March 5th, 2017

I can’t stop moving things around.


Not long ago I shared photos of my home office, but lately I have been rearranging some furniture as well as assembling some new stuff…

this is the outcome!


One of my mail goals was to be able to clear our some desk space so that I could actually use it for what it’s meant; I was able to do it, and by placing the storage unit right next to it was a convenient option: I can now keep the sewing machine on top of it, and quickly move it without too much trouble as soon as I need it.

In the drawers I keep filming equipment, crafting items and fabrics, so that I can have everything accessible depending on what I’m up to.

I really wish to change my chair for something more comfortable, but for now I simply decided to reupholster it myself – if you can call it that – by pushing out the cushion and covering it with some fabric I had. It’s not ideal, but better than the floral pattern from before.


A few people don’t really understand why I would need a room just to myself in the place I live in, and probably I could do without it, but it’s so much easier to have all the projects you work on in just one space, all together.

Lately I have been focusing on the Spring & Summer clothing line, and have been making some great progress: when I was in Italy I was able to meet with the owner of a textile industry and browsed through his fabrics in the showroom. I selected two in particular for this line, and got some inspiration for the winter line as well!

The samples you see above give you a feel of where I’m going with this next collection, although we have a lot more fabrics and some are only there for inspiration. My team and I are pushing harder as we want really unique stuff, and because of that this line will need a bit longer to be done, but it will be worth it!


Nearby my desk I propped this bed springs which works as a mood and memo board, where I pin all kinds of stuff (you may have noticed it in my latest travel video).


I featured this new clothing rack on my Instagram cause I was extremely excited when it came. I have been wanting to be able to include all the clothing pieces I’ve ever made from my passed lines, and this is just big enough (and looks so pretty).


I realised I use white and pastels a lot, but my next line is called “Limone”, so expect acid yellow, black, white and green to be the main colours.


And finally, the biggest addition to the room, and the main reason why I moved everything around: this massive unit is actually made of two sideboards, which took me forever to assemble.

I’m honestly in love with how it looks, cause I wanted a more gender neutral piece with an industrial vibe, but everything available was always too dark to fit with my colour palette.

This also fits right in between the two windows, and gives me a ton of space where to keep all my stuff – some exposed, and some neatly tucked away.


I had these 3 posters by James Brown for a while and never knew where to place them in the room, but on top of this furniture they look just right.

So, what do you think? 🙂

On another note, I have been sick on my stomach for 4 days now, just when I though it was all getting better, and can’t really leave the house, so that’s why I’m trying to keep myself busy in here. Luckily I managed to sneak out one morning, when I felt good enough, to film today’s video, but after that my stomach has had a breakdown and I’m just here, mostly reading.

I tried to call the doctor this morning, but no answer (maybe cause it’s a Sunday) but I’m seeing my nutritionist in about a week so maybe she will be able to tell me what’s happening to me.

I really don’t mean to worry you, I will definitely be okay, but wanted to warn you in case it takes me a bit longer than usual to put out a video or blog posts in the following  days. In the meantime, if you have any good tv shows or movies to recommend, please do!


136 thoughts on “REARRANGING.

  1. OneMan

    “I have been sick on my stomach for 4 days now, just when I though it was all getting better..”

    Give me a chance.. C’mon girl, believe me.. I went to so many doctors that I don’t even remember their names.. 😀 😀 Only one was able to find what was the problem, solved the problem, everything is fine now and forever..
    I only have to stay disciplined every months to take specific probiotics that give me wonderful sleep and make me stay good.

    Then help those who want to be helped.. ❤


    1. anapeaches

      Probiotics are actually a natural and really good treatment for *digestive system* related issues.

      Since Marzia isn’t sure in the first place what the problem or cause is, its difficult to prescribe an accurate treatment.

      However I still would encourage you Marzia, (In case that’s not something you’ve already covered!) to do a little surfing on the web about probiotics and their benefits.

      As I’m currently studying naturopathy, I solute anything natural that may be of help.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. mermeow

    Marzia, hey!!

    I was having stomach pains in the past, actually I’m still having them but rarely. They couldn’t be able to find something to explain my pains, but I also have anxiety and then my doctor said mayve anxiety is causing all of these. So he prescribed me a very light antidepressant to try if it works and it actually worked! I still have those pains time to time, but not as much as it was in the past. :c

    X, Ceren


    1. anapeaches

      Dear Mermeow,

      I’m sorry you’re having stomach pains too. I’m inclined to comment out of concern, but antidepressants often treat symptoms, not the cause.

      Even if anxiety is the cause for your stomach pains, treasure your health, and be well informed of all pros and cons of antidepressants.

      Anxiety is treatable by other means, while antidepressants can become dependant, thus coming off it after a long time of use, you may find you’re experiencing more anxiety, but now also depression. Because the brain can get use to having an increased amount of serotonin/noradrenaline intake (happy hormones out body naturally produces)

      I’m sorry if this is inane information to you since I don’t know your age. But I mean well ◕‿◕

      Liked by 1 person

  3. abefas

    Love the whole design of the room, and especially the colors that give this chill and at the same time inspirational vibe! I love the idea of having a separate room that is dedicated to you and your hobbies, and the projects you are working on!


  4. Claire

    Dear Marzia,

    First of all, lovely post!
    I would like to thank you because for inspiring me so much. You are truly amazing and I love your sunny personality. Watching your videos always puts me in a good mood 🙂

    I hope you will feel better soon. I don’t know if you know it already, but the show Twin Peaks is amazing, especially if you like spooky things!

    Lots of love,

    Liked by 1 person

  5. justinesdiary

    If you haven’t already you have to watch the anime, ‘Princess Jellyfish’! It’s funny, sweet, weird and relatable! Unfortunately its only 11 episodes, but you won’t regret watching it. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  6. jojosdreams

    Hi Marzia!
    If you have time, I suggest you to watch “Please Like Me”, an australian tv show; you can find it on Netflix!
    It’s brilliant, sad and funny, I loved it. I hope you’d like it as much as I did 🙂
    Rimettiti presto


  7. Ludovica

    This looks so professional and pretty! Love it! Especially the unit! Keep us updated with your stomach problems! Hope you will be fine again as soon as possible!


  8. Rachael Leigh

    Marzia! I’m finally catching up on your blog posts, and if you are looking for a good anime, its on Netflix and its called, “One Punch Man” there is only one season, and the episodes are short so its a good to watch if you need a break from homework, or if you are waiting around. I love this anime because of the sense of humor, as well as having a great story line. The animation can go from intense to VERY INTENSE in just a split second. I think you would enjoy it alot so you should check it out. (:


  9. samlovesyoublog

    There’s a show I’ve been watching on Netflix called Grand designs. It’s really interesting, it follows the work of building and or remodeling homes and shows them completed, including the interior, and they are stunning. Anyway, hope you’re still doing well. 🙂


  10. Sven De Coninck

    Dear Marzia luckely your home office furniture don’t look to heavy otherwise you might be thinking of putting wheels onder them. My neighbours have the habbit of moving there furniture all the time 🙂


    1. Marissa Frances

      Hello Marizia. I worked as a PA for a long time. I had the same symptoms that you have and I found out that I have food allergies after every single test was taken. I had to cut out so many foods that I love one big one was peppers bell peppers cucumbers watermelon meat bacon and I had to go on a different kind of diet completely And then all pain it all stopped. Unfortunately I had to cut out wine completely and I see that you don’t do coffee that’s good Tomatoes trigger it there’s so much food that can trigger it I’m gonna tell you like you like I said and mice Dominic is very sensitive I hope that you can find out what sets your stomach off like I did and get well soon By cutting out the foods above that I mentioned did me a world of good no more pancakes no more sausage no more meat no more hotdogs no more hamburger and small little Meals. I hope this helps love you


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