4th of April, 2017

That I often get asked. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 14.30.52.jpg

Let’s talk about tattoos!

  1. What’s your inspiration?

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty impulsive when it comes to tattoos. If I get an idea, and it immediately clicks, I go for it.

I usually get an artist (like for the Banana Yoshimoto tattoo) or my friend Daizo (like for the anime ones) to draw it for me – after explaining my vision – or at times I even just do it myself (for example, the quote) or bring a photo to my tattoo artist and she designs it for me (like the easel with flowers).

I don’t really pick what’s popular at the moment but rather something that has a meaning to me, something that I can look at and it instantly reminds me of a period of time (like the hand shadow). A person (the lemon tree for my dad). Or something about myself (the twig).

Some are very personal, others are more fun. What matters to me is how they all connect to each other, and most importantly how they relate to me.


2. How do you pick the placement?

I have a very strange way to place my tattoos; for some reason I tent to move mine off-center, rarely I opt for what makes the most sense. I find that it gives them a more personal vibe, just cause they are a bit unexpected.

Another thing I keep in mind is how often I wish to see each tattoo: when I got the chamomile near my wrist, I knew that was going to be very visible to me – that is what I wanted and I truly enjoy seeing my favourite flower at all times. Others, like one hand holding a bouquet of flowers with a libra sign, are more hidden, so they are a nice surprise every time I glance at them.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 14.50.06.jpg

Not many get to see it, but I know is there.

Some complained that this way they look random and unconnected, that I should just get a sleeve or something more cohesive, but my idea is to have them all around as if, when I was a kid – during a hot summer day – I would just cut out the fake ones and stamp them on my body.

Obviously, there is more thought to my placement than that, but that’s what I want to achieve, it gives them a sense of fun.


3. What about the pain?

People have different pain tolerances for different things, as well as every part of our body is more or less sensitive than others; because of this, it is very difficult to tell how much it is going to hurt for someone else.

I was told that getting my spine tattooed would hurt like crazy, but it really didn’t. The one thing I’d noticed was my arms twitching, cause when the needle hit some spots I couldn’t control them. But not much pain.

I always say that the pain reminds me of when you use an electric razor, the one that pulls out your hair. Same feeling to me. Totally doable. Plus, if you find a tattoo artist you like to chat with, time goes by really fast.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 14.19.35.jpg

Overall, for me, bony areas are okay, just feel stranger and slightly more painful. Every area of the arm is totally fine, the only spots I’m more sensitive are the ones near the elbow and the line in front (like where I have the little heart). The pain, for me, generally goes from a 3 to a 7, on a scale from 0 to 10.


4. Why don’t you do a video about your tattoos?

I have talked about many of them here on my blog, where I feel like I have a chance to properly explain myself. On Youtube, it’s simply too easy to come across random people that just hate the idea of tattoos on itself. It doesn’t seem appealing to me to open up about something personal on a video when I know for a fact that it will bring a lot of negativity.


5. What about when you get old?

This is the remark people with tattoos hear all the time: “You are gonna regret that when you get old”.

But what about: “Would you rather spend the rest of your life regretting a choice you made or spend the rest of your life wondering what *if* to something you didn’t do?”

It’s a fair point, it applies to everything. It’s up to you to pick.

I was stuck for the longest time thinking, “Oh, but if I do it I may regret it”.

But then realised it was something I truly liked, so why not do it. For the fear that once my body is all wrinkly, in so many years from now, I may regret it? It sure can be a possibility, but I’m not gonna stop myself from living the present for the fear of the future.

And if I truly hated something in the future, it being 5 or 50 years from now, there is always an option. Also notice that this choice doesn’t affect anyone, and it also doesn’t hurt me: if I were smoking, for example, that could actually kill me.

I don’t think there is a need to get all weird about tattoos, they are a form of art, some enjoy it, some don’t. It’s all cool!

If you are one of those who do like it, and is maybe interested in getting some, I hope this post helped you figuring stuff out. If you really don’t get their appeal, I totally understand that, but I ask you to respect me as well. ✌️




129 thoughts on “5 QUESTIONS ABOUT TATTOS.

  1. Wandering Thoughts of a Curious Millenial

    I’m getting a greek god sleeve this summer, My parents are gonna freak lol but It holds a lot of meaning to me..


  2. Sara

    Hey Marzia! I really like your tattoos and the way they look on you. When I turn 18 I wish to get a tattoo that will remind me of the early years of my life. Whenever I think about my earlier childhood it automatically puts me to a “safe zone” or a tiny world of my own; so I want something to forever remind me of it. Because my life can be pretty stressful and sad sometimes, I want a tattoo to remind me that it will get better. My parents don’t really like the idea of me getting a tattoo, but will probably let me when I become an adult. (18) I hope you don’t mind a teenager talking to you about tattoos.
    So I have a question. When getting a tattoo can you ask the tattoo artist to change the needle they previously used? Because I’m scared of getting an infection or a skin disease from somebody else…


    1. Charlotte Devries

      If a tattoo artist you’re considering going to doesn’t change their needles, you should not go to them. No good, clean tattoo artist uses the same needle for different clients for very good reason. It’s not an option you need to request that they do, they’re obligated. If you have to ask them to do it then you should report them for unsafe practises.


  3. sameena123

    “I don’t think there is a need to get all weird about tattoos, they are a form of art, some enjoy it, some don’t. It’s all cool!”

    Yes, I completely agree! Especially to the fact that it doesn’t harm anyone.
    I really, really love your aesthetic, and the fact that the tattoos isn’t colored in but only outlines; I might try out something like that!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. nicoleslife96

    Hi Marzia! I just got my first tattoo just a week ago! It is a delicate bouquet on my inner bicep that represents my favorite Robert Frost poem. Do you know of him? He is also my favorite poet. Love you tattoos!


  5. Lea

    Marzia you are truly my inspiration when it comes to tattoos!! I love all of them, the design, the messages and the placement. I would also like to get tattoos some day, mostly on my hands as you have them, because then I would be able to look at them whenever I want to, but my family is persuading me to get a tattoo somewhere where the others wouldnt be able to see it, so that I wouldnt get unwelcoming stares and maybe better opportunities later on, but I don’t know. And I really get their point, but it has always been my dream to have Big amount of small tattoos anywhere I wa ted to have them, not to have them somewhere covered and now I don’t know what to do..


  6. Allie Robertson

    I really needed this post! Marzia, you inspire the way I choose the place of my tats and also, many of my tats! I absolutely LOVE the way they look in you. Loved the t-shirt too! You’re a wonderful girl… Wish we could be friends we have lots in common. Sadly I live in the other side of the globe.


  7. Jenna

    I have been wanting to get a tattoo in honor of my grandmother for sometime now but have been to scared because my family is strongly against them. But I’m doing it anyway this summer. Thank you so much Marzia


  8. Jasmine

    I like your tattoos on you! I am not keen to sleeves but, I love the way you have spaced them out and I think they look so pretty!
    Looking at your tattoos makes me consider doing it… I am still undecided incase I don’t like the design if it goes wrong or If my mum gets upset 😂 But after reading your post it has helped me consider more. I am only 16 though… so I have a few years to decide.
    Anyway, thank you for this post it has helped me a lot and your comment about regret has also helped me consider too! 🤗 X


  9. Sam

    Hi Marzia!

    Would you consider talking about your life in high school as a shy person? I’m currently in high school my self and I’m quite shy too. I know that you’re a private person and I respect that if you don’t wish to share.
    Anyway I love your posts! 💕


  10. Anne

    Hi Marzia !

    I know this post is really old… I hope this comment still reach you.

    I was wondering about how you get in touch with an artist to design your tattoo ? I know that you and Felix both use the work of artists you like and I would also like to contact my own favorite for a tattoo design.. the thing is : I am really unsure of how to do that. Her email is on her personnal website and all but I am hesitant. I intend to pay her, of course, but I still fear that I might insult her or something. Do you know if this is the kind of request they often get ? Was it easy to contact your artist for a design ?

    Anyway, it would be cool to hear from you 🙂 Thanks !


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