October 31st, 2016

Happy Halloween!


It’s been about 10 days since the last time I wrote an entry, because – as you know – I was preparing to come to Los Angeles for 3 weeks.

Now I have a free moment, and I really wanted to come in here and just update you. And possibly talk about spooky things. 😉 


Felix had to leave for work at 5.30pm. That meant that I would spend Halloween night alone, but I could still celebrate Halloween with my friends before he left.

As you may have seen from my vlog from yesterday, Emma, Brad and Michael came here as well, so this year’s LA Diary is going to be even more fun!


Today, we went to a thrift store and got our costumes ready. We met up at 4pm and carved pumpkins.

I want you to try and guess which one is whose, going from left to right! You will find out in tomorrow’s video – haha.

I’m currently sipping on chamomile tea, chilling in bed. I’m carefully selecting a horror movie to watch (any recommendations?), but I’m not going to lie: being in this new house, that I’m not accustomed to yet, alone, on Halloween night, is a little creepy.

But hey, it adds to the whole experience, right?

What are you up to? What have you dressed up as?

Hope you are all having a spooky Halloween!


62 thoughts on “MYSTERY, INC.

  1. Chloe

    I love your costumes ♥ It’s all on point. You really suit Daphne and it’s cute that Felix was Fred xD
    Hopefully you thoroughly enjoyed Halloween there as well as your stay in LA. I’ve been loving your vlogs it’s cute and pleasing like all of your vlogs are. I really loved your first LA vlogs series so to see it make a comeback really made me excited. Thank you for your hardwork in making us Marzipans quality content, keep it up. Please continue to smile and take care of yourself~


  2. barelysara

    Marzia! I don’t know if you and Felix will have time, but if you do, there’s this new musical at the Pantages teather in Hollywood Boulevard. The play is called Hedwig and the angry inch. I saw it when I went to San Francisco and it’s really good! Enjoy your time at LA with everyone.

    Hope Felix doesn’t end up covered in blood at the recording.


  3. Charit

    I watched 10 Cloverfield Lane on Halloween, which was more of a thriller with a lot of mystery to it!
    It was so good, I really enjoyed it and the end is spot on.
    You should try it!! ❤


  4. Tori Field

    Marzia, I’m so glad you’ve been able to get back to writing on your blog! You portray something very peaceful in your words that makes me feel more content with the chaos this world provides. This is probably the worst place to ask, but I love your drawing style and wanted to ask if you could design my next tattoo. I want to get it for my 21st birthday on December 26, I, of course, have something particular in mind but didn’t want to include that unless I magically got your consent. If this is too forward, I apologize profusely and completely understand. I would never dream of intruding in your life without your permission. As always, you inspire me and I’ll continue to watch your videos and blog despite what happens. Have a lovely stay in LA!


  5. ansia

    Unfortunately I know which pumkin is yours, having seen your vlog so no guessing for me! 😛 You did a pretty good job with your Halloween costumes, it’s just like the Mystery Inc came to life! 😉 I really enjoy your daily vlogs, every day I just can’t wait for them!


  6. ersyadw

    Unfortunately, i couldn’t celebrate this halloween because it rained 😥 and i had a super busy activities at school (i’m a third year 😥 ) so i watched horror movies with my cat 😀


  7. aky

    Hello Marzia. I have watched a movie called Wild Flowers recently and have to say it impressed me so much. It is seven poetic tales which are nightmarish with a dark flavour. The original name is Kytice and the director is F. A. Brabec. I think you might like it, try to check it out. Have a beautiful time in LA! Love you! 🙂


  8. azlka

    Omg you guys’ idea (or whose idea was it) cannot be more SQUAD ON POINT loll! lovelovelove emmm <3<3 you guys look so fitted to character and glad to see you guys really enjoyed and had fun on Halloween!


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