December 31st, 2016

After many months of work, it’s finally ready!


You may have seen photos of it on my Instagram or my vlog already, but in case you haven’t, here I talk about the new clothes available on my shop!


I posted this picture yesterday, and people loved the cardigan and turtleneck combo! I think the colours of these two together work great.

If mustard yellow is not your thing, salmon and white will be added soon for the turtleneck.


These two both sold out already!


The dress is my personal favourite. I can’t stress enough how amazing it feels, and how expensive it looks. I think this is the highest-end product I’ve ever sold.

Thanks to the thicker fabric, the skirt holds a fantastic shape on its own, and the thick lace gives it a wonderful finishing touch.


The detailing was very important to me, as I really wanted it to be structured, and look great from every angle.


Here we have the more “mature” look, I would say. I paired the velvet wrap top with a fitted pencil skirt.


I see the top being a great option if you are looking for something a bit dressy and put together. I love the fact that you can wear anything under it and it will peak through a bit. I think it’s very sophisticated, and looks amazing with the white velvet chocker, which you can also get from my line.


The skirt is this pretty mustard colour, and has a few details as well: the small slit in the front, that gives it just a bit of an edge, and the side pockets. I’ve kept it simple for a sleek effect.


And finally, we have the overalls. These are sold out as well.Β They are made from double sided scuba fabric.


They are extremely comfy and I really love how the pocket is of another colour.


If you roll up the ends of the pants, the same colour will show up!


And then there is also 3 vegan patches available, which I’ve drawn.

It’s always such a fun process thinking of pieces to include in the line, sketching them, selecting the fabric, getting the right fit… it takes months, but it’s an amazing feeling when it finally all comes together – even better if people really like what I’ve designed. It makes me incredibly happy!

As I wrote for my previous clothing line, prices tend to be higher cause I don’t produce in sweatshops. All the clothes are made in Canada and so, for an independent and small brand, unfortunately that means that production is going to cost a lot more, resulting in higher prices.

Also, sizing goes from XS to XL.

I’m now already putting down ideas for the Spring and Summer line, for 2017, so if you have any input, do let me know! πŸ™‚

I really hope you like this line, and let me know if you have a favourite piece!

I wish you all a wonderful new year!!


89 thoughts on “NEW CLOTHING LINE.

  1. Deeyana

    Hey Marzia! I have a request. I wear a head scarf for religious purposes and I have to cover up my skin. I can’t wear anything too tight and I also have to were long sleeves and if I’m wearing a shirt, it needs to be long. Could you please consider making something that suits my attire?
    Thank you! β™‘β™‘β™‘


  2. K

    That overall is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen!
    Great job as always Marzia, this is my favourite collection so far. Everything looks top quality
    I’m looking forward to seeing what other things you can come up with.



  3. Kristina

    Hey Marzia! I love your stuff, even if it is alittle bit expensive, But that doesn’t have to matter as you don’t produce via sweatshops (so it’s all goood ;))
    I have a potential suggestion for your Spring clothing line.
    Since you liked drawing the designs for your patches, you may want to create a pattern for your line. Maybe a jumper with pugs that have silly faces. Or an evening dress with the moon and stars kind of pattern. Or a striped navy top but replacing some stripes with waves and having tiny boats on them.
    I’m an illustration freak, so I have bucket-full of ideas. Hope this helps!


  4. Victoria

    Hey Marzia,
    I love your clothing line, a job well done πŸ™‚ I found myself about to buy a couple of peices once again from your line but would like to know if the cardigan is going to be restocked so I dont have have to pay extra shipping on two orders.
    Thanks again. Love your line!


    1. marziabisognin

      Hi Victoria, yes, the cardigan will be restocked, but unfortunately the material won’t be the same as it wasn’t available anymore. We are currently buying two different kinds of fabric, that look very similar, but one is a bit more pink, and the other a bit more orange. After picking the sample I like best, we will begin production (the cardigan should be available to purchase in a few weeks). Hope you will like the result and manage to grab everything you like! ^_^


      1. Victoria

        Thanks so much for the reply. I bought a couple of pieces and cant wait to wear them! Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚


  5. thecraftcult

    marzia! I love your style so much, i recently tried wearing berets because you make them so look good and now i can’t get enough of it! Will you design some unique hats in the future? My favourite one is the red sweater!


  6. Adina

    The overalls are my favorite piece from the collection because they feel the most casual and wearable to me, skirts and dresses are harder to wear and only on special occasions.
    For the next collection I would like to see more pants like culottes, short skirt-pants, wide leg pants or a jumpsuit.


  7. TM

    Hi Marzia! I discovered your videos a few months ago … I’m slightly older than most of your viewers I guess, but what really amazes me is how a shy person is chasing her dreams fearlessly- I really wish I had your example when I was 18-20, as I spent way too much time compensating for my weaknesses, instead of working to my strengths.

    I wonder if you would be interested in explaining some of the background stuff that goes on between designing the collection and making it a reality, such as any problems you ran into (I know there was a delay with the fabric) and how you dealt with them- as personally I find the hardest part stepping out of my comfort zone and taking a risk, knowing everything that could go wrong!

    Cheers from NZ


  8. krylerblog

    Hey Marzia,
    I am in love with your clothing line! That’s why I just bought the adorable scuba overall^^
    I was wondering how long does the shipping take ? I’m living in Germany and I just can’t wait for it to arrive ☺️
    Much love!


  9. Sophia D'J

    Hey Marzia I really like your videos and clothing. In your latest vlog (the one about your clothing line) you mentioned giving you ideas. I thing maybe a skater skirt or some cool suspenders. I thing those would go Mickey with a loose light tee. You should really try the beauty product brand Origins, they are all natural and cruelty free. I think you would really like them.


  10. Amanda

    It’s such a beautiful line! I always love seeing your new launches. I’m actually looking to create my own line as well! Would you have any advice for someone just starting out with not a lot of money or resources?


  11. Hannah Marie Gohde

    Hello Marzia! I really love your clothing line, the colors are beautiful and I adore your style. However, it saddens me that I cannot order anything because it is unavailable in my size! I am plus size, and I was wondering if you were debating on expanding into any larger sizes??
    It would be so so appreciated, much love from Green Bay, Wisconsin!


  12. Ge

    Hi Marzia! I love your new clothing line, it’s amazing! I just have one little request, can’t you start shipping for Brazil? I really want to buy your pieces and it would be awesome if you could do this. I also want to have your box!!
    Despite that everything you do is amazing! I love you style and your charisma and sympathy!!
    Love from Brazil


  13. hoodiememo

    Hey Marzia!

    Will some of the clothes be restocked from this line? Those overalls look really cute and I would love to buy it.
    I also wanted to tell you that I drew the first pic in this post. You can find it on my instagram account @Hoodiememo if you wanna check it out. I wanted to draw it because the dress looks really nice (as well as the other clothes). I’m thinking of buying it.


  14. Keke

    Would some of these items like the mustard turtleneck and cardigan make a return for Winter 2017?? Can’t believe I missed this opportunity 😭😭


  15. Naomi


    Will you ever restock the Lemon Beret? I love it so much but I couldn’t afford it when it came out! :S Your work is so cute!



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