January 17th, 2016

A simple look.


You all know I love my cat-eye look, but many times, during the day, I don’t feel like putting on too much makeup, especially if my skin is doing well.

So I went foundation and concealer free, but still created a pretty, glowing makeup look that is easy to achieve and takes just a few minutes to apply.


These are all the products I’ve used, which I don’t think is many, but they all work together well with each other. Also, many of these can be used in a few ways, so you may even skip some, if you feel like it: for example, the lipstick can be used as a cheek stain, and the eyeshadows as a highlighter, blush or even just as a light contour.


Starting on the right, you will see the primer swatch; as you can tell, it has a bit of colour to it. It blends really well into the skin, as it’s very liquid, but because it has a hint of a tint, I feel like it helps with concealing some redness, which is why I felt okay going with a very natural skin. It’s by Honest Beauty, and it has hyaluronic acid in it, so it helps with blurring fine lines. I do not like the scent at all, but I do like the product in itself, so any time I apply it I just try not to breath in too much. 😛

The second stroke you see, is coming from a cream highlighting pen from Paul&Joe. It gives a very subtle and pretty glow to the skin, and instead of only applying it to brow bones, cheekbones and cupid’s bow, I blended it around my eyes as well to add brightness (because of the lack of concealer).

The thirds swatch is from the NYX “Bright Idea” chubby stick, which I’ve applied to my cheeks. I’ve done that by first applying the product onto my fingers and then gently patting it onto my cheeks.

Then you can see the beautiful swatches of the Stila palette I’ve used. I applied all 3 shades onto my eyes, as they compliment each other so well. Again, I’m sure you can use this product in many different ways than just as eyeshadow.


The final swatch comes from the Honest Beauty lip crayon. This is so pigmented and makes my lips feel moisturised even tho they are extremely dry at all times. It’s so smooth, and what I love about it is that you can go for a really bold look with one stroke, or dot it across the lips and blend with your fingers for a very natural option. This last one is what I went for today.


It starts off as a soft brown and blends into a muted pink within an hour, and I love the look of it for the daytime.

I’ve used a Soap&Glory mascara for my lashes, but instead of applying as I normally would, all over the lashes, I didn’t touch the inner ones at all and mostly focuses on the outer corners, for a more elongated eye effect. I’ve used it at usual for the bottom lashes.


I’ve also created a few fake freckles scattered across my whole face. Nothing too crazy, but once again, because I was going for a natural look, and unfortunately I don’t have any freckles (if not in my hands – weird) I tried to recreated some believable ones by using the same eyebrow pencil by Paul&Joe, but using a thin eyeliner brush for precision. I also think that freckles help hiding spots and uneven areas better, so it worked out great for me.

Anyway, to complete the look, I’ve braided my hair, leaving some strings hanging down freely, and wore my salmon beret and mustard yellow turtleneck!

That’s it! I figured I would share today’s makeup cause these are some really good products, and a more natural look is timeless, easy to achieve, and perfect for the daytime.

Hope you like it!



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