April 17th, 2017

An eyeshadow look.


Today I wanted to make two different eyeshadow looks using my Natura palette. I intended to make separate ones, but as I was doing the green, I thought I could just do the red one right away.


As you know, these are the 5 colours in my palette: 3 are shimmery, 2 are matte.

I wanted to split it and use the green + gold combo in one eye, and the remaining rusty shades in the other one.


May I say I really like how the green turned out – even on its own? I think you can now see why I said that this shade is wearable. It has a very strong gold undertone to it, so that makes it easy to blend with other colours. It really brightens the eye and I think it looks very cool, especially for spring and summer.

Excuse the blush, at one point I wanted to go very avant-garde with this, but stopped at the blush as I changed my mind midway.


But here is the other eye, which I already knew I would love.

It’s similar to my go-to makeup, but I gave it a twist by adding the golden liner.


To complete both, I’ve used a golden eyeliner by Lush, my usual black eyeliner by Soap&Glory, and the Too Faced mascara.


Today I’ve spent most of my day cleaning and painting.

For the past few days I have been trying watercolour, and I love the effects you can create, especially the way you can blend the shades together. I am a bit bothered by the fact that I don’t have the right kind of paper, so I will order some now.


Here is what I have done yesterday afternoon while watching Felix’s livestream.

I’m now looking forward for him to get back so that we can continue watching ’13 Reasons Why’. We are halfway through. Is anybody watching it?

Here I am again changing subject haha. I hope this post was alright, I just kind of wanted you to see the green eyeshadow on ‘me eyeballs’.

Gonna go! Have a lovely start of the week. 🙂


90 thoughts on “RED & GREEN.

  1. Aletze Estrada

    Watercolor is really beautiful!! When you mixed it with other techniques too. I had a friend who loved it and painted the ocean’s bottom with a little monster hidden among the algae. I also like watercolor tattoos but it’s really difficult to find someone who is actually good at them. It’s pretty hard to simulate the blending, I guess.

    And YES! I just finished the series this weekend. I LOVED IT. So well written, so well directed; the production did a great job and I’m glad they decided to make it the way it is. It made me feel everything. When you’re done, tell us if you’d like a 2nd season or if you have some theories :b

    Greeting to Pewds and the pugs.

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  2. Trishia

    Hello Marzia!

    You’ve really inspired me to do a lot of things!
    This weekend I’m going out so I’m going to try putting on more bold eyeshadows like yours. I only used to stick to orange and pink but maybe this time I’ll try yellows and greens. I’m going to buy that gold eye liner too, I want to look magical like you!

    My sister is watching 13 reasons on netflix and I easily get hooked and sit down even though I just came to get something from her room! It’s really interesting!

    Another thing you’ve inspired me to do is to start my own blog. So far I’m really enjoying the experience. Writing down my thoughts or just a summary of how my day went really makes me feel accomplished every time I finish an entry.

    Hopefully you can come visit my blog! I’d really love some input! 🙂

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  3. flight0knight

    Hi 🙂
    Seeing the palette, I couldn’t really imagine how could the green turn out, but hey! It looks so nice! I thought it would only look on people with red hair, actually 😀
    You have a very similar complexion to mine and all the shades llok great on you… One more reason to buy myself a gift 😀
    Hope you have a nice day.

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    Wow the eyeshadows are great. I especially love the red/pink eye look. Also about “13 reasons why” I finished it few days ago and it’s amazing it’s so worthy to watch it. When you finish it tell us your opinions about it and thoughts about the possibility of 2 season.
    Also I love painting with watercolors. I find it very relaxing. I usually draw girl portraits, but i also draw plants or something else. I am still drawing on printing paper because i’m practicing, but i’m planing on buying watercolor paper.
    Love you ❤

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  5. Jili ♥ (@jilsonea)

    Hello Marzia,

    even though I am not really compliant with Make-Up, I find it very beautiful and interesting the things you show us. I have always the feeling I want to try it out as well, but then I do not really have the time in the morning and enough interest to spend money on a try (sorry).
    I always wanted to get this eyeliner thing for my eyes (Soap and Glory – Supercat is not available in Germany) and learn how to do it and I was wondering if you may can name me some products you use for it. I already bought quite a lot but it never really worked the way I was hoping.

    Thank you very much, have a great day and keep on doing what you love – its awesome!
    – Jili

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  6. kimiko24

    Hi Marzia 🙂
    These colors are stunning !
    I watched 13 Reasons Why and i think this serie is awsome but very sad too. I would love to hear about you when you’ll finish it. Also, love your paintings 🙂
    Bye Marzia ^^

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  7. BubulleTime

    The eye-shadow are AMAZING ! I’m in love with it ! And the more I watch your makeup, the more I want to buy the lush eye-liner !
    If you want watercolor paper, you should get the Canson Mix Media XL !
    You’re making me want to watch “13 reasons why”…but first got to finish Teen Wolf 🐺

    Lots of love,
    Chloé 🐒

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  8. Jasmine

    These are so pretty. Both the eye shadow and the paintings. Where do you learn to paint using watercolor? I love how you’re always learning something new and embracing your passion. It’s just so inspiring!

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  9. sonal

    love the green and golden combo! it so lovely that you can carry any colour on you! 🙂 and also, 13 reasons why, i finished watching it in 2 days haha , I’m really loving it and i would recommend everyone to watch it! I’m surprised you could wait so long for pewds to come back and start watching it again 😛
    also , do check out the show called ‘BILLIONS’, its really good! 😀


  10. Poula

    Hi Marzia!
    Your makeup is on point, love it!!
    I have seen 4 episodes of 13 reasons why, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
    It is really a series that should be watched by every single teenager especially I think!

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  11. Amanda

    Hey, Marzia! Hope you’re having a lovely day.

    Love the make up, I really like that you try new things and they always turn out interesting. I also wanted to try watercolour, maybe I will soon. My boyfriend holds this “art events” – we gather some friends to draw/paint/do art together – and I think that in this month event I will try my hand at painting.

    I am watching “13 reasons why” with my sister, and we are only on chapter 3. Really, I feel like Clay going through the tapes in a painfully slow pace haha. But I’m loving it. Really wanna know your thoughts on it once we are all done watching.

    One more thing: I really apreciate your posts on here, I feel they bring a lightness to my day. Thank you for this ❤

    – Mandy

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  12. Carol

    Hey! I really liked how the green eyeshadow turned out. I think green it a really difficult colour to work with, specially due the pigmentation but i really liked how it turned out!
    I’m watching 13 reasons why as well and i’m loving it! I do think you and Felix will enjoy it as well!

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  13. nadin'sbookisland

    These colors are amazing! especially together, I really liked the golden liner!
    and I did watch 13 reasons why and it’s amazing! I really hope there will be a second season!

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  14. MEW

    I love this eyeshadow look! I’m really hoping that the Natura Palette will be available from somewhere in Europe/Uk soon. I really want it but I’m too poor right now to pay for import tax </3
    Water colours are so fun! I got watercolour paper in Tiger by the way!

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  15. Molly

    Hey Marzia! This eyelook was definitely so cute and I can’t wait to try out your palette ❤ Also I finished 13 Reasons Why the other day and it's SUCH a good show omg! I'm definitely emotionally exhausted though from it haha. See you around! x

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  16. Danika

    I just ordered my eye shadow as soon as it restocked the 14th and am eagerly checking the mail every day for it. I absolutely love the colors that you chose. They are colors that work for every day and look very pigmented. I also ordered the flower balm which seems really cool and probably a great summer look. Anyway, I love your art as always. Thanks for the post ❤

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  17. jordynnekniese

    Watercolours are beautiful! But yes, you definitely need the right paper. I am beyond excited to receive your palette in the mail! My boyfriend purchased it for me as my birthday is this Sunday (23/04)- lucky me! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us, I look forward to your next post.

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  18. barelysara

    I can’t wait to try the eye shadows myself! The colors look so pretty!

    I finished 13 reasons why last week. I didn’t binge watched it because I got some struggle with the subjects in it. The last few episodes where really strong and I had to be very brave to decide whether or not to watch it. I still liked it because it brings awareness and leaves rumors and misunderstandings of suicide, suicidal thoughts and school bullying.
    Have you been watching anything else? I always love your recommendations 💕
    Have a nice week! Love, Sara 💜

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  19. Mezzatazza

    I don’t like 13 reasons why, because I’m 30 I guess. Hope none has had a school experience like that. In Italy I haven’t heard things like that in my entire life.

    Btw, the girl’s personality doesn’t match with suicide.

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  20. Anna Banana >:]


    I love your new palette but I wanted to ask, what blush are you wearing in these pictures?
    Its so pink and lovely!

    Thanks for the post! ❤

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  21. Angelina

    Hey Marzia ^-^
    I ordered your palette when you announced it and now I`m soo exited to get it! Thank you for showing the looks, they are beautiful and really inspire me!
    Thank you for always making me smile and motivate me.
    I really wish I could afford your box but the shippings are so high to Germany :((
    Sending a lot of love ❤

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  22. Amanda

    Marzia!! This has nothing to do with this post, but I just came from your current favorites video, and I think that you would really like a band called “Wet”. I would check out “Don’t Want To Be Your Girl” and “You’re The Best” by them!! I think they really suit your music taste and I love them and I think you really will as well :))

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  23. luisa lulupandalife

    Ehi marzia! Vedrai che con la carta adatta agli acquerelli sarà TOTALMENTE diverso! Quando la carta diventa ondulata o ruvida perchè si sciupa con l’acqua è veramente un peccato. Io mi sto appassionando sempre più a questi colori e vedrai che ti daranno grandi soddisfazioni (tra l’altro è un procedimento super rilassante). Ti consiglio i pennelli di winsor & newton, secondo me sono i migliori 🙂
    Ti seguo da una vita e non mi perdo uno dei tuoi video, ma non passo spesso dal tuo blog, cercherò di rimediare perchè è un bel posticino! Un bacione

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Angela

    Hi Marzia, i was wondering if you could recommend something to help ease me into anime? i am new to it and i would just like to hear on your faves/easy ones to start off with?

    Thank you

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  25. Hannah

    love the looks ur so creative and ur eyeshadow palette is to dieeee for. i hope ur enjoying 13 reasons hy, i think it was amazing and really deep. ur watercolour paintings are so beautiful and inspiring thx so much ❤

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  26. Sofie

    So fun to see that you are experimenting with watercolor! Good paper is defenitely necessary to be able to get that nice blend effect as they soak up the colors better! It doesn’t have to be expensive to be good though.

    This is my current favorite brand:

    I hope you will post some pictures on instagram of what you produce:)

    You are an inspiration, and you have really inspired me to dare to be myself more when it comes to style and creativity. I live in a tiny village, far up in Northern Norway (close to the North Cape), and being the only one I know of who likes to be creative and a bit different it can be quite lonely sometimes. Following you on youtube, instagram and your blog makes it a bit less lonely. So, thank you:)

    – Sofie (@sophymade on instagram)

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  27. Mirke

    I love your blog so much, it is have a really lovely atmosphere and this colors are amazing!
    My skins shade is really similar for yours (on pictures) and your make up is always on the point! I don’t see exactly your skins tones (warm, cool, neutral, yellow or more pinkish) on pics (it’s a little different on every photo), but I love to read some advices from you, which foundation in what kind of color you use? Because I’m struggling, not find any foundation, what is right for me in color. 😦
    I want to buy Zuii organic flora liquid foundation (I don’t know, you used before this maybe?), but I can buy this only from the internet, so… it’s really hard, I don’t know what color is best for me (or us, if our skins is really that similar :D). Any advice is can help me a lot. 😀

    Thank you very much!

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