February 27th, 2017

Another treat.


Last night I was craving something sweet. As I mentioned in the past, I have to avoid all sugars, with the exceptions of raw honey and coconut sugar.

So I came up with this recipe, which to me, was a huge success. Maybe it’s cause I was desperate to eat something sweet again, but I really do think they turned out great! They have the consistency of a carrot cake, and the lemon and coconut combo is surprisingly really good! 


I also can’t have soy milk or regular milk, so I opted for almond milk.

For butter, I went with a vegan spread and to give some extra flavour, added in some coconut & almond butter.

If you don’t have these, you can still use your choice of milk and butter, but of course the taste will vary a bit.

You will need the lemon juice for the cake, as well as some zest for both topping and mixture.


Take the two butters and melt them a bit. Add the coconut sugar and mix together.


Now take all the other ingredients and add them in the same bowl: the two eggs, some lemon juice and zest, milk and sift the coconut flour + baking powder.

Mix well until you have a slightly thick paste.


Pour into your tins. I have these 3 mini cakes, which correspond to 6 regular muffin tins.

Put in the oven for 20 minutes, at 180*C.


On top, I went for some more zest and a lemon slice for decoration; I made one with some icing sugar on top for Felix. They may not look the prettiest, but they are very tasty, and most importantly, they won’t make me feel sick!

(on another note, it turns out I can now have eggs, which is why I included them in this recipe).




54 thoughts on “MINI COCONUT & LEMON CAKES.

      1. OneMan

        Ciao Marzia,
        pensavo avevi risolto con lo stomaco. 😦 😦 Non voglio entrare nei giudizi che alcuni medici ti hanno dato ma ho l’idea che ti stanno solo sbattendo a destra e sinistra con diagnosi alquanto particolari.
        Siccome ti voglio bene, da corregionale 🙂 :), mandami la tua email e ti do il contatto del mio gastro. Credimi, è il mio angelo custode, mi ha educato a comprendere la mia pancia e da allora (3 anni) non sono mai più stato male mentre prima era un continuo (nausea, mal di stomaco, inappetenza).


  1. bonwojda

    those look lovely! I find it so nice that you experiment with baking recipes sans recipe. I always get so nervous if I measured correctly when I follow one, and you go for it !! ❤

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  2. Laura

    Hi Marzia 😀 Must be hard to completely avoid most types of sugar…. hope you don’t have to keep it up for too long!

    I really wanna try making these cakes, they look delicious but where I live there is absolutely no coconut or almond “butter” for sale… do you know if it’s like a paste made of just coconut/almonds? I know a shop where they at least sell something called almond paste but I’m not sure it’s the same.

    Anyway I love your blog and videos, hope you have a nice evening ❤

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  3. sylliepie

    It’s really cool that you’re so creative with baking especially experimenting with new ingredients. Do you look up any recipes or do you wing it and it turns out good? 😹😹 I also personally think the cakes looks pretty cute! Also glad you’re able to eat eggs again without feeling sick!

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  4. celinesara

    They look so yummy! And I can it those too. Food restrictions are difficult so each time there is something sweet that corresponds to the diet it’s a jackpot!
    Where do you find the inspiration for these recepies?

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    1. marziabisognin

      Exactly! I was told that lemon is good for me (I had been avoiding it cause I thought I shouldn’t have anything acidic, but I was wrong) and to substitute regular sugar with coconut sugar, so I put the two together and made these! 😛

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      1. paschalrhonda

        Hi, you mentioned that you couldnt have eggs at one point and I wanted to ask you is it bcuz they make you feel sick? I have recently started feeling sick everytime I eat eggs too and cant figure out why bcuz I have always eaten them. Also this is gonna sound gross please forgive me but I get these hideous burps that have like a sulfur smell everytime I eat eggs so needless to say I dont eat them anymore,haha. Do you get that too, is that why you couldnt eat eggs…


  5. Mezzatazza

    Those are really cute, as everything you do is!

    Ok, ora passo all’italiano perché se no faccio casino: se hai un sacco di problemi con un sacco di alimenti, occhio. Ho lo stesso problema e a parte che veri test per le intolleranze non esistono (clinicamente, sono boiate quelli che propinano), il più delle volte si tratta di cross reazioni: qualcosa ti dà rogne davvero e ti rende sensibile a cose che di per sé non ti darebbero problemi.
    Senti tanti pareri, io studiando medicina ho provato un po’ a pensarci da sola ma è fastidioso e frustrante stare spesso male e in più avere tante limitazioni. Medici fatti e finiti mi hanno più che altro fatto sprecare tempo.
    Te lo dico per solidarietà, mica per altro (e perché chimicamente non c’è una differenza sostanziale tra i vari tipi di zucchero, quindi non ha senso dire alcuni sì e alcuni no).

    Ok, mi fermo perché potrei andare avanti ore e non sono fatti miei e non è la sede, è solo eccesso di solidarietà, in bocca al lupo! E i dolcetti sono bellissimi!


  6. Cayden

    It’s the little things that you do that make so many people’s lives better
    Thank you for everything these look delicious
    What a great substitute for sugar!❤️

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  7. mhodes1

    I love your cooking posts. These are soooo delicious! And they go right along with my diet. Because my stomach can’t handle the acidity of the lemon, I squeeze the lemon juice into ice trays and freeze them because there is less acid in the juice after its frozen. Thank you Marzia!

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  8. Mezzatazza

    questo (e se ti capita, anche le altre filastrocche di questa blogger) ti piacerà molto

    e te ne metto anche una del suo papà che secondo me è bellissima

    Scusa ma mi sono presa una cotta per il tuo canale e – non so perché – quando trovo qualcuno che mi piace, vorrei mandargli tutte le cose che penso siano molto belle.

    Sono una fan!


  9. niiinen

    Looks really delicious! Will absolute try this out 🙂

    I’m also looking on a trip and was thinking of Brighton and London. Do you know any good hotel in Brighton/London and also what you can do in Brighton/London? 🙂

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  10. Oriana

    Love the bold lemon slice topping ! It’s great news you can eat eggs again, egg restriction diet can be a bit difficult to follow. My mother has gluten, dairy, AND egg allergy/intolerance, so really it’s a nightmare for her when we go out. Carry on Marzia ! 😊💕

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  11. Jil

    Hey Marzia,
    firstly I’m sorry for the following question because it’s completely unrelated to your current post…
    But you are kind of the only person I can ask this…

    It’s about anxiety.
    Some time ago I met a boy and by now I’m so deeply in love with him and we are together now, but it was a really tough way and I nearly lost hope on it.
    It’s because of his anxietys that makes him very complicated, because he often acts in a way I can’t fully understand at first, because for me it’s just a normal situation. Than I often don’t understands what he means at first and get angry or sad because I think he just does not want to see me at that moment. For example I asked him if we see each other this weekend and he kind of didn’t give me a clear answer and I felt rejected again.
    I knew being angry now would not help so I called him and confronted him about it.
    He said that he just is nervous because of his intern ship were he has to deal with so many new people and that’s why he probably will be stressed so badly at the end of the week that he than needs some time to “come down”
    I know understand the situation but for me it’s so hard sometimes do deal with him and try to not make him feel any more anxious because I’m a really outgoing person…
    When I talk to my friends they just say that he is an idiot or that he does not care about me. But they don’t know about anxietys as well and don’t know him the way I do, so talking to them is the opposite of helping.
    I am just afraid that I am handeling the situation with him the wrong way,
    or that there is something I should do to make him feel less anxious. And I’m so affraid that it just will not work out with us because we are so different regarding that.
    When we are together everything ist perfect, despite his anxiety we share all the same interests…
    And I truly love him so I want it to work out so badly…

    You are the only person I “know” who kind of has the same anxietys as him so I hoped that maybe you could help me with the situation…

    Hope your having a nice day,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Melissa

      Hey Jil, I know its a little late, but no one seems to have answered you. I have big anxiety issues as well, if I can help you understand a little more about it, I would be happy to. Maybe just not in this comment section haha

      I hope everything goes well for you ! 🙂


  12. cornerkidblog

    Hey Marzia, have you tried oat milk i find it surprisingly good. also, elderberries are very sweet (kind of cough syrupy), they are good for many reasons. I suggest you look into them. Luo Han Guo is a natural sugar free sweetener fruit from asia. I have also tried it and it happens to satisfy my sweet tooth. -Sophia

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  13. Grace McKernan


    do you do any recipes without nut ingredients? I would love to try all of the recipes you post, but I have allergies to all nuts and would like to see something more inclusive in that light.

    Thank you, and I love your blog!


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  14. Eline

    They look really delicious, I definitely want to try them out sometime. I love the creativity you have to come up with new ideas in less fun times. I hope you get better soon and figure out what’s going on.

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  15. Phyllicia

    Marzia! These look DELICIOUS!
    I am so very happy I came across your Youtube channel. You have brought much peace to my heart, reminding me of a lot of myself (and parts I used to push away or didn’t understand).
    Anyways, I too have a sensitive tummy lol so I can relate…
    Much love, bella! Chow!! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Melissa

    Will they be really different if I don’t use almonds/nuts ingredients? 😦
    I have allergies, but I would love to try these cakes haha


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