October 10th, 2016

Another update!


First, enjoy the sky. Always so stunning.

You ready? Let’s talk!

I have a few topics to go through, number 1 is that I’m finally better!!!

Sure, for the past two days I dealt with high fever, but fever never truly bothers me. If anything the higher it is, the quicker it goes away (usually) and this was the case for me. I’m already feeling pretty good.

But, the reason I’m so positive is because for 8 days now I have not been taking medicines, and I have not felt bad. I eat every day regularly, although I keep in mind not to go overboard with food in the evening. Still, no pain, no nausea, and I’m just incredibly happy.

I believe it’s my stomach being very sensitive, and after getting food poisoning and forcing myself not to vomit, I upset it so much it needed time to get back to normal.

I also found out I’m intolerant to not only to lactose, but also eggs (although they said boiled eggs should be fine, it’s mostly when they are raw).

Regarding the fact that I had the same symptoms earlier – they started a year ago, but would recur every other month or so – I think it’s also just due to my weak stomach. Back then I didn’t have a clue how to deal with it and always blamed it on travel or stress. Now, if it happens again, I believe I will be able to manage it better because I take probiotics, and I have all the medicines that I know can help me.

So YAY. No need to worry about me anymore – for a while, at least! 😉


Moving on to the second topic: school. 

I am officially done with half the course! I’m at Module 7 of 12, and in the last assignment I got my second 10. I was so pleased. It was about Colour Theory, and I’m now studying Interior Finishes instead.

I figured I would quickly update you on this.

Also, if you like the cute pencil case in the picture, you can find it here. A marzipan makes them, and I wanted to support her art.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 14.54.58.jpg

Next: tattoos.

Yes, I got a few more today. I always let out a little laugh when people on my videos comment “are they real?” or “since when does she have tattoos?!” because I feel like they are always visible, but then I realise I do like to wear not-so-revealing clothes, so I guess it’s not so strange that people don’t know about all of my tattoos, after all.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 15.01.33.jpg

The first one I got, today, is a lemon tree. My dad is my hero, he is just so kind and was always (and still is) an example for me. Considering that he grew up in a poor family, and didn’t have access to many things and didn’t complete his education, he is one of the smartest and strongest people I know.

He is very cultured, you can ask him anything and he will most likely know the answer to it. He never shows off. He managed to set up his business, becoming successful, providing for our family.

He is so good in many things, maybe that’s why I never felt the need to select one path for myself, because I could see him do all these different things: sure, he has a main job, but he has plenty of other passions, like archery, travelling, and gardening – to name a few.

He always took care of our garden, making it look like it came from a book. One of the trees I liked the most, out of all the plants he cares for, is the lemon tree. It looks so quirky to me, growing from a small pot, so big and beautiful.

Anytime I go back home to Italy, I see them (he has 3 now) and to remind me of my dad, and everything I look up to, I wanted the lemon tree to be tattooed on me.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 15.01.54.jpg

The second one I got is hands forming a shadow puppet. This brings me back, all the way to my childhood, but is still relevant to this day.

I don’t know if this happens in all kindergartens, but in mine, after lunch, the teachers would put all the kids in a room and made them sleep.

I never ever managed to fall asleep, not once, whilst all the other kids would sleep normally.

You may already know that I didn’t really like going to kindergarten at all – I would cry every morning, I would get closed in the lunch room cause I didn’t finish eating food I didn’t like – and sleeping time also wasn’t a big favourite of mine.

What I eventually came up with was to make shadow puppets with my hands, and make them talk to me quietly, so I wouldn’t feel so lonely.

Still to this day, at times, I have troubles sleeping: generally I can make myself relaxed enough by thinking about a train passing by on a summer night (I used to live near one, and although it may seem like a very annoying and loud thing to find relaxing, I used to love it as a kid), but if that doesn’t work, I will go back to my shadow puppet hands.

Here you go, tattoo meanings explained!

Final thing: I’m going to Los Angeles for 3 weeks, and I’m going to vlog everyday for 2 weeks while I’m there!


I’m so excited. At first I was a bit sad to know this period would be spent there, cause my birthday, Felix’s birthday and Halloween are all included, and I didn’t want to be away from my friends… but it turns out, some are coming anyway, so it’s definitely going to be a lot of fun.

I hope you are ready for LA Diary – part 2.

Eh! I think this is all I wanted to say for now. Are you guys planning anything special for Halloween? Any costume ideas? I’m thinking about being the protagonist from Crimson Peak, but will see. I always plan and then, last minute, change my mind – haha.

Hope your beginning of the week is going well!


147 thoughts on “HOW I AM. WHERE I AM GOING.

  1. Erica

    Dear Marzia,

    thank you for sharing your post, I really enjoyed it! I like the sky, sometimes it’s just so pretty.
    I am also glad that you are feeling better and that it wasn’t something irreparable: sometimes we just have to accept that our body is not as strong as we would want to and we need time. But I would have totally freaked out like you did. I aslo have some kind of chronicles pain that I cannot explain and I don’t want to make a fuss about it, but sometimes I just ask myself what is wrong with me. Anyway nothing serious in any ways and I am always happy with my health because I know there are people that have really serious problems.

    This comment is already so long, I’m sorry! You have so many things to do and comments to read that usually I don’t really reply to your posts because I don’t want to bother.
    One thing I wanted to tell you though, because it was funny to me. I dreamt of you tonight 😀 I met you in a mall with my best friend Sophie and you had short black hair. At first I thought it was a camouflage, but then I don’t know why I realized that you did it because of your passion for Japan (?). Dreams do not make much sense usually, I bet you know that. Anyway we had a nice conversation and I was really happy to meet you 🙂 After all, we do have many things in common and you are a nice person.

    I better get back to work, I wish you a wonderful day Marzia! I think you are a really creative person and that you work a lot to do what you love, so just keep going.

    Un abbraccio,


  2. Molly


    I’m usually a silent reader of your posts but this time I couldn’t resist! I know you love Banana Yoshimoto, but have you read any Haruki Murakami books? Your mention of a train reminded me of his sweet little short story “Concering the Sound of a Train Whistle in the Night”. I think you’d his writing a lot!


    1. Ola

      I love Murakami! I haven’t read many books so far but I am definitely looking forward to it! And yeah the climate of his books is really close to Marzia’s in some ways, I would say ;+)))


  3. danielmawbyart

    Hello Marzia.

    Good to hear that you’re feeling better and love the stories behind your new tattoos. Anyway I want to thank you for inspiring me to join wordpress and create an art blog of my own. If you want to read it you’re more than welcome.


  4. Nika

    I love the lemon tree !
    I never slept in kindergarden either. I hated it so I’ve always tried to run away or hide under the “bed”. I was pain in the ass for teachers for sure. I was waking up other kids because I was boring, or if my friend wasnt sleeping we were laughing out loud. Then I wished we had such thing in school haha


  5. Sarah

    Marzia I really hope you read this😊 I’ve been wondering since you are a vegeterian and now you’re allergic to eggs along with dairy, does that mean you are going to become vegan😏🤔 btw I’m so so so happy to find out you’re problems have gone away😘


  6. Hannah

    it is so great to hear u r feeling better, it was really awful, i cant wait to see ur vlogs, they are always amazing and so nice to see u without an actual “script”! those tattoos are truly beautiful, they really suit u and i love the meaning behind them! ur so brave to get both of them with little to no time in between, i would have to take a break hahah ❤ u look beautiful as always, ilysm, thanks for inspiring me everyday! ❤


  7. Camilla

    ahh!!!! this post made me extremely happy marzia. I’m glad that you’re feeling better and the explaining of your tattoos idk why but it made me happy. Can’t wait for your vlogs. BESOS


  8. Ola

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better!
    The tattoos are incredible and I love how they match the others! They are so delicate but so interesting in the same time.

    Also, is there a tradition of celebrating a Halloween in Italy?? :+))


  9. iamroxi

    Hi Marzia!

    Your posts are always so enjoyable. I am happy to hear you are feeling better! I can imagine the entire experience was/is frustrating. When you try and do something good for your body and it does nothing but acts ungrateful, it’s definitely an annoyance… Hahah…

    I too am studying some modules for my work and I so wish the modules were related to your subject… Mine is not even close… -___-‘

    Pretty tattoos! And can’t wait for the LA vlogs!



  10. Laura

    Hello Marzia!

    Im happy that you are feeling better and u have so many things to do in such a little time it’s unbelievable!
    As for ur stomach problem i dont want to be fussy but have u checked for gallbladder?
    I suffered for 4 years with constant pain,vomits and i couldn’t eat as much as i could and i went to 10 different doctors and they all told me its just weak stomach.until last year by accident during my ultrasound i found out i have a stone on my gallbladder!
    I had my surgery and since then i can finally eat!(sounds stupid but its big deal for me!)

    I hope u have a great day and have fun at ur adventures coming up!!



  11. Samantha

    I am sooo excited for Halloween! this year i am dressing as eleven from stranger Things since it is my all time favorite show. but anyways, I know you probably won’t read or reply to this comment, but you have truly been an inspiration to me. you have inspired me to start sewing, and studying fashion. you make me believe that I can make my dreams come true, no matter how crazy they are! I love you and keep doing what you’re doing! ❤


  12. poppyseedchannel

    Marzia, I’m happy you’ll be better now. I hope you don’t suffer anymore.
    Thanks for sharing the story of your tatoos 😀 It’s true that they look “unreal” because they are little and everywhere on your arms. But they are super cute and ressemble to you.
    XOXO, Poppy

    Liked by 1 person

  13. celestiacrystal

    Oh my god I was the same in kindergarten, I hated it, I never ate the food and I could never sleep. I always had some stuffed animals with me and made them either talk to each other or tell stories. The teacher was always angry at me for that. When the other kids woke up, she let them play, but I had to stay in bed. I was always jealous of the kids that could go home after lunch…


  14. farida story

    I’m glad you OK.
    “I’m going to Los Angeles for 3 weeks, and I’m going to vlog everyday for 2 weeks while I’m there!”
    not 3 weeks vlog? hehehe


  15. Gia

    You are a great role model to have. It is good to hear that you are back to yourself and that you are doing well. I find myself watching all your videos because they give me comfort and the ability to do more creativity wise. Have you ever been to the Edgar Allen Poe house? I think you would really like it and it is a very interesting building to explore.


  16. Loes

    Hi Marzia!

    I love the meanings of your tattoos, especially the meaning behind the shadow puppet I thought was really cute! I wanted to tell you that just as you I am also learning to be an interior architect. For this semester we had to choose a designer that inspired us and make a little piece of furniture for them, I choose you 🙂 I used Maya and Edgar as reference and made a cabin formed as a dog. It is meant to place in the hallway, so you can put your mail in the mouth of the dog, the back of the dog is a cover so underneath it you can put your keys and maybe a dog leash. Underneath that I made space to hide your laptop. I will put it up my Instagram when I have my some photos. I hope you will like it when you see it and I’m really curious what you will think of it.

    Keep doing what you do!
    Lots of love and kisses


    the netherlands


  17. Kristin

    Marzia I am thrilled you are feeling better. Sometimes it seems our bodies do really strange things that can’t really be diagnosed. A lot from stress maybe. Just glad you are feeling well. And BTW I think you may have some of the best, kindest followers on social media. You have a really positive attitude and that attracts those kinds of people.Keep doing your thing!!


  18. Mac

    Hey Marzia, I’m so happy that you aren’t sick and your feeling better! And is Felix going with you or are you going by yourself? But I’m supper excited for you LA Vlogs part 2


  19. ansia

    Hi Marzia! First of all I’m so glad you feel alright, hope you’ll never have to deal with health problems again! Your new tattoos are lovely as all that you have and it’s so nice that they mean a lot to you (well I think that that’s the purpose of getting a tattoo),your dad must be an amazing man! I had a tough time in kindergarten as well , I remember me being quite lonely and sad ( at least the teachers were kind and didn’t made us sleep :P) but well that belongs to the past! 😀 Congratulations for doing that great in your studies, it’s really impressive how you keep up with all these things you do! You always inspire me very much so thank you , have a great time in LA !!!


  20. Jiro

    I think I have commented it before but I have to say it anyway: I’m so happy you started a blog! Your tattoos are looking perfect 🙂 And I started crying when I read that you are feeling better. I’m happy for you. I know exactly how you feel with the weird pains, I used to have something similar for 2 years until the doctors finally found out I had stones in and around my gall bladder. I had to do 2 emergency surgeries asap to remove everything (including my gall bladder OMG) and even now, my body is still acting up sometimes when I eat particular foods.
    So yeah I feel like I can relate a lot to what you’re writing about! I hope you will keep feeling better from now on. Keep up the blogging, I love reading your posts ♥


  21. Ingrid Pontes

    Don’t ever force yourself not to vomit, Marzia… I know it’s terrible, I cry every time I vomit since I was a child, I despise it. But that’s a defense of your body, it makes you feel better. Anyways, happy to hear you’re better and, apart from that, to have an update on new tattoos and your studying progress, I always like those! :3


  22. Victoria

    Hi Marzia,

    I am so glad to hear that you are feeling a lot better, and I hope you stay well. I have also had a few issues with some foods, and have also been cutting out sugar which has been life changing.

    Your new tattoos are super amazing. The lemon tree tattoo is gorgeous and I love the meaning behind it. I really want to get tiny forget me nots on the inside of my wrist, as it is a special flower which reminds me of my mum and spring time, which is an optimistic time, a fresh start and reminds me of good things.

    I’m really excited for Halloween, I am going to do some decorating tomorrow and work on a scary alice in wonderland costume.

    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


  23. Mackenzie

    HEY MARZIA! I love you! I am so happy you are better! I really wanted to get a certain important message across and this is my chance, I have no idea if you will see this or reply or care or whatever, but I really care for you and your health. I am very happy that you aren’t taking medicine, you should research! Dr. Mercola is a very experienced doctor who is revealing the truth about medicine, as well as spreading the word about how Food can be Your Medicine. You see, all things start in your gut, your stomach, and almost all does disease can be cured and prevented if you are eating the right diet. I strongly believe a diet that is high is raw veggies, healthy fat, and some animal products, is the way to go. A high fat low carb diet has enormous benefits, and Dr. Mercola has been researching this diet for years, with amazing results. I highly recommend you research this, for you and your followers, and remember that fat isn’t the enemy, a diet high in fats such as organic coconut oil, organic butter and animal fat, and especially avocados, is the best thing to eat. Anyway sorry for the rambling but I just really wanted you to know this! 💞💞💞💞❤️❤️❤️❤️


  24. lovinglifelina

    Oh, Marzia, you’re so lovely to share the meaning of your tattoos with us ❤ Thank you.
    I admire your love for your father and the story of the puppets ^^
    I love you and admire you.
    Hope you have the loveliest of times in LA with Felix! I'm SO looking forward to those vlogs XD
    All the best,


  25. Thea

    Reading about the meaning of your lemon tree tattoo made my heart melt. It just describes how much you love your dad and reminds you of where you came from, and I am amazed about how you don’t forget about them which is really a must when you are away from home. My dad works in another country and it reminded me of him while reading that part, not to mention that my dad had some in common with yours too, hehe. Kind, and stuff. *sobbing* Love you, girl! 😉


  26. Eda

    hey, have you tried egg replacement powder? it’s super easy to use (you can bake with it!!) and it’s vegan too 🙂 it has really helped me so i thought maybe it can help you as well ^-^


  27. Gabriela

    Hahaha I used to do the same at kindergarten 😂😂😂 Only difference is that I would start bumping my feet together, like dancing, and sing in bed 😂 I would obviously wake everybody up as well. I was quite proud of myself 😃


  28. rennessa

    Hey marz, I know this post is long time ago. But I just want to say it here cause it is related to this post. I am getting a tattoo tomorrow, 2 small ones. And i am very sad of all the backlash i got from my bf and fam even tho i havent have it yet. It warmth my heart so much to see you are happy and your fam and pewds have no issue of it; accepting how you choose to express yourself through tats. I adore your tats ❤.
    It depressed me how my love ones do not accept me for who i am.


  29. norins

    Hi Marzia!

    A recent Marzipan here,

    I’m just binge reading your whole blog and I feel like I know you, it’s weird, of course, because I don’t really, but I don’t know, you’re so approachable and friendly that I kind of feel like we’re friends or that we know each other somehow. I don’t know how to say this without sounding creepy ahaha, I mean this with all my heart and good intentions like, I feel a connection, we’re kind of similar personality wise and with what you’ve shared has happened to you.

    I was compelled to answer in this particular post because of the many different things you said about your life, I’ve had a similar background and experiences such as where your father comes from, what he’s become, your bad experiences in school and with food, the insomnia, being socially awkward… I mean, it was kinda reading my life and I was like “wow! we’ve got a lot in common”.

    This might sound weird to you, if you even see this at all, since of course, you don’t know me, but I just wanted to share this feeling with you, I’m sure many other of your fans feel like they know you as well since you are so open and friendly.

    Anyway, If you ever visit Barcelona, know that you have a friend here and I can show you around!!

    A big hug!! Keep up your great work!

    Nora 🙂


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