December 18th, 2016

Such a lovely day.


MY OUTFIT // Scarf: BURBERRY – Coat: ASOS – Shoes: GUCCI

As you know, on Saturdays both Felix and I keep the day free to only spend it with each other. Since we got back from LA, this hasn’t been possible, as I had to travel, we had guests over, and work/study took over.

But finally, yesterday, we got back to “normal” and spent such a fun, relaxing day together (and the pugs, of course).


We had a slow morning start, as usually we are up by 8am, but we decided to sleep in till 9.30 instead. We have workers outside our building, so only during the weekend we can sleep with no noise at all.


Because the city centre is probably insanely busy – being the weekend before Christmas – we opted to go on George Street, which is a cute little area full of shops and restaurants in Hove.


Often, there is this crystal stand, which calls for me, but I try to keep myself from buying anything cause I know if I pick up something, I will quickly grab more and more items. Look at the amethyst stones tho, so pretty!


We stopped by Lala’s for lunch, which is a cozy restaurant in the same road.


Their menu is unusual, so every once in a while we come here to try out their new dishes. The thing I like the most, is the interior of the place… very quirky!


Lately I haven’t had the chance to update you on my school work, but all my assignments have been going great! I’m putting lots of effort into everything I learn and turn around, so yesterday, since I was out and about, I stopped by Staples.


I’m now studying Module 11, which is about visual communication. It’s probably one of the most advanced modules yet, as I’m learning how to make orthographic projections (elevations, reflected ceiling plans, and basically every kind of drawing needed in Interior Design). And it’s all by hand.


Because of that, I had to grab some specific materials in order to make professional drawings. Unfortunately I didn’t find everything, so I will have to wait a bit longer for the final items to arrive, but that gives me time to get used to sketching.


In the past two modules, I’ve been putting together mood boards. I’ve also learned about all the documents needed once you are contacted by a client, like a Letter of Acceptance, Scope of Work, Project Cost and so on… floorplan emmaadj.jpg

I’ve also got to treat my friend Emma as a client, and measured her living-room, drew her floorplan, re-designed the space based on her preferences, and a lot more. It was really fun! And good practice.


Anyway! After getting my supplies, I drove back home.

There, I found this mail box waiting for me. 🙂


Such a cool way to ship out their products! Well done, Bliss.

They included a bunch of spa-inspired products, so – probably tonight – I will make some time to pamper myself.


Felix and I relaxed a bit, playing Overcooked. You know we love this game, and we finally made it to the boss level, which we completed! Have you ever played it?


Looking out the window I saw this amazing sunset, so we prepared the pugs, and went for a walk.


We have been so lucky with the weather lately: lots of sunny days, and not much wind at all.


When we arrived to the beach, people were standing everywhere, admiring the view.

It was almost surreal. So quiet, and so stunning.


Maya and Edgar are always so happy when we come down here, as they get to run around free and meet with other dogs.


And of course play with anything that belongs to me. In this case, a glove – haha.


Any time we start walking back, away from the beach, Edgar freezes cause he doesn’t wanna leave. So cute.


Once at home, I took some time to bake these festive vegan cupcakes. I followed a recipe, but ended up switching 50% of the ingredients. They turned out very good, and super squishy! They tasted great, so I’m thinking of doing a separate blog post on them.


ALSO! A few days ago I noticed my favourite vegan burger place on Deliveroo (which is this website/app/service that delivers food from great restaurants) so we decided to order from there.

So good.


And to end the night, we wrapped gifts, and following Felix’s swedish tradition, we made up some rhymes to go with each present.

What are you up to this weekend? Are you all ready for the Holidays? Any specific plans? 🙂


75 thoughts on “A SATURDAY WITH FELIX.

  1. praira

    The pictures are so beautiful💙
    Well, Christmas in Asia doesn’t really seem like Christmas. But I’m lucky that I still get a chance to feel the spirit through the internet.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Angeline Kassar

    Hey Marzia

    I loved your post, it’s so nice to read about your days and how relaxing it is. I really enjoy when you talk about your school. I’m in school for interior decorating and it’s interesting to see the difference in the two. Your work is amazing and I can’t wait to see you work with clients and post your work online 😊 Thank you Marzia for putting a smile on my face everyday. Take care


    Liked by 1 person

  3. graceadulting

    Eeep! If I had time to take on a 2nd career, I’d love to be an interior designer (I pretend with Pinterest). I love that mood board! I dream of having an all Smeg applicanced kitchen! And picking up things for school is always so exciting! Also, it looks beautiful in the UK! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kazzie Charb

    Lovely post, Marzia!

    I have a pretty crazy schedule too and whenever I have “time off” I usually just end up on the couch watching Netflix all day. This inspired me next time to get up, and go see what’s out there in my own neighbourhood. I can still watch series at night instead of all day complaining about how tired I am!

    Thank you for this post.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Angy

    Marzia! I’m so glad that you are going very well with your lessons, you make me be more determinated with my school =)
    Happy holidays! I’m almost ready, I didn’t buy my boyfriend’s present yet! D:
    hehe, anyway, take care!


  6. dani

    Hi Marzia, was wondering if you’ve tried out Google Sketchup for your interior design renderings. It’s very user-friendly and when paired with Vray, it makes for a decent render of interior perspectives. I don’t know how many modules you have to go through, but nowadays manual drawings aren’t really used anymore, maybe for concept sketches and the like, but the final drawings and perspectives are usually computerized.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Victoria

    Hi Marzia,
    That looks like such a fun and beautiful day!
    I had Christmas at my parents home on Waiheke Island and it was lovely, I wish I could stay here all the time and be near the beach and the forests.
    Overcooked looks like a really fun game! I recently bought myself a new PS4 so plan on playing lots of new games this year – I’m playing The Last Guardian which I highly recommend as is such a beautiful game 🙂
    Wishing you and Felix all the best for 2017 !
    Best, Victoria


  8. emmanic

    Hi again Marzia!! I am currently binging reading all of your blog posts because they are all executed so beautifully! the pictures are gorgeous and I love the style you write. It is so inspiring 🙂


  9. Nina

    Hi marzia 😀 , actually i want to ask, what software did you use to do your assigment, especially for the one in this post? I am currently learning architecture as well. Unfortunately, in my place they didnt offer any option to us to choose which subject we want to learn, they just give all the basic 😦 but deep inside i really want to learn design interior, so can you tell me which software did you use and if you can recommend any book about design interior beside the one you showed us, i’d be very grateful 😀


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