January 26th, 2017

In London.


Because of my interested in ethical fashion, I was able to attend this event.

Since I’m now developing the new Spring/Summer line, the invitation to go and browse through all the unique materials came at a perfect timing.Β 


I got on the train in the morning, and I brought Emma along. We love to check out fabrics together, so of course I wanted her to be with me. Hanging out with her makes everything better, as it takes away some of my social anxiety, and turns everything into a fun little adventure.


It was easy to get to the place. Being held on a photography studio, walking into the exposition was very cool!


It was full of people, but in about an hour, we got to check every single piece of fabric being shown.


I found it to be so useful to have so many choices available, when it comes to sustainable fabric, all in one place. Selecting materials isn’t as easy as it seems, so having all these info, was very helpful.


Just look at this image, and tell me that doesn’t look like leather.

Now check what it’s made of: 100% mushroom.


There were lots of other strangely interesting fabric samples, some made from apples, others from orange fibres, and so on.


Overall I felt that it was very interesting, and I’m glad I went to check it out.

Other than the unusual fabrics I’ve shown in this blog post, there was so much to pick from when it comes to more common ones – just produced in a more ethical way – and so I got lots of photos for myself with contact details of the producing companies, so hopefully I will be able to get some fabrics for my own clothing line.


Right after the expo we headed back. It was a quick stop in London, but I figured it would be worth talking about it since it was a really cool event, and it is still going on today, in case you are interested!

Have you ever been to anything like this?


48 thoughts on “FUTURE FABRICS EXPO.

  1. Naomi

    Holy guacamole I guess this takes the term organic fabric to whole new level!
    The only time I’ve ever been to a fabric exhibition was when mever and a group of my friends participated in this competition where we had to make artwork on canvas using cloth. We didn’t win but it was fun to roam around the exhibition pretending to be extremely interested in the stock πŸ˜‚

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  2. Sara

    It was great hearing about your day, Marzia! I’m honestly so fascinated by the idea of everything being reused and recycled, I would have loved to attend this exposition. Unfortunately, I live in Australia. :’) Still, it’s amazing to hear about your passion for this ethical cause! Thanks for sharing, Marzia! πŸ™‚

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  3. Jasmine

    Hey Marzia, I’m very very excited about your new clothing line. the turtle neck shirt is so sweet I really love it.
    The mushroom product look so unique I love it.
    You are a big inspiration for me ! πŸ™‚

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  4. Jamie

    Wow! I love how unique the fabrics are. I’m getting more into organic items, so seeing that even clothing can be made from organic material is extremely interesting to me. I love your blogs!

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  5. LaurieCastell

    Hi Marzia, this post it’s very interesting to me I have heard of fabric made out of recyclable material but never from plants and fruits like this, I’m studying fashion design and finding organic materials is very important to me, could you tell me what is the average price of this fabrics?

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    1. marziabisognin

      Glad you found it interesting! Unfortunately they did not share the price; they left info from all the different companies, contact details, and info about the actual material and how much you would need to order, but no price. Sorry about that! (Also, the more “futuristic” fabrics were not on the market yet, like the apple and orange fabrics, but the mushroom one, for example, is actually for sale, and you should be able to see their info on the photo I’ve shared). Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

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  6. Oriana

    That looks Interesting ! I like the fact that they can produce fake leather in such a great quality, I mean I wouldn’t have guessed it wasn’t real. I’m really curious to see your spring/summer fashion line now, keep up the good work ! :3 ❀️

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  7. marializondo

    Hi Marzia! This post is so interesting since I’ve never heard before about that kind of fabric. It’s also so good to follow your journey again since I’ve been very busy lately with university!
    I love your blogs and let me say, you are such an inspirational person!


  8. Sara Fike :3

    Woah that looks really cool! I have been to something closer to what you saw. It had fabrics and clothing made out of all kinds of materials, like coffee( which shockingly didnt smell), wood, and a lot of weird other materials. Its called “fabric school” in Atlanta Georgia, but they might have more of the stores in london. Im happy you had fun at the fabric store

    – sara ❀ ( oh! And today is my birthday! Im happy you posted)

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  9. Raindoodlie

    I have never been to nor heard of anything like this. That’s so fascinating and neat! I love the creativity and recycling they put into those fabrics.
    Thanks for sharing! β™₯


  10. salty alice

    That mushroom leather looks like best thing ever! Love everything faux ❀
    This looks like such a cool expo, hope you get to use some of those fabrics in Your clothing line πŸ™‚


  11. Angy

    Yes! I have seen expos like this. In my city are a center for expositions and every day you can find differents themes there.
    The most similar to it is the “Intermoda” expo celebrated every january of the year and the biggest international exposition in Mexico. Or at least, they said that ;b there are more information of them here: http://intermoda.com.mx/en/
    As always, beautiful photos! I love them :3
    Hugs and regards!

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  12. Cindy :)

    I had never heard of clothing made out of mushrooms or apples, but that is super interesting! I can’t wait to see what you are doing for your next clothing line!

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  13. Kristina

    I love the fact that you have your clothing line, yet you also consider the ethics and the potential problems when it comes to the actual making. I love your stuff and you have also inspired me to start making my own stuff- knitting scarfs and hats etc. Have you ever tried making something clothing-wise by hand? (potential idea for your new line…)


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      1. Kristina

        You are very welcome and oh yes! I love the pinafore you made! Where did you get the pattern from? (just curious because I always wanted to actually make clothes. Maybe I can start now?)


  14. Rosa

    The mushroom leather is incredible! Never heard of something like this before, super interesting!
    I’m very excited for your new clothing line – it’s so inspiring and amazing to hear that you consider the ethical side of fashion and are so passionate about it!
    And on another note, I totally get what you said about Emma joining you and the positive effects on your social anxiety – I’m so thankful for having a couple of friends who are doing the exact same thing for me.
    Thanks for sharing Marzia! x

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  15. icaweng

    I haven’t, but it seems really awesome that lots of companies have been developing/using sustainable fabric for fashion productions. To know that people are trying to do anything to save our environment makes me happy : ) I am glad you had an inspirational and great trip!


  16. OneMan

    Finalmente!! Non posso che non essere estremamente felice per questa tua scelta.. Yup yup!!
    Brava Marzia, lascia da parte la tua ansia (ci sarΓ  sempre, sarai tu con il tempo a non accorgerti piΓΉ di lei :D) e
    fai la differenza nel mondo!! Insieme, te e noi, ci riusciremo!!
    So che alcune volte si Γ¨ tentati dal “vile denaro” ma non siamo al mondo per accumulare, siamo al mondo per dare qualcosa a questo incredibile mondo. Il futuro dei nostri coetanei, delle future generazioni parte da noi stessi. Grazie di esistere, Marzia!!
    Se hai tempo, alcune volte puΓ² fare la differenza (spero ovviamente mai πŸ˜€ :D): https://life-saver.org.uk


  17. evelynecallaert

    That looks so interesting! I’d love to go to something like this when it’s in my country.
    Can’t wait to see what you’ll make for the new collection.


  18. moonlitbunny

    I’m excited to see the spring and summer line! I find it very heart warming that you are very passionate about ethical clothing :3


  19. Lera

    Hey, Marzia!

    I’ve been watching your videos and following your blog for quite a while now, and I just wanted to tell you what a great person you are
    watching you grow as a youtuber, designer, person is so inspiring
    I love your style, I think it’s really great
    keep doing what you enjoy
    and thank you


  20. Andrea

    I love hearing about your journeys and I particularly enjoy posts like this. Such a great event! The organic fabric is a wonderful idea, loved to hear about that. Hope you have a wonderful week! πŸ™‚


  21. MEW

    Those fabrics are so interesting! I wonder how exactly they make them out of plants and if they age in the same way conventional fabrics do. This is such a cool topic! I love learning more about ethical fashion and how its progressing. Lovely post Marzia ❀

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  22. chloglt

    These fabrics are incredible ! I hope you can get them for next season’s collection. Maybe we can all do our faux leather from vegetables at home aha. Glad to see it went so well for you ! Love ya ❀

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  23. catmcniff

    Marzia i was wondering is you will restock the overalls and the turrtleneck on your store. I was just about to buy them when they sold out. I cant wait to see your next line for your clothes are always so beutiful. Thank you.


  24. onesoftnote

    Marzia, I wanted to thank you for introducing me to ethical fashion. I watched your video where you talked about the documentary the True Cost and I went and watched the documentary. It was amazing, and because of it I decided to pledge to only buy my clothes from sustainable and ethical sources. Thank you so much for inspiring me!


  25. Just Leia

    I would have never imagined that there are so many options for ethical clothing. I only buy clothes in second hand shops but this has opened a new world of possibilities, so thanks for showing us that!! I am super happy.


  26. Lisa

    Hey Marzia!
    This event sounds like heaven!! I`ve never seen anything like this, but now I know I`ll have to go there sometime. Thanks for sharing this πŸ™‚ I`m really into ethical fashion as well and I dream of becoming a fahion designer myself one day. I want to make a change. You actually encouraged me a lot to get closer to my dream, thank you so much for that ❀
    Love you, Lisa x


  27. emmanic

    That mushroom fabric is incredible! It is truly fascinating to discover who fabric can be made sustainable but still keep that quality look. This was a very interesting post Marzia! I would have LOVED to go to a convention like that one!


  28. thesunsgonewibbly

    The mushroom leather is so cool! It’s really interesting, ethical fashion really interests me, I’m not perfect because I really love clothes and I used to buy a lot but now I only buy pieces I really love and try to shop ethic. Thanks for sharing this!


  29. Lara

    It is so cool that you take such a big interest in fair fashion! Since about a year I try to shop more ethical, got to fair fashion shops and buy clothes second hand πŸ™‚
    Good luck with selecting the fabrics for your next fashion line!!


  30. Kristyna Tulachova

    This is something absolutely amazing! I have social anxiety as well and go shopping is often quite difficult so I sew a lot of clothes myself. These fabrics look great, especially that ,,leather”! I have to do a research if there is something like this in the Czech Rep. πŸ™‚ I hope you find some interesting fabrics for your line!


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