March 20th, 2017

Another round of cosmetics to try out.


It’s a rainy and windy day here, so instead of adventuring out, I took the chance to unbox some makeup I’ve received, and try it on!


A few days ago I posted a photo on Instagram showing that Too Faced sent me some amazing care packages, one of which was shaped like a vanity mirror with lights, and that was all to introduce the Better Than Sex Mascara.


I have been using it for a little while now, and I love it, but since I already have one, I will include this one on a mini giveaway at the end of this post.


The other package they sent is inspired by a fairytale book. Adorable!


It included 3 amazing heart shaped highlighters, one of which I’ve used today to do my makeup.


I think we can all agree that this product looks stunning.


There was also this Natural Love eyeshadow palette. If you know the brand, you may be wondering if even this new palette has a scent, but it doesn’t.


But I can’t complain, cause it has the most gorgeous colours (check out: Fairy Tale, Bunny Nose, Honeymoon and Hot & Bothered), and it has 30 of them!


Look at these swatches! The colours are so intense, the only thing I’ve noticed is that some shades tend to have fall-offs. But you can just wipe those away easily, so it’s all good.

I love Too Faced, and I honestly would recommend all of the products I’ve just shown.


Moving onto this subscription box called The Klog I was happily surprised to see that it was all about Korean beauty.


This is what it included (I removed the packagings).


Since it had mostly skincare items, this morning I couldn’t wait to try them. I begun by cleansing my face with the Klavuu cleanser, which I liked: with just a small amount you can get it to foam up and cover your whole face. Washing it off it felt extremely squeaky, so I take it that it cleansed my skin pretty well. It didn’t feel tight, but rather soft.


Then I used the lemon gauze to get rid of dead skin. You know me, I love lemon, so this was nice to rub around my face. It did not sting, and although at first I was worried that it may be too rough for my sensitive skin, I had no problem at all. I really liked it!


Finally I used the Glow Creme to moisturise, and this was such a surprise. I could not get to pick it up on camera, but there is a slight pink undertone and a pearlescent look to it. Once applied, it looks like your skin has micro red sparkles everywhere, giving you a healthy and glowy appearance!


Next up on the list is Etude House: I used to be obsessed with this brand, so the fact that they sent me something did make me happy.


Here are the products opened up.


The one I was most impressed by is this eyebrow stick: it not only has the brown colour in one end, but also a tinted brush on the other, as well as a highlighting powder in the middle! This basically has everything you would need in one, which is very convenient.


The only thing I’ve noticed is that you have to apply quite a bit of pressure for the product to transfer onto your skin, but other than that, I love it.


The lipstick they sent me is such a gorgeous shade, and totally my style (dark peach with a nude/brown tone). It’s matte, applies easily, and feels moisturising.


I’ve also tried the mascara, and I liked that as well! Here you can see my eyes with and without it.


Lastly, Jane  – a brand I’ve never hear of before – sent me a few things.


My favourites were probably the bronzer and blush, which both come in the same packaging and with the same flower theme.


They are both absolutely lovely on the skin (not as intense as the swatches).


The eyeliner has a super slim tip, and I found it quite tricky to apply – not gonna lie. The colour is great, dark black, it does not move or smear, so good quality, just be aware that it’s not the easiest to apply.

I also tried the matte foundation and liked it a lot; I received the ‘fair’ shade and it matched me really well. Both consistency and texture are medium, so it made it easy to blend and to build up a bit where needed.


So here is the final look! I’m liking it! 🙂



Thank you so much to everybody that joined. As you know by now I do frequent giveaways on here so even if you didn’t win this time, you may have more luck on the next one. 😉

Here is the winner of this giveaway:

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 18.07.43.pngCongrats Noemi!



  1. Veronika Sarah

    Hello Marzia 🙂
    This is my first coment on your blog and I want to ask you something… 🙂
    Can u recomend some books for spring? I’m out of ideas what to read (I’m working in bookstore and I just don’t know :D) to get in “spring mood” so I thought that I might ask you 🙂
    I love how passionate are u about music, stories, beauty, etc… what u do 🙂
    (sorry for my English, but I tried 0:P)
    greetings from Czech Republic ♥ 🙂


  2. Sunshine Louise E. Estrada

    Hi Marzia! can’t help falling in love with your stuff and makeups and…. other stuffs. but mostly everything! haha! You inspire me in so many levels! Love your choices! They’re so chic, edgy, relatable and most especially beautiful! Could I ask something? how do you make stuff appear so beautiful and natural at the same time? like perhaps how you mix and match and connect it with yourself and… I don’t know. I just wanted to know your way of things. XD I’ve been stalking you (in a good way so dont worry) for 3 years already till present! haha! Not expecting myself to be a Marzia fan that long. Really! Can’t believe it either! I also love the way you talk and i kind of wanted to be influenced by you. lol! *blush* no I ain’t lesbian please don’t judge me. It’s just that if you’re in my shoes and when I’m gonna stalk you, it’s like playing virtual makeover and dressup and stuffs. hihi.


  3. istanabelle

    Which too faced highlighter shade is your favorite? I am going to get one but i cant decide, we are very similar shades so i want to now your opinion. ❤


  4. ClarenceChief

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