October 2nd, 2016.

Let’s go to the mountain!


I have just got back from 5 days in Italy. Whilst doing all my examinations, I took the time to enjoy my stay there.

So the very first day, I went for a walk in the mountain with my brother Davide, and my cousin Mila. 

It was last Monday. It was very warm down in Vicenza, around 26*C.

We left after lunch, and as we went higher and higher, the temperature went lower, and the clouds thickened around us.


We weren’t fully prepared for the colder weather, we saw people reaching the same area the previous day, and from their photos it looked sunny and warm.

For us, it was extremely foggy.


That meant that although we went up for the view, we couldn’t really see anything. But to be honest, I actually preferred it this way!


You couldn’t see very far at all, and as we kept walking, it got more intense. But when you did see something, it looked so lonely, yet beautiful, and peaceful.

I kept joking that it felt as if we were entering Silent Hill.

My memories of the movie aren’t so fresh, but I do have a feeling that the protagonist enters it by crashing her car, after she passes a bridge.

Well, we were in fact looking for a bridge as well.


It took us about 40 minutes walk to reach it, and when I saw it I got very excited!
It wasn’t too long, or too high, but being a Tibetan bridge, it was very wobbly, and if you did look down, it definitely gave a strange feeling.

Still, my brother is afraid of heights and managed to walk it twice, so it wasn’t too bad at all, but rather cool.


As I said, you couldn’t really get a view from there, but here is a photo of me and Mila on the bridge.

Oh man, when I go back to Italy I truly realise how pale I have gotten. Haha!


The bridge has been recently built because the path between two cities have fallen, and so to be able to walk from one to another, they decided to put this up instead.

On the way back to the car, on the same road we have walked to get to the bridge, the clouds started to fade a little, so we could eventually spot the nearest town.


I loved going on this hike; a nice walk and some fresh air helped me forget about the pain for the day.

The same morning I had been to a clinic to get a bunch of examinations done. So far I have received some results and nothing wrong shows with them, but I am waiting for allergy and intolerances info. I will keep you updated!

Oh, but on another note: Happy October! It’s one of my favourite months cause: 1. Halloween; 2. my birthday; 3. fall.

And by the way, my brother made a little video on this short excursion, so you can watch it here. I also vlogged the entire time I was in Italy, so my video will come on Thursday!

Have a relaxing Sunday.


55 thoughts on “A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE.

  1. visitor1

    Marzia hi!
    is there anything we can do about the whole thing? i think it’s getting too much.
    i don’t know exactly what deal you made with that dick, so… what did he ask from you?
    i will try to pass the info to cat, though shit just hit the fan with benny blanco, i can’t promise anything but i will do what i can
    my mail de_noordzee@yahoo.com


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