January 5th, 2017

Five days into the New Year, and I felt the need to start clearing up some stuff.


Today, I choose to focus on my studio at home, which I have neglected and kept very messy for a while.


This is the before. As you can tell there is no real space for me to work or study in. It’s way too messy to be able to create or make anything in there, so lately I have been doing lots of stuff from the couch instead.

It felt silly, since I have a whole room just for myself. And so today, I moved things around, cleaned, reorganised, and repainted the floor to make this area feel fresh again.


And here is the result!

After studying Interior Design I definitely developed a different taste in furniture, and I feel like this decor is a bit too girly for me at the moment, but having a space that is all tidy, for now, is enough.

I would love to have a massive bookshelf covering an entire wall, and have a more minimalistic feel overall, but I will give it sometime as I feel like the way it is now is a good beginning.


I do still need to figure out how to store a few things better, cause this is my working desk and it’s fully covered in supplies, but if anything, it’s all grouped together (for once).


I removed the rug under the electric piano as it seemed a bit dated, and I would love to get a proper stand where to place it since right now it’s just propped on top of a storage unit.


The final corner is dedicated to my sewing machine and items of clothing I made (+ the past collections I put out, displayed on the rack).

Nice and clean.


I’m definitely a messy person, but lately I have been able to clean and organise stuff as soon as I realise they aren’t placed nicely: if in the past I could go months without caring, now I give myself a few days.

I find that tiding up, and cleaning as well, have a calming effect, as they free my mind.

And once you are done, it’s so nice to look at everything put nicely together, instead of having things everywhere.

So here you go. I felt like sharing some photos, as I spent most of my afternoon doing this instead of focusing on my assignment! Oops.

Are you messy? Do you enjoy tidying up? Let me know. 🙂


116 thoughts on “TIDYING UP.

  1. Sweet Pea Marie

    Dear Marzia,

    I have been watching your videos since I was 15 in 2012 and now I’m 19, a few months shy from 20. You have helped me so much as a person and I have enjoyed watching you change and grow as a person, always staying kind, creative, positive, stylish, beautiful, and elegant. I know that I may never meet you but I would like to say thank you for creating such a nice place on the internet that I adore and where I feel comfortable. Please keep making beautiful things!

    P.S. I don’t live in England but I love British television from “Doctor Who” to “Downton Abbey” and “Grand Designs.” But I find the British television show “How Clean is Your Home,” from 2003-2010, very interesting and motivational when it comes to cleaning!

    -Thank You,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nockolds20

    You always motivate me to do something with my life instead of just sitting behind my computer all day waiting for time to pass. I finally did some cleaning and tidying up in my room and even painted my desk with white wash what I’ve wanted to do for a while ^^ I love reading your blog thank you for being such an inspiration ^^


  3. Melanie

    ” a messy person ” lol coming from a truly very messy person I doubt that :p but you’re so inspiring, so I’m really trying to fix that!! Love your content girly!


  4. zumari

    I always find your color choices really really pretty! I’ve been thinking about doing some changes to my bedroom, and I feel this is good inspiration because I really want there to be more space to work around(considering my room is pretty much filled to the brim). Love ya~


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