April 2nd, 2017

Every drawer a better product.


I’m a fan of anything lip balm related, so opening this was a lot of fun.

I’ve received this box from Lip Smacker, and was so pleased by what was inside!


There are 4 sections, and the top one contains soda flavoured lip balms.


This may not seem to exciting, but…


Look at these! They smell and taste delicious, plus they are really cute. I don’t drink much soda at all – even tho it’s tempting – so any time I crave some, I may just apply one of these instead.


The second drawer was more ‘normal’ but included handy lip balms, in so many different flavours, as well as a little Lemonade pouch.


Next, I was surprised to see these 4 little guys. How cool are they? As soon as Felix saw them he said he wanted one, but I kept him from grabbing it right away so that I could snap a photo with all of them first.


Of course they all have their own flavour (I’ve also licked them cause they taste so sweet) and to pull out the balm you just push up that ‘lever’ in the back.

They also work as keychains, which is nice.


BUT. My absolute favourites are these. HOW. CUTE.

I already like Tsum Tsums, so seeing this made me really happy.


And you can stack them on top of each other, of course.


The lip balm is screwed in, so it’s very secure, and I love how you can collect them. I’ve just checked their website and they have many more.

Out of all the ones I’ve shown today, which one is your favourite?

This care package was such a nice surprise, I wasn’t expecting it and receiving so much selection was lovely. I didn’t wanna send out lip balms on their own, but I’ve selected a few already that I will include in a future giveaway (don’t worry, I have not licked those haha)!

That’s it for now, new blog post coming tomorrow or in the next few days. I haven’t been so active here simply because the weather is too lovely to stay inside, but I appreciate all of the people that stop by and leave a comment under my posts. ^_^)


83 thoughts on “MAGICAL LIP BOX.

  1. Miruna A

    Oh my Gosh! They are so cuteee and lovely 😍❤!! My favourite one is definetly one of the Tsum Tsum! I think hmm the Tinker Bell is so lovely! When I was a child, I loved watching the movies with these fairies✨ And,of course, I still love the magic world.
    Hope you have a nice& cozy evening, Marzia! 😊

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  2. nurselifebykarin

    Wow Marzia I just saw your instagram post. Such a coincidence because I got my first tattoo today. You really inspired me to get it. It’s on the back of my left arm. It’s a girl with flowers. I just wanted to share it with you because I’ve always wanted a tattoo but you made me brave enough to finally do it. I love your new pieces!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. nurselifebykarin

        So I tried to link you in a picture but it was so hard haha! So I decided to make a special little blog post for you with some pictures so you can see it.. Would love to hear your thoughts. It’s on my blog. (If everything went right haha!) And yes thank you for the little push hihi. (*^o^*)


      2. nurselifebykarin

        Thank you so much!! It’s still very red and sore and a bit of a challenge to let it heal while I’m still working as a nurse full-time but it’s worth it. ( ^ω^)
        Love your last blog post from half an hour ago. If I wasn’t convinced, I would have been now! It’s indeed a fun way of putting art on your body. Have a nice evening. (∩_∩)


  3. Kristina

    Does anybody else remember having a Lip Smacker as a child/teenager like me?
    This was a nice throwback, Marzia 🙂

    (Also dibs on any coffee-related ones. 😉 )

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  4. graceadulting


    These are ALL I used from the ages of 8-15 hahaha. The memories. I used to always have a Dr. Pepper flavored stick stuck in my back pocket. My mom used to get so mad if I forgot to take it out before she threw them in the wash >.< I also had my first kiss with Dr. Pepper chapstick on LOL

    I actually saw the Black Widow one the other day and was so tempted to snag it. I think I'll grab another Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker for old time's sake. I would have gone crazy over this box, too!

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  5. Angy

    OMG! All of them are so cute! But, look at those mini sodas! Also, I liked the most the last ones! So cuuuuute! Especially Dory!
    And hey! I hope you feel better about your stomach!
    Hugs and regards! =)

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  6. Beatriz

    I Started to watch your videos like a week ago, and I can say you have become my favorite youtuber/blogger/influencer ever. You are so nice, and everything you do is so, so inspiring!!!
    I loved these lipbalms by the way, they are the cutest (:

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  7. Daria

    I think that those ‘handy lip balms’ are lifesavers)
    They’re just so small and simple that you can carry them everywhere even in the smallest pouch
    Plus, I adore food-flavoured lipbalms. Right now I have a peach,a creme brulee and a pomegranat one
    It’s like a guilty pleasure for me to shop for more lipbalms 😀


  8. Noraphel Sogueco

    WOAH!!! The first section is definitely my favorite. I am OBSESSED with lipbalms. For reals tho. I may have read this as fast as I can due to excitement :3


  9. romane

    My favorite lips balm is the second section!!! The package is so cut and more discreet. Perfect for every days !!!! ^^


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  12. Michelle

    I’m not crazy about LS’s TsumTsums or the Marvels. After the company got sold to Markwins, they’ve only released Disney products after Disney. Soon the Tsum Tsum craze will stop like the beanie babies and then Markwins will go broke. I don’t understand why they started making their lip glosses in China when LS was proudly made in the USA (all products). They aren’t like Bonne Bell anymore. BB used to create tons of different and unique flavors, but I don’t understand why Markwins can’t do what BB used to do. The flavors aren’t innovative anymore, and they don’t seem to care about the consumers who have used the product since the 1970’s. I’m a LS collector and beauty junkie and I don’t understand why they aren’t stepping up their game. They release the same flavors for holiday with different packaging. I don’t understand why Markwins can’t target us collectors. I have over 900 LS and BB products. They have to listen to us or they’ll go downhill. Does anyone agree with me?


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