October 6th, 2016

Recycling old clothes. 


A few months ago I found out about this store in The Lanes. I made a blog post about it, since I loved it so much, and somehow they say it and reached out to me.

On top of selling second hand and vintage goods, they also have their own line, Beyond Retro LABEL: this collection saves more than 600,000 items from landfill a year in creating directional sustainable fashion.

So let’s take a look at just a few of the gorgeous garments they have to offer!


This dress is my favourite piece: I love the colours, the cut, and how particular it looks.

I have never seen a dress like this, so I immediately knew I had to have it. The small size fits me incredibly well and the shape hugs my body beautifully.

I’m simply in love with this dress, and although it’s getting colder, I’m hoping I will be able to wear it out!

Oh, and I’ve matched it with a little coin pouch – too cute.


The next look is very sweet and dreamy. I adore the pink sweater, it’s super soft and – generally – when I buy proper fitting blouses and sweaters, my arms rarely get fully covered. I must have strangely long arms or something, and that’s why you often see me roll up the sleeves (to be fair, most times I prefer that look).

So for once I was happy to find something that actually went over my wrists!

I also wore this interesting skirt, which again, is something I hadn’t seen around before, and I appreciate the simple A-line cut (it just goes with everything).


Now this look, I really like. It’s the way I dress on a daily basis, and it makes me feel powerful, for some reason.

I love my dresses and skirts, but pants, lately, have been something I enjoy wearing even more. Plus, wide legged trousers are very popular right now! These are from a shop I found in Verona, and you can find them clicking here.

The blouse has the now trendy “pyjama top” cut, and I’m into it! I also like the floral pattern on it.


And finally, I had to include a look with a pinafore dress. This is from Asos Petite (bought a while ago), but as you might have noticed, I’m wearing the same sweater from before, just in yellow.

In fact, I liked the pastel colours and cut/fit so much, that I needed two. 😛

Now, I hope I made you curious enough to check out the website. They do a fantastic job at re-using fabrics and garments that otherwise would go to waste (350 thousand tonnes of textile waste a year in the UK alone); and they have such a big selection to pick from, so anyone can find something.

You all know I care about ethical fashion and try my best to support smaller/independent companies as well as shop at vintage/second hand shops, and when I find a brand that does so well at supporting this cause, of course I wanna do my part and spread the word. 😉

You can shop from their website, and follow them @beyondretro on Instagram, if you would like to.

If anything, I hope this post gave you some fashion inspiration!


70 thoughts on “BEYOND RETRO LOOKBOOK.

  1. Sophia

    Hi Marzia. I’ve been a viewer of yours for a very very long time and have seen you grow on your channel. Recently I’ve been coming across a lot of angry forums/ posts/ and comments directed to and about you. A lot of these are unrightfully cruel and I know how negative comments have affected you in the past (deleting videos and such). I just wanted to say that you have a lot of kind hearted support backing you up always. There is no reason to dislike you! You haven’t done anything wrong or terrible on the internet, you’ve simply been yourself. I felt like I had to write up this comment because it was really hurting me to see people saying such horrible things about you. I wanted to let you know that only a small small small percentage of people dislike you (and for ignorant reasons). You never have to feel invalidated or diminished by people on the internet. After all… they don’t know YOU. From what you’ve shared on the internet, you seem like a very very thoughtful person that only means well. I’ve never seen you spew negativity. Hopefully you don’t mind me posting this on here, I wasn’t sure where I could send you something and you would actually read it. All in all, I just wanna say I know it’s not easy to put yourself out onto a platform where people have the ability to judge you. I’ve seen you share things with your viewers that you’ve struggled with, and it wasn’t easy for you to do that. Please just know that what you struggle with is valid and no one has the right to say otherwise… they aren’t you!

    Sorry for the ramblings… I wish you well 🙂

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  2. Edie

    I discovered Beyond retro few weeks back and was jsut amazed by the size of it!! plus I’ve never seen vintage wedding dress section before so that’s pretty cool! On the other hand, I feel like the brand as a bit overpriced and floats on that ‘hioster’ wave. But the hypocrite I am, I love it anyway, haha

    Btw, outfits are amazing! esp. the last two


  3. Anniina

    Hi Marzia!
    Love especially the second look, so adorable. 🙂 I’d also like to ask about the boots you had in your Instagram post with Danny, where are they from? I haven’t been able to find good boots but they look amazing, would be so happy if you answered. Grazie x


  4. Chypimprose

    Your photos seem so chill and it sends that vibe through out the whole post. That green overall type dress is to die I’m so glad you put where you got it from! Maybe you can take a look a my blog and I’d be happy to exchange follows and likes


  5. littlecambigworld

    Marzia!!!!! I love Beyond Retro, I discovered them recently and ordered the best sweaters I think I’ve ever bought from there. They arrived to where I live in Canada not long ago and they are simply amazing, it’s so happy to also hear that the brand itself helps recuse waste and save clothes from being tossed into landfills. As they are located primarily in the UK and Sweeded it isn’t easy for me to visit their stores in person but I hope to some day 🙂
    – ❤ Cam


  6. mommyreality101

    I’ve been searching for blogs to follow for a while now and came across this post. Just…THANK YOU! Your outfits are amazing and your post instantly caught my attention. Hope you don’t mind if I stick around


  7. Ellie Mason

    Hi mazia! If you were wondering how they found out about you shopping there, it was me! My cousin works on their London branch and when you posted about them I sent her the link and told them to get in touch with you! Hope you still like the shops! X


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