

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  13. Jemima's Clicks

    You should try to make chia crackers! The place where I work basically made it with sunflower seeds, sea salt, sesame seeds and other seeds that you like. It’s really easy and a healthy snack!


  14. alexia99blog

    Thanks for the recipe, I love chia seed too! If you’d like another recipe, I once mixed them with coconut milk, along with two tablespoons of vanilla and a bit of cinnamon. I let it rest overnight, so the result was so thick and fulfilling, I had to eat it over the course of three days :p
    BTW, is your sweater from H&M? Because I have a tank top from there with the same caption.


  15. Abbie

    Love your blogs & videos! On the topic of recipes, I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be suitable for you considering it’s vegan & gluten free! I’ve never tried it but it definitely looks good 🙂


  16. Tonia

    It looks so delicouse!

    But I’m worried, because in germany there is a warning label on the chia packaging that says you shouldn’t eat more than 15 g per day D:


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