March 11th, 2017

Not the Stephen King’s movie. 


Weather this month has been extremely unpredictable: the sun comes out to fade away, letting the rain fall, to then come back and shine.

Today, we woke up to this beautiful mist, and if course I wanted to capture it.


It makes everything seem so icy, and the beach huts are the only colourful thing.


The ocean blends into the sky.


A contrast of light and dark.


Adorable little Edgar and his toy.


Me and Maya posing for an album cover?

These are all the pictures I have (that I didn’t previously post on Instagram). Short post, but I had to share these with you cause I think it looks very cool. Also makes me want to watch Silent Hill again.

What are you up to this weekend?


69 thoughts on “THE MIST.

  1. Britt

    I loved the pictures, I celebrated my birthday this weekend (the 11th of March) so seeing these pictures was pretty fun because the sun shined the entire day in Holland

    Loved the post, as always xx


  2. yopinipha

    HI Marzia! Wow! These photos are lovely and eerie =]
    I had to go out of town last weekend for Jack’s (my hubby) army drill. But when I come home I like to see that you have updated your blog so I can read! It rained here in Texas, USA too! It is nice.
    Have a good day! Can’t wait to read the next blog update!


  3. Anneliese

    Hi! I know this is late but in the last post you asked if anyone had any good movie recommendations and I remember a few years ago on New Year’s Eve me and my friends saw that Phantom of the Opera was on, which we had never seen before. We watched it and now it’s my favorite movie! I think you would like it because it has a sort of creepy, eerie vibe. It’s a musical which I don’t know if you like, but the music’s really good! It has Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum in it. So that’s my recommendation haha hopefully you like it!! Also these pictures are very pretty:)


  4. Danika

    Since I live in the mountains, we get these heavy blankets of fog that can last days and make it hard to see everywhere. It’s enchanting and super creepy, but it’s a cool change of atmosphere and makes staying at home super cozy. I love the pictures :3


  5. jojosdreams

    Hi Marzia!
    I think your pictures are beautiful, the colours and the lights, I like what you capture with the camera and the way you do it. You are really talented with the artistic work.


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