February 15th, 2017

We went back.


Felix and I booked a night in this place, since we liked it so much the first time we came.


We went there yesterday afternoon, to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

We arrived at 4pm.


Of course we brought Maya and Edgar along. They love to run around so much.


It is so calming to be surrounded by nature.


Here is the little Hut, in case you didn’t see my post from July. Isn’t it so cute?!

We weren’t able to enjoy the outdoor as much as the last time we came, simply because July is much warmer and this time it got dark fast, and it was also very muddy.


But we got to stay in a beautiful place, playing board games all evening.


Johnny, the owner, made sure we had a nice little fire keeping us warm. It was really cozy!


Here is Edgar, by the way. I get asked a lot why I don’t feature him often, but taking photos of him is so difficult. Check out my latest Instagram story to see how hyper he is! 😛


By 10pm both Felix and I were ready to pass out, and so we made our way upstairs.


The sky this morning was incredible.


We had breakfast, and left.

It was so nice to pick up the guest book once again, to leave a comment, and see how from the last time we came, being one of the first people, now there were drawings and reviews from travellers from all over the world – one even from Japan!


But that was it. Time to come back home. A lovely short stay, just what we needed!
What were you up to yesterday?


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