November 22nd, 2016

Back in Brighton!


My brother Davide, and my cousin Mila, made sure I had some fresh flowers when I arrived. Very nice of them!

Felix and I landed yesterday, and although our times are all messed up, we are trying our best to get back to “normal”.

It feels nice to back in my own home, with the pugs.IMG_3907.JPG

So here is queen Maya. I know you all wanted to see her again.

The weather here has been really rough, there is a storm happening at the moment, and little Puga caught a cold. I noticed she was a bit down and coughing a lot, as well as shivering.

We brought her to the vet, and we got her some medicines. She should be better by the end of the week. I’m making sure to cuddle her as much as possible! ❤


And here is Edgar, trapped in Felix’s arms.

I napped earlier, from 1 to 3 pm, cause my body couldn’t handle the time difference; Felix fought but eventually fell asleep at 5pm. We tried!


The last day I was in LA, I asked my friend Maddie to come with me and Emma for some shopping.

She showed us this cool shop, called Spitfire Girl, and from there I got these amazing items (actually, not all of them, but most).


The first thing I gasped over was this hand-shaped soap, which is absolutely stunning with all the gorgeous flowers, and the scent is so nice!


I also really liked this head sculpture, it’s tiny but definitely makes itself noticeable in the room.


Well, Christmas is coming, and baby parts are my thing… so.

Yeah, couldn’t just leave them. No regrets.


Here is another great find: a candle holder, shaped like a matryoshka doll. I love the details on it, as well as the little holes that allow the light to beam through.


The final thing I’ve purchased is this recycled chocker, which I’ve found in a vintage shop. I like that it also kind of looks like a collar, so if I’m wearing a blouse, I can double it up and add just a hint of edginess.


When I got back home, yesterday, there was a little package waiting for me: it was from my friend Roxii, who collaborated with Daisy London to make this cute set of earrings. Very dainty! If you are reading this, Roxii, good job – and thanks for the lovely gift! 🙂


Felix and I are just done eating dinner, we like to order from Leon, which is this healthy restaurant that opened in Brighton a few months ago, I believe. Their food is so good!

(And you may remember I actually bought one of their cookbooks when I switched to vegetarian).


I took a 30 minute break to come here and update you, briefly.

Now that I have done that, excuse me while I click play and enjoy this episode of How To Get Away With Murder! 😛

Oh, and I know I haven’t been writing much here, or replying to comments, but now that I’m back, you can expect me to be more active.

Have a nice evening!


48 thoughts on “GLAD TO BE HOME.

  1. celinesara

    Welcome back!

    Marzia I have a product recommendation 🙌

    Have you heard about Re:p?

    It’s a vegan skincare brand from Korea that I’ve become obsessed with. It’s sold at Urban Outfitters, I picked it up a few weeks ago partially because of it’s amazing packaging. The product I chose is Nutrinature Ultra, All-night moisture & relief mask. All the ingredients are natural, vegan and organically grown.
    It’s a soothing gel formulated without irritating ingredients (without parabens, sorbic acid, SLES, Benzyl Alcohol, Petrollithium, Mineral oils, propylene glycool, BHA, BHT)
    I’m absolutely in love with it! It’s perfect for winter and definitely nourishes my skin. Each morning it feels like face is glowing. It’s also refreshing as soon as you apply it and not greasy because of the gel.
    I realize that this definitely feels like a sponsored comment haha! But I’m so in love with it and definitely recommend it to everybody that’s interested.

    Oh, and I love the candle holder you bought!

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  2. nurselifebykarin

    Welcome home to both of you! Hope you can relax a bit and the jetlag is over soon. Poor puga, hope she gets well soon. How’s your health? Last update was that you had no complaints anymore? Still the same, I hope! Love the baby parts. In a weird way I think they fit Christmas perfectly haha! Well I am going to sleep but have a nice evening together.


  3. EmilyFlores

    Yay Marzia! I hope Jetlag isn’t hitting you too hard. I am glad to be reading your blog again for I find it so interesting to read! *_* Also, I hope everything is going well back home with the pugs, you, and Felix! One more thing! Do you have any movies or shows to suggest on Netflix? I would love to hear back from you! ^-^ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Juline Costa

    Oh! I missed your posts even if I watched all of the vlogs, I feel that a blog post is far different and more personal, maybe? 😛

    But your vlogs were amazing… Super pretty, your edit skills are always changing and getting better, I enjoyed watching them a lot 🙂

    I have a question: I always loved the make-up looks you do and, like you, winged eyeliner is always part of my look. I was curious to know about what’s your favourite liquid eyeliner and mascara of all time?

    I remember you using the L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara and at the time I bought it and to this day, I still use it. I love the “doll” look! But haven’t been so lucky with liquid eyeliners… I tried a few but never felt they were good enough. Do you have any recommendations?

    Thank you Marzia, I appreciate your work very much!

    Love from Portugal


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  5. Catarina Santos Simões

    Ok guuurl tell me your opinion on the last ep of HTGAWM when you watch it!
    Also I’m glad you’re finally home, super healthy for once (no more pain in the belly right?) and you can rest.
    I would love to see more recipies from you! And I sugest you to try to cook something tipical from Portugal (for exemple, arroz doce! its very simple , its just an idea i think you would enjoy)
    Love you

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Jenny

    Yay!!!! So happy you two are back !!! I missed you’re blogs so much. Btw that hand soap looks so cool . Have a lovely evening Marzia ❤️


  7. Merit

    Welcome back, sounds like a lovely trip 😀 i want to visit Las Vegas myself someday and definitively watch cirque de soleis then… I love the handshaped soap, so unusual! I’m still waiting for the next season of How To Get Away With Murder -.- I am not sure but when I lived in London I saw two seasons, is there a third one yet? Because Germany is always a bit behind -.- Pretty Little Liars in the meantime…


  8. Lisa

    Hey Marzia!
    I always love reading your blogposts, first of all. I can’t get over your talent😘.
    The vlogs you made in LA and Las Vegas were absolutely hilarious! I loved them!!!😄
    Another thing I wanted to share with you is a story that came to my Mond after watching the episode of “Marzia makes” in which you and Felix made the spooky creature again: When I was a little girl, I used to sleep at my grandparents’ house sometimes. One time, when I woke up in the morning, I saw tiny tiny dark red dots in the floor, right next to the door. I supposed it was blood, but Bad no idea how it got there. I gold my grandparents and they said it must be the blood of a mouse their cat Bad brought into the house sometime. We tried to clean it up, but it wouldn’t go away. I somehow had the feeling that it was not a mouse’s blood, but I’m to this day not sure why, vor what it could be instead. I don’t know if this helps you in any way, but maybe it does and if it doesn’t you at least know one more creepy story now, right?😉
    Love, Lisa❤


  9. icaweng

    Happy you guys are back home soundly! The weather has been rough in Portland, Oregon, too. I feel like I haven’t seen the sun lately, but rain and dark clouds. Hope the jet leg will get away soon for both of you, best wish!

    Okay, time for me to go back to work!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. blahblah

    Yay!!! You’re back!!!
    I also miss the pugs appearance A LOT! Make sure you include them in what ever video you’re making next. Maya is always the cutest thing ever! ❤


  11. Sara B

    How did you feel about the last episode of How to Get Away with Murder? :p I was shocked because I was sure that in a previous episode, they had confirmed that *the person under the sheet* was elsewhere at the time of the fire!! Haha

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Külliki

    Lots of hugs and a “get well soon” wish to Maya!

    HTGAWM is currently my favourite show because I usually can always predict what is going to happen in a series or movie (because I’ve seen so many), but not with this one. It keeps surprising me. (Although I’m still sad Frank doesn’t have a beard anymore, his beard was one of my favourite characters 😀 )


  13. Angy

    Welcome back to your home! And, it’s ok Marzia, rest from your trip and stay with your pugs that miss you so much, I’m sure :3
    I hope Maya get well soon 🙂
    Take care and hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Gia

    Glad to see you and Felix are back home safe and sound.All of your LA videos were a joy to watch.Do you have any plans with making different ornaments for the holidays? It would be cool to see a video of you doing so. Do you have a favorite scent that you always enjoy whenever you get home after a long day? Peace and Love to you, Marzia.🌸🌸


  15. vicki

    you are so inspiring MARZIA 🙂 I have been watching your videos for such a Long time now and I feel so proud to see you grow into the person you are now. you have really stepped out of your comfort zone and you are my absolute inspiration. I love the meaning behind your tattoos, and I love that they’re not as random as people think. hope you and the gang had a good time in LA ❤️ sending love from singapore


  16. Cristina Scannláin

    Ciao Marzia!

    This is my first time on your blog, though I’ve been following you for a while. I loved the casual tone of it, so happy you’re back in England – I’m sure you’ve missed it.
    I’m so hooked on How To Get Away With Murder, ahhhhh!!! Such A GOOD show!! 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!!!



  17. maytecedano

    Glad to see you two are home finally! Marzia I have a question for you, have you consider enabling the subtitling option on youtube? I’ve subtitled some of felix’s videos and I think many of us would love to contribute making your videos aproachable for more people, just wondering because I really don’t know if it’s up to you or not.
    have a great week! 🙂


  18. Lilah Burger (citrusfirefly)

    Marzia! You’re such an inspiration. I adore all of your videos. They’re so creative and positive. You and Felix are my favorite YouTubers. I look up to you. I absolutely love this blog! Please never stop making videos. They bring me so much happiness. I love you. I hope you read this! God Bless you. Have a beautiful day.



  19. heidiwhite246

    I have no idea if you’ll read this, but I really enjoy your blog and it is something I always look forward to reading!

    Btw: Do you have any tips on styling hair? Mine is really curly and long, so I find it hard to style it in anything other than a ponytail or loose.



  20. graceadulting

    I loved watching all your vlogs and I completely get why you stopped. I recently tried vlogging every day I was in South Korea and only managed to get through publishing them the day of the first 5 days before I was exhausted.

    Hope Maya feels better soon! She is such a little ball of cuteness.

    Love that candle holder! Have to check out that store next time I’m in LA.

    Also, do you have Investigation Discovery in the EU? You would love it, I think. I went on like a 6 month binge the first time I found the channel.


  21. KimmyMaskey

    Glad you had fun on your trip! I watched every vlog just because they are so fun and interesting to see you and Felix going places! (Especially in my country, but I love all of them :3) I really hope Maya gets better.
    Thanks for posting, I really love reading your blogs (I love reading alot) and hope you post more, but I know your a busy woman and stuff.

    Hope you have a nice day,



  22. Amanda

    I am currently waiting in an airport and my flight was delayed, but it’s totally okay because now I finally get time to catch up on all of your amazing blog posts!! Your blog is my absolute fav!! 🙂


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