October 5th, 2016

“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”


You may not be familiar with the city of Verona, but I’m pretty sure everybody knows about Romeo & Juliet’s story.

That’s where I’m brining you today!


As you arrive in Verona, you see the stunning Arena, which is not only cool to look at, but also functional as it’s often used for events and concerts to this day.

The setting is amazing: you see it standing there, surrounded by beautifully painted buildings, a lovely park, and the main road, full of shops and restaurants.


My mom wanted me to come back here since I hadn’t been for at least 7 years. It was actually way prettier then I remembered, but then again I feel like when I was younger I didn’t truly appreciate the beauty of a place in itself, I would just focus on what it had to offer. Now I give as much importance to both aspects.


But it definitely doesn’t hurt that Verona has so much to pick from when it comes to shops. I was impressed: as you know, I’m picky with the brands I buy from, so other than the usual fast fashion chains, they not only had high end clothing, but also independent stores and “Made in Italy” shops.

I couldn’t help myself and selected a few pieces from one of my all time favourites, Lazzari, as well as from a new find of mine, the Hidden Forest Market.


As you walk on the main road, you eventually arrive to Juliet’s home, and the famous balcony.

It was full of people, so I didn’t manage to get a photo of her statue, but it was a miracle that I got one of the empty balcony, at least!


This area is covered with love notes from people coming from all over the world.

It might seem disrespectful, to write on the walls of this iconic building, but to be fair, this is one of those few times where it actually adds to the atmosphere – so I don’t mind it.


As you step outside the chaos, you may spot the brick building that belonged to Romeo. I don’t think many people know his house is there, too – at least I didn’t – or maybe just don’t care as much about it, but it was a nice surprise to find it!


As you keep walking, you arrive to Piazza Delle Erbe, which is incredibly pretty and brings you back in time with all the stands offering souvenirs, fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as sweets and meals.

From here you can’t miss Torre Dei Lamberti. You can actually go inside and admire the view from up high.


Of course we went for it, and here is a photo of it!


It was a half day well spent, in company of my brother and my mom. I really enjoyed refreshing my memories of this city, and if you are ever around Venezia – as I always say – make sure to tour around the other cities Veneto region has to offer.

For now, I hope you enjoyed taking a look with me.


45 thoughts on “HALF A DAY IN VERONA.

  1. Naomi

    Verona looks like such a dream!I feel a tad bit disheartened such a fairytale place is commercialised and used for tourism but it definitely looks like it would be very easy to lose yourself on the atmosphere of the city!
    I’m sure it would’ve been perfect if you could drag Poods over there for half a day haha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bumblege

    Verona è una città bellissima secondo me e non lo dico solamente perché è la mia città! Quando mi capita mi piace fare una passeggiata sul lungadige in tranquillità e ammirare tutte le sue meraviglie.
    Mi fa piacere che tu l’abbia visitata e abbia deciso di scrivere un post sul tuo blog, Verona è una città da vedere assolutamente almeno una volta nella vita e io penso non sia abbastanza conosciuta e apprezzata da chi non abita qui vicino; ci sono certo moltissimi turisti ma solitamente chi visita l’Italia sceglie di visitare Roma o Milano che, per carità, sono città splendide, ma Verona merita davvero di essere conosciuta più di quanto non sia già!
    Spero che i lettori del tuo blog scoprano quindi l’esistenza di Verona e decidano di venire a fare un giro qui, è sempre una sensazione stupenda vedere turisti affascinati da questa città e rendersi conto della fortuna che abbiamo a vivere in un posto che a parere mio è magico ☺️

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  3. Mel

    What a beautiful city! Thanks for showing us around! When I was younger I was in Verona with my parents and looking back on this trip now, I know what you mean when you were talking about your younger self that “didn’t truly appreciate the beauty of a place in itself, (…) [and] would just focus on what it had to offer”. Unfortunately same with me back then. So I guess I have to go and visit Verona again too. 🙂 One thing I remember very clearly about the area around Juliet’s balcanoy and what I found very disgusting and weird was that people/couples stuck their bubblegums to the wall (bah! xD) to write their names on it, because the wall was already completely filled with the names of millions of lovers. And what I found kinda funny (yet disturbing^^’) was that a lot of people touched the chest of juliet’s statue, so the golden coat of the statue was almost completely gone at this place (don’t know, maybe to get good luck or something? xD) Well, thanks for the nice blog entry. I’m looking forward to the next one 😉 Have a great week! ❤


  4. Debora

    Wow it looks so amazing 😍 Thank you for always taking the time taking pictures and sharing them with us 🙏🏻 Happy Wednesday Marzia 😊 Hugs 😘✨



    La mia città.. Grazie, Marzia :-* :-*
    Sei bellissima nella foto, in Italia prendi subito un colorito splendente.
    Manca Felix, però. Regalagli un weekend romantico, prima Verona, poi Lago di Garda e ti assicuro si chiederà: why am I not living here?


  6. Ana Stevenson

    Such a lovely post! I’m hoping to visit Verona before my time in Italy comes to an end. I’ve bought an antique postcard at a small shop in Bergamo, and it was originally sent to a countess in Verona. Aparently the house still stands, but it’s abandoned, so I’d love to see it for myself! It’s interesting to track such an interes piece of mail, but quite sad to see that their home is now empty. xx


  7. mewxx

    I love Italy so much and I really want to go to Verona! The scenery is amazing, especially that amphitheatre ❤ I miss the blue skies and the food there the most. ❤ xx


  8. icaweng

    Thank you for taking us on a virtual tour! Italy has always been on my travelling list and I really hope one day I will be able to visit there and explore the cities and natural scenery ^^


  9. Sonia

    Im so happy that you made a blog about one of my favourites places on the world. I remember how beautiful the streets were and Juliet’s house. I signed on the wall with my friends too. Italy is so perfect (maybe that is the reason why I like so much!)
    Hope you have a good time with your family and friends ^^


  10. alexia99blog

    It looks lovely! It reminds me a bit of Rome, architecture-wise. I so wanted to visit Verona back when I went to Italy, but sadly I didn’t get to do so. This makes me want to go even more!


  11. Emilee

    Verona looks like an absolutely charming place to visit. Even being a massive fan of classic literature, I never once thought to travel there for some reason, but now you have changed my mind so I must thank you! I really hope now to visit Verona to be able to experience what seems like such a close connection to the past that it seems to offer.
    I’m glad you had a good trip Marzia!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Ellie

    Hey! It is seriously so nice to read about your adventures and what you have to say. I am so happy I found this blog because everytime you make a new post I just get so excited! And I wanted to ask, have you ever been to Slovenia and if yes what did you think about it?


  13. katsfluffyworld

    Hey Marzia!
    It would be cool if you would show us the stuff you bought there! :3
    It’s by the way my 23rd years birthday today. (for an other 3 minutes)
    Would make me so happy with a happy birthday from you! 😀


  14. Rosy-chan

    Oh, it is so pretty!!
    I was in Veneza (as we say here in Portugal 😉 ) about 4 years ago, but sadly I didn’t have time to visit Verona! I could only make time to visit Burano!
    Guess I need to go back! 😀

    Hugs from Portugal !


  15. Clara Schroeder

    You may already know but Romeo and Juliet are fictional characters made up by Shakespeare, their ‘houses’ were built due to the popularity of his story in later times. Though many people believe that they really used to live there and were real people.


  16. Maria Clara

    Oh, Marzia! You keep making me fall in love with the idea of travelling abroad… It’s a dream that I’m having a direct influence of yours ❤ Thank you to always make me happier! xo


  17. Angy

    Thank you Marzia, sometimes I feel bad about my situation in my life right now (some stuff about job and school) and when I see a notification that you write a new post or when in thursdays I have a youtube notification about a new video, I must to say that you really make my day…at least, that moment. I mean, you transmit armony and I feel peaceful when I read you or I watch your videos; I can feel that peace that sometimes I need. And when I see something about your trips, I get excited thinking “someday, I will go too” 🙂 and my determination to travel makes stronger. Thanks for that too 🙂 and you know? Verona is now on my list, totally!
    By the way, do you miss Italy? I’m curious. I know that you like a lot Bringhton as you said before several times, but, how do you feel about Italy? If we can know, of course!
    Take care! Hugs! ^^


  18. Foxy

    First two days of honeymoon me and my husband spent in Verona. And we fell so in love with atmosphere of this city. Then we visited few other cities in Italy, but only Vinci (home town of Leonardo) made such an impression on us as Verona. Thank you Marzia for recalling this memories for me! 🙂


  19. Alisa

    Hi Marzia! My husband and I visited Verona for a weekend last year and I loved it! Even though he got very sick there, he dragged himself around for my sake so we could go look at Juliet’s balcony, the Arena, the amphitheatre and all that. I thought the climate and the landscape were so pleasant! We walked up and down the Adige a lot. I regret I didn’t get to try many local foods and pastries in particular (my husband couldn’t even stand the sight or smell of food that weekend), so I really wanna go back and replace the memories with even better ones. Also, I only saw the entrace to the Cimitero Monumentale from across the bridge and I really want to see that up close one day.


  20. Hannah Challinor

    what a beautiful city, i had no idea that romeo’s house was next to the balcony, i love how the ppl right love notes on the wall, it really adds to the feeling ❤ hope u r feeling better u really inspire me, thanks for everything 😉


  21. Roberta

    Sono stata a Verona quest’estate per tre giorni con una mia amica, pur avendola già visitata più volte molti anni fa 🙂 Le tue foto mi hanno riportato lì ahaha! Mi ha sorpreso sapere della casa di Romeo, pur avendo visitato praticamente tutto, quella l’abbiamo persa! Mi hai fatto anche tornare in mente la fatica per arrivare in cima alla Torre dei Lamberti! ;P Come hai detto tu, è davvero una città stupenda e sono contenta di averla vissuta per qualche giorno! 🙂 un abbraccio!


  22. ansia

    Hi Marzia! That bridge looks pretty cool but also kind of terrifying to me (I’m afraid of heights too)! Happy October (this month is awesome indeed, especially because of Halloween! :P) , Great post and vlog as always, have a good day!


  23. Rachel

    I’ve always wanted to go to Italy especially Verona and Venice but haven’t got the chance. I’m really happy to see you posted so many photos of your day in Verona it makes me want to go there even more!

    Loving your posts, Marzia. I’ve just started my my own blog, I hope you’ll check it out. I’ve been your biggest fan since forever! Stay fabulous :3


  24. Jenny's Notes Blog

    I have visited Verona twice, and those days were among the happiest ones of my life! Thank you so much for this wnderful post! I love Italy and everything connected with it – after my last visit in 2016 I was so inspired I wrote one of the most personal posts of my blog (Italy: A Piece of Your Happiness Lies Here https://jennysnotesblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/28/italy-a-piece-of-your-happiness-lies-here/). I think you might like it 🙂


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