March 28th, 2017

Trying to use air drying clay.


Lately I have been very inspired to try and make more things; maybe it’s the spring?

I’m not that good with clay at all, but I’ve managed to make few little friends. If you are good with clay yourself, please do share your knowledge with me!


This is the stuff I use. Is acrylic paint the best for clay or should I be using something different?


I grab a small piece and model it with my hands. I use some water to make it smoother – again, should I, or should I not?


I also use a wooden tool to remove the ‘wrinkles’.


Then I cut some wire to help my animals to keep the shape or their body parts to stay together.


When I’m happy with the position, I give it the texture I had in mind.


And then I paint it! I probably should let it dry way longer before painting, but waiting when I’m doing something artsy is not my forte. I just can’t stop. I want to keep focus till I’m done.


Overall what I’ve managed to make is cute, but I need to improve a lot so if you have tips for me, let me know. I would love to make a chubby pug next! (The pig in the background started off as a pug haha).

This wasn’t so much a tutorial, but rather a post to ask for tips as I do enjoy making these little things and would love to get better. 😛


67 thoughts on “TINY CLAY CREATURES.

  1. Randa

    Hello Marzia!! These look adorable!! I’ve used clay before and it is better to paint it after its dry and then if you give it two coats it would look better! As for making more little creatures I would start off by drawing it even if its a small sketch and try drawing it from the top view, side view and front view so you can understand the 3D shape of it before you start modeling it! I hope this helps ❤

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  3. Emittra

    As many others mentioned here, fimo is a great alternative. It comes in different colours and you can bake it afterwards, maybe it’s better to use fimo than clay, because when clay dries it tends to burst.

    These are very cute Marzia!

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  4. Rachael Leigh

    AHHHH!!! I love these tiny creatures, they are perfect for spring! the little pig is my favorite. 🙂 Thanks for always inspiring me to do more crafty crafts! ❤

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  5. mooseyleigh

    Working with clay is one of my absolute favorite things to do! I took a ceramics class in high school and it was the best class! One of my favorite things to do besides actually creating the finished product was Raku firing which made the glaze look metallic. Also I really wanted your VIM floral subscription box but when I went to order it on Friday, the transaction wouldn’t go through. I know that on the website it says that you don’t handle customer service, but the email on the website wasn’t working and I was trying to order it after the office time ended so I wasn’t able to call. I was wondering if there was anyway you could help me get in contact with the company?

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  6. starsinthespring

    This is so adorable! I learnt a bit about clay modelling in my first year of college a couple years ago and about how to make clay moulds to create acrylic resin/plastic figurine thingy-ma-bobs from scratch. I think I still have my art book laying around somewhere if that process would interest you? And as for the clay, always keep it damp or otherwise it starts to crack, but not too wet or otherwise it’ll just melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West… Definitely paint it when dry, and to make it easier to paint the base colour on, you could find a little spray bottle and water down some paint so you don’t get any finger prints on it. It’d probably take a few coats of it to get back the vibrancy of the colour though… Hope that if you read this, I helped you out a little bit and that you’re having a LOVELY day wherever you are.🐞

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  7. Katie

    Wow that’s really good! I’ve worked with clay before and yes u should use water to smooth out your clay to make it easier to work with. As for acrylic paint as long as u do two coats of it it will come out looking nice

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  8. Mayara Pimenta

    Lovely! Do you know Jim Mckenzie? I think you and Felix would like his art work, he makes weird clay creatures, and paintings too. You should totally check him out 😉

    Love your blog, much love from a brazilian fan.

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  9. 17cole

    Hi Marzia!
    I actually made an account just to leave this comment because I was too excited about potter (because im a nerd)

    I’ve been doing pottery for 5 years now and you’re doing really well for a starter. I ten to work with wet clay that is fired in kilns, but the same premise applies with your clay as well when it comes to handling it too much. DONT play with your clay too much when you’re not actually working in it as this tends to very quickly dry it out and cause it to crack, making just really hard to work with. I’d also recommend getting some smaller tools, especially considering you’re doing such small work. I’m currently working on a mini dragon (about the size of a thumb) and the tools I rely on completely are quiet small to get better detail and a smoother finish. The head of the tool (flat part used to smooth) is smaller than my pinkie nail actually. Those kinds of tools aren’t hard to find, maybe $5 most at any craft store

    Good luck with your potting!

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