September 18th, 2016

Time to catch you up.

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In order to update you on this last week – as I haven’t blogged about it – and tell you some cool things I have been up to, as well as some really chill ones, here is a diary summarising what I have done lately.



As you might have seen from my Instagram photos, Felix and I have been into drawing an colouring. These “art works” are for our charity shop on Depop (ArtByMelix) and will be available very soon. We have 3 for this month, as usual. The one in the photo above, is n.2 – “Sleepy Neighbourhood”.

To start off the week, I went to the gym, did some cleaning, and finished another school assignment.

I also decided to begin keeping a food diary so that it could help me figure out if there is a pattern regarding my health issues.

To end the day, Felix and I coloured in the drawing and played “Overcooked”. We can’t stop!



I filmed a new video, unboxing the Autumn Box. It’s always so much fun going through the things I have included in the box, and finally be able to show you what’s inside!

Tuesday was overall a calm day, other than filming and editing, I played The Sims and took long walks. The weather was strangely warm lately (not anymore) so I made sure I would enjoy it while it lasted.

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 12.44.32.png

I love evening walks, they are so calming, and the pugs are always so happy. Plus, the weather made it all nicer, for once! 😉


Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 12.44.17.png

I saw Emma again! Because I don’t feel too well, and she has also been feeling a bit under the weather, we weren’t able to hang out so often, but finally on Wednesday we managed to make some time for each other, and it was lovely.

We first went to Staples to get some supplies, and then watched a horror movie at my place, and chatted till evening.



I was gifted some flowers!

Remember how I did a haul, last week? I talked about a new website called “Little House in Town”. Somehow the owner saw my video, and wanted to thank me by sending me flowers. Such a nice surprise!

Until today I was feeling mostly fine, stomach wise, but unfortunately in the evening, when I went out to buy some groceries, all of a sudden I felt nauseous and had to rush home. This scared me so much, because it showed that it could come out of nowhere, even on a really positive day where I feel like I could finally go out and enjoy myself.

I guess I can’t, just yet.


Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 12.47.39.jpg

Oh, the exciting day!

Because of what happened the evening before, I was terrorised to leave the house for a long amount of time… but the thing is: I was invited to a screening of “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”, which you know I like the book where the story is taken from, BUT, the thing I really couldn’t turn down was seeing Tim Burton in real life, presenting the movie.

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 12.41.08.jpg

You guys know I’m a massive fan, so having to drive a total of 5 hours just to hear him speak for a minute, was 100% worth it.

I wasn’t able to eat dinner that night, and I had to take more medicines than usual in order to be okay, but I’m glad I decided to go, and not let my body and mind stop me this time.

Oh, and did I mention that Florence Welch was also there? I love her and her music, and although I did know she made a song for the movie, I didn’t expect to see her there. She was so sweet. Ah.

What a great experience!!


Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 12.40.19.jpg

Felix brought me to a Spa. He knew I was interested in this specific one I looked up a little while back, and so he booked us a time there.

They have these super-salty water tanks in which you lay in, on your own, for a while. They are called floating pods.

I know I can use some relaxation, so trying something like this was cool and very much needed.

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 12.38.43.jpg

I vlogged this and the night before at the event (even if not that much), so expect a video soon.

Unfortunately, once again, although I was having an absolutely great day yesterday, in the evening I felt really bad: we were going to the cinema, but I had to ask Felix to turn back and drive us home. It was not fun. :/



Here we are to today. It’s a lovely day outside, slightly chilly but with a gorgeous sun shining.

I woke up early to walk the dogs, and noticed how quiet it was outside, so I woke up Felix and asked if he wanted to fly the drone over the old pier.

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 12.48.40.jpg

We got such cool shots from the top of it. I find it so interesting to look at. Look at all the birds flying around it.

Aaaah, I love it. 

I’m doing okay today, no pain or anything, which is good, but to be fair it usually only starts in the evening, which is still why I’m so confused by what is happening with my body. It’s not long now till I go and get my tests done, and I’m truly hoping that they will show something relevant so I can start feeling better soon.

Anyway, I would love for you to share one nice thing about your week in the comments! Have you done anything special lately? Let me know!


150 thoughts on “WEEK RECAP.

  1. chloefrost7

    Hi Marzia,

    Feeling sick all the time is such a horrible feeling. Mix that with the daily struggles of social anxiety/stress/work and it really does start to affect your quality of life (speaking from experience). So I know how eager you must be to find an answer to your health problems! I really hope your doctor can help you!

    This might not be relevant but a few months ago my best friend also had a bad case of food poisoning and was very sick from it. Afterwards she found that everything she ate (even at times where she hadn’t eaten in hours) made her feel sick and further experienced the worst stomach pains that would leave her crying in agony. After seeing a gastroenterologist they recommended she go on a FODMAP diet. Basically you cut out most food groups to cleanse your stomach, and then slowly reintroduce them back into your diet.

    Anyways I hope you find the source of your illness soon and can start feeling amazing again! Love your blog and YouTube channel, best of luck with your course xx


  2. lovinglifelina

    I was able to take in the city I traveled to, which is Toronto! ^ u ^ Loved visiting their “Royal Ontario Museum”.
    All the best wishes for you, Marzia! Hope the tests go well and that you can feel stronger soon 🙂
    Love ❤


  3. mrs.littles_diary

    Well marzia I hope you are fine that happens to me and I cant get over why that is happening. Usually when I go out or go to school it was so bad but now I manage it as yoh say the doctors think it’s stress but im the chillest person ever. And im not that anxious. I hate when they have no answers and I came to them for help they just throw it away as some silly think while it’s affecting my every day life. Anyway I hope you are doing fine. I loveee love this way of writing the whole week down like this. The good part about my week is that I am foing a huge art piece for one girl and I have become more responsible for work I became more focused and I love reading about your week it makes me feel nice and productive and I feel like we’re friends lol. Pen pal budies. Have a nice day XO .


  4. Dena

    Io attendo con ansia questo fine settimana…come regalo di laurea ad una amica la porterò a vedere Notre-Dame de Paris…non vedo l’ora anche perché tengo tutto segreto da luglio ahah grazie del post Marzia sei adorabile ❤


  5. MONKZ

    Hi Marzia hope you feel better!

    You mentioned being super into horror — do you also watch the docudrama horrors? Like Paranormal Witness, A Haunting, The Haunted etc? I am addicted. They are based on real-life events and some of them can be really creepy. My favorite one is A Haunting — they are like mini horror movies each an hour long retelling a story of what happened to a particular family or person. Recommend if you haven’t seen them. They freak me out more than most of the horror movies out there. I love them lol. :))) I love the suspense/thrill more than gore form of the horror genre.


  6. Amin

    Hi Marzia! I’m really sad because of your sickness so I thought I could help you because my grandmother know old polish natural medicine. 🙂

    I recommend you to:

    * eat DRIED PLUMS
    * drink GINGER in your tea but not too much – this is important and you have to drink your tea really slow and (it’s really good for nausea)
    * eat WHITE RICE (without salt and other spices, you have to eat small portions)

    ALSO DO NOT EAT A LOT OF DAIRY PRODUCTS except bio natural yogurt, this is very very important and I noticed that you eat quite a lot of dairy so maybe this is what make you sick?

    I really hope that I’ll read this and I hope this can be helpful because that’s what helps my family for a long time now. 🙂


  7. Pumpkins

    It was my 6 month anniversary with my girlfriend so we went to the aquarium. We got to let shrimp climb over our hands!! It was weird but worth it<33

    Keep on fighting Marzia!! You can do it!! 😀


  8. Evgenija

    Dear Marzia,

    even though you weren’t feeling well in the evenings and your health issues got in a way of some of your plans I am still really happy to hear that you were able to enjoy your week!
    Taking cool pictures, relaxing in a spa, seeing someone you’re a big fan of… I am so happy for you! Hopefully you will continue having such great days in your life.
    You look as beautiful as ever in your pictures and I really admire your positive attitude, you truly are a big inspiration to me and I want to thank you for that.
    It always makes me really happy to read your blog even if sometimes you are feeling really down. I’m thankful for you sharing this online diary with all of us.
    It is also always really nice of you to ask us what we have been doing. Personally I had quite a nice week as well.
    I am currently in year 12 of high school (here in Germany we have mostly 13 years so I am almost done!) and even though it is really hard since we all have to prepare for graduation it is still kind of nice to work for your future and dreams (once I finish school I plan on going to university/college in Ireland so wish me luck!). So between Monday and Friday there wasn’t much going on to be honest but it was pretty chill (despite the fact that I had a cold until Thursday or so but I’m finally not sick anymore).
    On the weekend I went to the birthday of my aunt’s husband who turned 40. My whole family was there! I am actually quite proud of myself that I went there and even stayed for a long time. I haven’t seen many of them for a few years since I also suffer from social anxiety and even depression. Even while I was there I had a few moments where I just wanted to go home and cry because I felt like no one liked be and that I didn’t really belong. But I put myself together and in the end I had such a nice time! My family showed me so much love it is incredible. Of course I sometimes doubt all of it but I think that now that I’m working on my issues with a therapist and the support of my whole family it will get better with time. It already did a little so…!
    Well that was how my week has been going. Really nice actually!
    I hope that your doctors appointment will go well and you finally find out what is going on with your body. Just please stay safe on your way there, don’t overdue it with your medications and don’t trust the internet too much. It’s better to be safe than sorry so stick to tea, hot-water bottles and the love from your friends and family.

    Lots and lots of love from Germany,
    Evgenija ♥

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    1. cathyswouniverse

      I Know your Problems with social anxiety and depression, I have the same but its getting better and better with Every day I’m working ob it, so keep fighting, its worth it! 🙂
      I’m from Germany too! 🙂


  9. Gos

    This week I was in Spain working on a music festival. I met so many amazing people from different places in Europe and it was an amazing experience before going back to uni. Hope you will findo out what’s wrong and get better soon. Lots of love :*


  10. sehundays

    I wish i can do something interesting too, my life just about going to college and back to home, and gaining weight 😂 which is pretty bad 😂 im going somewhere far from my house, took couple hours. Looking forward i wish nothing bad gonna happen there


  11. Mila

    Hey Marzia, I don’t know if you will have the time to read this, but if you do I hope it helps! I have some very similar stomach issues as you do and my doctor told me it was messed up gut flora as well. What most likely started it is the fact I became vegetarian last year (dietary changes tend to do that, it takes time for your body to adjust) along with stress. There probably was some food that initially triggeted it but I can’t really pinpoint what it was.

    Anyway, I have a few tips that might help you as they are starting to help me

    Number one is eating foods that are easily digestible so as to give your stomach a rest. That could be smoothies, soups, smashed potatoes, etc. Basically low fiber.

    Second one is I started drinking digestive teas consistently throughout the day. Not store brands, since they usually have too many added chemicals, but things like nettle leaves for example. Also, in my case, water on its own dilutes my stomach acids so I only drink it at room temperature with some lemon drops, honey, cinnamon or ginger.

    The third thing is something you may want to research first. It’s harmless but I was a little skeptical of it because I’m not much of a believer in alternative medicine but it’s the thing that has helped the most: kefir. It’s a fermented drink which basically helps to restore your gut flora as it’s a probiotic. It has helped me tremendously and I drink it everyday now. Look into it and if you want you could ask your doctor about it, just to be safe.

    Anyway, that’s pretty much it. Best of luck for the both of us! Do keep us updated on how you are feeling if you can.



  12. Hannah Challinor

    what a lovely week and dont worry about ur stomach pains it shouldnt take over ur fun! 😦 u looked beautiful in all the pictures and that spa place sounds amazing, ilysm thx for sharing ❤


  13. ansia

    Hi Marzia, nice to hear from you, always glad to read your blog or watch your videos ! Well, I haven’t been up to something special lately, I just go to school which has been opened for a week now, I try to get ready for this year (I’m thinking of taking up a new hobby as I have a lot of spare time) and that’s pretty much all! :3 I really wanna see Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and although I haven’t read the book (I wish i had as I’ve heard it’s great), from what I’ve seen it seems like a great movie as well, love Tim Burton’s style! I envy you so much, it’s great meeting people you admire even for a little while! 😛 I’m sorry that you still deal with these health problems, hope you’ll find what’s wrong and deal with it as soon as possible! You’re paintings look lovely and I think Felix and you are getting better and better at it! Congratulations and thanks for inspiring me, you’re amazing! ^.^


  14. Need for Sweetness

    Ciao Marzia! Mi spiace che tu stia ancora male, resisti!
    Wow, sono cosi invidiosa per Tim Burton ahah! È il mio regista preferito, lo seguo fin da quando sono piccola! 🙂 giovedì e venerdì scorsi sono andata alle terme di Pre Saint Didier in Valle d’Aosta con il mio ragazzo! Relax assoluto, te le condiglio assolutamente se mai ti capiterà di passare di là 😉
    Mi è molto piaciuto questo post riguardo la tua settimana! 🙂
    Un abbraccio grande!!


  15. flipy93

    You sure had your ups and downs this week.
    I have been writing reports for my college this whole summer, This week I have been working harder, but the good news is that they’re very close to be finished!
    I hope you get well soon.

    PS: I seriously love your photos.


  16. Lidia

    Hello Marzia 🙂
    My last week was pretty fine, but I had much school work, so nothing really interesting.
    I’m writing mainly because your health problems look exactly same as mine in the past… It turned out that that was gluten intolerance. It was showing up mainly in the evenings, too, after all day of eating sandwiches and all that stuff. After about two weeks of not eating grains, my stomach was perfect again.
    But I hope there is nothing serious with you and you will be healthy again soon, love and kisses,


  17. Kitsukara

    Hang in there girl! I really do hope you end up figuring out what’s wrong and get better soon. 🙂 Make sure not to overwork yourself!


  18. Brita

    Hi Marzia! I’m not sure if you see this but it would be awesome if you did! I know what it is like to have a mystery illness. While I don’t know what yours is I thought I’d tell you about mine. It started when I was around 14-15 everyday I started throwing up. I thought it was something I ate or maybe a food allergy but it started happening on a regular basis. I was scared to do anything. I can’t remember now if it happened at certain times or not because I am almost 22 now but I went to so many doctors trying to figure out what was wrong. It was so hard because I felt like no one believed me or was listening to me. Finally they did some blood tests and it came back that I had hypothyroidism and Graves’ disease which is an auto immune disease that attacks your thyroid. Once I knew what it was it made me feel so much better because I thought I was just lazy and sick all of the time, but it turned out that I actually had a medical reason for everything that was happening. I hope you get some answers soon. I know how that is.



  19. Alex

    Hey Marzia!
    I think I had a similar skins a few months ago.It all started like a bit of sickness after I had my morning coffee,and over the course of two months it had gotten so much worse.I had stomach aches and I felt sick,I purged,and felt bad in general.It was a stressful time for me,as I had my final exams,but nothing more.Every time I went to the doctors,and I went to a few different once,and all they told me that it was some kind of a long virus that can be present for a few months.I regulated my diet,but it did not help much.I took some medicines and they did help.I do have clinical depression,but it had been under control for quite sometime,so I don´t feel like it has to do anything with this and none of my doctors even mentioned it.It lasted for solid two and a half months before I could eat anything even remotely normal.I still can´t drink coffee and it really bugs me.I honestly did´t do anything.I drank my medicines and tried to eat correctly,my tests did´t show anything.
    So I´m hoping it´s the same with you,and that in a few weeks time all this will look just like a bad dream.I really hope you feel better soon 🙂

    As for the nice thing I did,I need to tell this to someone,because I´m kinda antisocial,and I don´t have many friends at the moment,I´m in Sweden!!!! I have a friend here,and she has been asking me to come for a long time,but I was afraid of flying.But I finished my first year of university early and with good grades so I decided to get over my fears and treat myself.So I´m in Stockholm now and I´m absolutely loving it.The weather has been perfect,and the city is so beautiful!And I honestly think I´ll trie to transfer to Sweden for the rest of my studies.

    So that´s it from me,I really wish you all the best and I hope you feel better soon :3



  20. nancygorawr

    Marzia maybe your stomach aches and gas/acid reflex are coming from the type of veggies you are eating. it has happened to me before and certain veggies tend to do that. maybe try changing your intake a little bit see if that helps 🙂


  21. Jauza Mumtazah

    Marzia, I hope the pain you’ve had with your stomach will be gone soon, you’ll get better, so hang in there! ^w^ This week for me, I’ve been so focused on this challenge/competition for making a short video explaining big ideas from either math or science, I chose math! And I’ve got cool ideas for the video! It’s going to be hard, but I’m doing anyway.. But, I’ve been wondering how to make small animations I can add to an already made video, if you know anything about this, please let me know! Thanks and have a wonderful day, Marzia! :3


  22. Klaudia

    Hi! I just read about your problems with health and I’m very sorry about it. I’m writing to you because I also have similar situation with doctors- they don’t know what is going on with my body due to the fact that I have a fever for over nine days, dizziness and really painful headache. Yesterday I got from them drugs for urethritis despite the fact everything is fine with my bladder. Even examination proves it. The situation, with the same symptoms, happened like 1.5 months ago and again doctors didn’t know what’s wrong. I’m just worrying about my health because it’s not normal to be sick monthly. Changing the doctor was not helpful at all.
    Anyway, I hope everything will be fine soon and at the end we will fell quite normal.
    All the best, Marzia!


  23. Loes

    Hi Marzia,

    I study for interior designer and this semester we had to choose a designer that inspires me. So I chose you. The idea is to make a storage item inspired by the designer, so this is gonna be so much fun! I hope it will work out! I want to wish you all good luck with your health situation, and hope you will be better soon.

    Lots of love from the Netherlands 🙂


  24. Amanda

    I absolutely love that series and I cannot wait for the movie!! That is so amazig that you got to see Tim Burton talking about it! What was it like getting to see him talk? Also, I hope you’re feeling better soon! 🙂


  25. Vera

    I went back to uni this week, and also I found this app called Memrise, it is so great to learn new languages. I’m actually learning Italian there now so whenever I’m there I always inevitably think of you haha ^_^

    I do hope you find out what the problem is and that you feel better soon! ❤


  26. Ysobel Luna

    How was the movie Marzia? I’m really excited to see it- I love Eva Green! I just started blogging this week and I didn’t expect to find you on wordpress 😂.

    What a weird sickness to be bothering you at night. I hope the tests give you some answers and that you feel better!


  27. Molly

    Your week was amazing. I’m so jelly you got to see TIM BURTON in the flesh! Ah.

    This week I’ve been redoing my basement. I bought shelves that were so hard to put together they made me cry! But now that they’re together, I’m happy I got them. Lots of organizing…cleaning. Kind of enjoyable, mostly frustrating.

    I hope for you to feel better soon! Love watching your videos and reading your blog.



  28. Teresa

    Hi Marzia! My best friend works in a refugio at the summit of a mountain in Alto Adige. She helps her family every summer but she gets quite lonely during the three months up there. This week it was her birthday and I gathered some friends and we hiked up to surprise her. She was so happy! This was the best thing of my week.
    All the best to your health. Teresa


  29. FiL

    Hi, Marzia,

    This week I started studying at the university and living in a different city. I am still getting used to it 😃
    Get well soon


  30. Makita

    Hey Marzia,

    on Wednesday I found this cool website, so I’ve been just reading all the articles and watching videos since then. To sum it all up it’s about how whole food plant-based diet can prevent and even reverse some deadly and chronic diseases. You should check it out! I myself have Ulcerative colitis, so I’m always looking for something new to try, that would put me in remission. I must say that this diet is working very well for me so far, I will see how it turns out long term. Hoping for the best results possible! I know you are veggie yourself and maybe watching Dr. Greger’s videos could give you some insight into your digestive problems. The website is http://nutritionfacts.org/ and videos I recommend starting with are https://youtu.be/lXXXygDRyBU and https://youtu.be/2ObAE52uMDU.

    I hope you get better soon!

    Sending virtual hugs,



  31. Päevalilleke 🌻

    First of all I know you might not see my comment but I’m gonna write it anyway.

    The sick feeling might be because you got lack of some vitamin, I dont eat meat too and long time ago- first year when I was meat free (I’ve been meat free for 7 years already) I didnt used vitamins B12 and iron tablets, so I got lack of those, I really do hope that you eat vitamin B12 because its the only one what you can only get from meat. Its really important vitamin!!! And lack of iron is shitty thing too. I hope you understand what I mean, my english is bad and my brain isnt working well so I write how I can 😀 Maybe you already use them, im writing this just in case 🙂

    The second thing is this, I havent had any time to look around youtube or blogs but today I got some time and I goed to your channel and read all the blog post what ive missed. While watching your videos I catched myself thinking about how amazing person you are. I really do like you and adore you and your super nice. Im super antisocial and I dont got any friednds, only my fiance and family, but I dont like people at all so I’m shitty person maybe, because I hate people 😀 Anyway i know that in real life you might be different people but what ive seen in your videos, read from your blog and your post at instagram- I FUCKING ADORE YOU. Your good person Marzia, your super sweet and nice and your character its all so amazing, I dont even get it how someone so nice like you excist. I wish that one day I’ll be like you 🙂 I like your style and cool clothes but I’m afraid to wear those, because I feel like people might watch me or aargh I dont know, maybe I’m just a coward…

    I fucking sound like super creepy serial killer stalker xD But anyway your amazing Marzia, and dont never change!

    I hope youll get well soon!


  32. Päevalilleke 🌻

    Oh I read other posts too and it seems really serious :S I hope you get well and thought about that you should try out lactic acid bacteria tablets, theyre good bacterias for the stomach. I had something similar like you had and found out I had Candida Overgrowth in my stomatch, and I know that pills are very often the cause of it. If you already feel so bad its pretty serious.

    https://draxe.com/candida-symptoms/- CHECK OUT IT, it’s really good information there!!!

    Maybe you should stop taking those birth control pills and start taking lacto seven tablets, I pretty much believe it can be the cause. You can google what to do to get better, I got good articles what helped me but theyre in my language so yeah. But like I read your already eating healthy and working out so maybe you just need to stop taking those pills and start taking lacto seven good bacterias.


  33. Selena

    Hey Marzia, first off I’m sorry that this situation with your health is happening to you.. I do not have these symptomes but the same situation happened to me.

    I have epilepsy and since I had history with anxiety and depression doctors did not listen to me and without even thinking twice told me it was anxiety. No matter how many times I told them that I am fine now and that I knew it wasn’t that, they would not listen. 2 years passed and nobody believed me. It drove me so crazy my depression started to come back.
    Then someone believed me. And even if I’m still trying medicines and having tests every week, it’s still a huge step. I came back to my old doctor that said he was sure it wasn’t brain related and showed him the test that clearly showed I had epilepsy. 😊

    Someone will find what you have! Good luck with your health and take care!

    By the way I buyed your book to read during my hospitalisation in 2 weeks, and I’m less scared now ^^


  34. Tokka M Hafez

    Hi marzia sorry to hear that you are still struggling with your stomach. like i hace said before from what you are saying i think it is IBS because i also have IBS. I have had it for 2 years now, and from my experience it is great to have a food diary, but you have to add to that notes on how you are feeling that day, also notice that sometimes it can be the whole food group that is making you feel sick. for me it is Legumes.
    But it can also be the way the food is coocked. like for instance semi cooked legums for me are the worst.
    Aslo semi coocked onions make me feel awful, but if the onion is well cocked i can eat it.
    Aslo notice that it differs from one person to the other, like the stuff that make me sick doesn’t have to do the same for you.
    I hope this helped you and i hope you feel better soon xoxo


  35. Kelley

    Hi Marzia!

    I’m sorry that you are still feeling sick and that it’s taking some time out of your life that would you would probably like to use other wise. I’ll keep you in my prayers! Also, something exciting/fun that happened to me this week is that I started my second year of college! It’s exciting to start a new year with classes and seeing old friends, but it’s also a bit daunting taking on difficult classes and waking up early for 9 o’clock classes and staying out late for night classes. My roommate is one of my best friends and my neighbors are friends of mine as well which help with being so far away from family. But the most exciting thing that happened this week was realizing that compared to last year I am in a better place both emotionally and mentally. It was such a great thing to recognize and accept after thinking that I haven’t really changed since I graduated high school. I’m growing up and even though its a bit scary I’m learning that it’s okay to be a bit scared but its good to go with the flow of how you’re growing up. I can be who I want to be and grow into a person that I really love and that’s the best.

    Wishing you the best!


  36. Paula


    I’ve been following your health problems when you started writing about them and I know that you mentioned doctors kept telling you about stress and things like that but you were sure it wasn’t that. Well, the longer I read about this, the more I’m sure that it is caused by anxiety.
    I’ve been struggling with it for almost 13 years old and yes, this can ruin people’s life so easy. When I started my treatment, I’ve become into psychology and started analysing every single thing about anxiety. After 3 years I’ve noticed lots of things and the most important one is that anxiety comes unexpectedly. And even more when we think that everything is ok and we are “free”. I will tell you something. This summer finally I braved to do things I’ve been dreaming of for a long of time. I travelled to Sweden to meet my friend. It was such an incredible trip that one evening I was standing in front of the mirror, looking at myself and I thought “I am so happy finally”. Guess what happened the next day. Yes, I had a terrible panic attack.
    You need to remember that anxiety “likes” showing us that it is still somewhere. The key is to keep fighting and not letting it control us.
    I don’t mean that it is the same situation. But I remember first signs of anxiety- I felt nauseous, I stopped eating normally because I was terrified I would vomit (which I am also afraid of, as you). I’ve lost a lot of weight, I’ve started refuse food- it was horrible. Marzia, you can’t do the same because it will end up terrible for you. I do think you should visit a specialist and talk about it with them because it looks as exactly the same as I had. Remember that mind and body is one and what mind says- body does. Sometimes we can’t see it but all these symptoms are typical for anxiety.
    I’m not a doctor, of course. But I’ve experienced a lot when it comes to anxiety and I just wanted to share my point of view with you. Maybe I will help you even just a little bit because it’s easy to see that it’s tiring for you.

    I hope you will feel better soon. Lots of people stand by you, remember!
    Big bug for you, Marzia!


  37. Kendall

    Hi Marzia, stomach problems are the worst. My only tip for you is to drink lots of tea [which i am sure you are already on top of] and though moving around is sickening it may help your illness go away. Don’t take too many medications and keep working out.Good luck. :/ :]


  38. Ester

    Hey you! 💫
    I have to admit I’m a little jealous that you got to see Tim Burton present the movie, but I’m happy for you aswell, of course; it must have been so cool! 🙂
    I love the picture of you sitting at the beach in front of the old pier. Your sweater matches the sea so well and that’s so satisfying to look at, haha. :3

    I have been to Spain for a week (which was so sweet cuz I’ve been working the whole summer and haven’t been on any vacation – until now) and I’ve been reading your book in the lounger by the pool while drinking sangria and enjoying the sun. I have to say it’s amazing! And when I read it, I can’t avoid to hear your voice which is so funny *giggling*

    I really really hope you will feel better soon, Marzia. You really don’t deserve to feel bad, it’s so sad. But I’m sure it will be better very soon, dear. Everything’s gonna be alright ❣️

    Hugs, Ester.


  39. thecloudydreamer92Emily

    Our symptoms are almost identical Marzia! My Dr thought it could be 1 of the following: Gallstones, Acid Reflux or a Stomach Ulcer. Perhaps you should ask to try a short course of Gastro-Resistant medication such as Lansoprazole (I’m on this and have had no pain since) to see if it makes any difference. Either way I hope you get your answer soon, I know how awful it is to have your life dictated by your pain. I know that whenever I finish my course of medication I have terrible anxiety about leaving the house/eating out etc in case I get the pain again (and it’s almost always in the late afternoon/evening when I’ve had my main meal).


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