August 23rd, 2016

What an adventure!


For a little less than a week I have been travelling, and this time, the selected location was Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

Let me tell you – and show you – what I have been up to during this trip!



We landed on Thursday afternoon, and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that everybody speaks English here (being an English colony, it made sense). So getting around was really simple!

We got to the hotel, stayed up watching “W” (a K-drama) till 10.30pm and then fell asleep.




Time to visit the city!

We stayed at the Grand Hyatt, which is very central, so reaching each location we were interested in seeing was just a short walk away.


And so we walked through the KLCC park, with its water shows and interesting sculptures.


Nearby, was the Aquaria aquarium, and of course, we popped in!


The otters were surely the cutest thing we saw in here. So adorable.


And Felix made a new friend.


After the aquarium, we wanted to check out a shopping mall: I had heard that on the 6th floor of the Pavilion there is a “Tokyo Street” – you know my obsession with Japan – and so we searched for it.


This giant Maneki Neko was there to greet us.


But then it was time to get ready for our romantic dinner; in fact, this day was the 19th, our anniversary.

I looked up if there was a restaurant in the KL Tower, and there was!


We booked for 6.30pm till 8.30pm, so we got to see the sun setting – it was gorgeous. Plus, the restaurant actually slowly moved around, so even if you are sitting down dining, you get a full view of the city.


The people working there recognised us, and brought us a lovely cake to celebrate! So sweet of them.


Another cool thing was to be able to see the tower lighting up and changing colour. It was so pretty!


We definitely had a lovely anniversary. And to finish it off, we went swimming at night, with the wonderful view over the Petronas towers.




We started off the day by visiting the National Museum of Malaysia. It was a bit hard to follow everything, but it was still interesting.

This only took us a few hours, so then we walked to the Bird Park.


This place was actually massive, and Felix and I kept joking about the fact that it felt as if we were in Jurassic Park.


It was so big we actually didn’t manage to visit the whole thing, mostly for two reasons:

  1. it was way too hot to walk around so much;
  2. we previously booked another attraction and we had to leave.


But we did see at least 3/4 of it, so it was fine. And this area, the exotic owl one, was my favourite.


As I mentioned, we had to leave early to go some place else: the previous day we bought tickets to walk the Sky Bridge between the Petronas twin towers.

IMG_0235 copy.jpg


So here I am, in the middle of it, chilling.


And this is a close up of the stunning tower. The design is insane.


In the evening, we moved to Times Square, a huge department store. In the picture, you can see the multiple floors as well as the covered “Central Park”, in which plenty of tiny shops sell all kinds of things.


We dined here, but the main reason why we came, was the indoor amusement park.


I have never thought something like this could exists – I kept thinking it was something out of Rollercoaster Tycoon. haha




The final full-day in Kuala Lumpur. I kept the Batu Caves as our last thing to do because I knew they were going to be incredible.


You get to walk 272 steps, I believe, to get up into some stunning caves, enriched with hindu statues and temples.


It was a really hot and humid day, as every other day, but we made it. When I got up I was soaked, but it was worth it!


The pictures might not show how beautiful this place truly is, but it really was a fascinating experience.


The temple in the furthest cave.


Did I mention that there were monkeys? 🙂


And then when you leave, you get the most stunning view.


I think we can all agree this doesn’t even look real. So pretty!!

After going back to the hotel, Felix and I got ready for our last night in the city (or at least that’s what we thought), dined at the hotel and made our way to the cinema.

I know what you are thinking – “why would you waste your time going to the cinema?!” – well, well. I happened to noticed that “Sadako vs. Kayako” was out, which is not in Europe and I’m not even sure if it will be showed on the big screen here, so I had to take that chance.


If you have no idea what I’m talking about, Sadako is the girl from “The Ring”, and Kayako the one from “The Grudge”. Some genius decided to combine the two together and make a movie. Okay, it wasn’t super scary, but the effects were great and the movie was very amusing! Also, we were happy to know that the movie was played in Japanese, but with 3 different subtitles at the same time (English included) – how great is that?!

When we got home from the cinema, tho, a nightmare begun…


12am. I feel nauseous. I have emetophobia, the fear of vomiting, so any time I run to the toiler feeling extremely sick, my body would shut down and start panicking because of the incontrollable fear of what might happen.

I go on this way, in so much pain, till 2am. Then I call my parents, crying. They suggest I would call a doctor, and so I do.

3am. The doctor arrives, and I’m still feeling terrible. He gives me a needle shot in the lower back and pills to calm my panic attacks + prescribes me with about 6 different medicines to take in the following days. He said I had food poisoning.


Thankfully, the shot worked its way fast into my system and I fell asleep. I woke up 12 hours later, but went back to sleep till the evening, when it’s time to leave for the airport. I sleep all the way there.

We board into the plane at 11pm, but an hour later they warn us there is a problem with the wing. We wait till 3am, when they make us leave the plane and tell us they will put us in a hotel for the night + book us in for the latest plane the day after.

Having the dogs at home being taken care of till the end of the day only (back in UK time), we couldn’t possibly wait any longer, so we made the decision of booking with another airline and sleep in a bench a few hours.


All of this happening whilst I was suffering from food poisoning, still.

This is me, delirious, showing my mom and friends what my situation looked like.

But hey, we got new tickets for a flight at 10am. What else can go wrong, right?

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 14.26.41.png

Other than this guy farting next to us the entire time, after queueing up for our tickets and bag drops, they tell us that our tickets have been cancelled.

We rush to the counter to buy new ones: only 2 are left, but in business class. Let me tell you – this trip costed me way more than necessary, but at this point I just wanted to sit on a plane and make my way back home.

Luckily, we managed to get in on time, and arrived by the end of the day on Tuesday, so the pugs were still looked after.


Back in Brighton, happy to be home.

As I said, this trip really was an adventure. It had its ups and downs, but I’m sure what will stay is the memory of the wonderful things we have seen, and later on, we will just laugh at the unfortunate events we had to go through.


130 thoughts on “KUALA LUMPUR.

  1. Kaylee

    KL is a gorgeous place. Too bad about your last day; why did you call your parents when Felix was there with you? Surprised he didn’t call the doctor.


  2. hannekalleberg

    I love that you have this blog next to youtube, it feels more personal and i really appreciate that you share bits of your life with us! Me and my boyfriend visited Rome a couple of weeks ago, and we were planning on going to Barcelona next, but now i want to go to Malaysia instead haha!! Love your photos and the overall vibe on the post.

    Lots of love from Norway!



  3. Georgia

    oh my god marzia! YOU WATCH W OMG! I have been wanting to tell you to watch it because of its unique plot. ITS SO ENTERTAINING!!!!!!! you have to watch a korean movie called “Train to Busan” too if you haven’t heard of it. its a movie regarding zombie apocalypse, and its really touching. ITS sort of horror but not to an extend. other recent dramas i find really nice is beautiful mind, its unlike any other kdramas which has a love line but really touching as well. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT.


  4. Brenda

    Wow! Seems like such a great place to visit. Especially the Batu caves. Sorry you had to go through such awfulness, the first time I left the country I got a case of the travelers stomach. I don’t have a fear of throwing up but I had always tried to avoid it at all costs so much so that I hadn’t thrown up for about 12 years. Well that trip broke that record. At least for me, there’s something about vomiting that feels so out of my control, when it did happen you best believe I was crying my eyes out. I even have a picture of myself all pale and eating soup lol. You’re right though, when you think of the memories back to those experiences you focus on all the good memories and even the bad ones you can remember and laugh at how awful they were.


  5. thegirlwiththehusky

    Happy Anniversary to you guys, sorry if it’s a late greet. I’m happy that you guys enjoyed your trip to Malaysia, I really bet it was such a fun experience. I hope you get better soon Marzia. Take care 🙂


  6. Azlan Shah

    Glad you had a great time here despite all the hassle, Marzia!
    Hope you guys come here again some other time! But instead why don’t you go to the beautiful beaches we have here instead of the city for a change!
    I’d suggest going to Batu Ferringhi in Penang!


  7. barelysara

    I hope 2 days later you feel a lot better. Food poisoning is the worst thing that can happen. I also can’t imagine you, feeling so bad and having to wait in the airport, it’s the worst I think.

    I’m glad you had an amazing time with Felix and I’m glad to see that it’s been an amazing 5 years for you guys.


  8. donnacreativia

    Happy Anniversary Marzia and Felix! This overview is so nice to read and I love your outfits!
    Also, I am so sorry to hear that you got food poisoning on the last day Marzia. Being sick on vacation is terrible! I have emetophobia as well, and really struggle with it especially since I’ve been dealing with nausea for the past two years due to peptic ulcers. I wonder, do you have any tips on how to deal with this anxiety? I hope you’re feeling better Marzia! Lots of love! ❤


  9. melanie

    You are just fueling my love for Lazy Oaf! And your pictures are absolutely stunning, especially the one of you and Felix in the caves, the lighting makes it so perfect!


  10. Stefanie Jäger

    Reading this, I wonder: Did you actually have to throw up, Marzia? Or did you just always rush there in fear of throwing up but then the phobia sort of ‘stopped’ you from actually puking?

    I have emetophobia too and now.. this question doesn’t leave my head ;_; I hope you feel better now, at the time when you read this and that the delicious bagel you got yourself didn’t bring back the nauseaness. Maybe, if you read this comment, you could just quickly let me know if .. .. you know- it happened?

    Please take care of yourself & kind regards from Paris.


    1. marziabisognin

      It didn’t, I rushed there and felt like it was going to, many many times, but each time the fear stopped me. But the anxiety and panic attacks made everything worse >.< I think I eventually would have vomited if the doctor didn't come and gave me a shot to not do it (I told him I have a phobia). But because I really didn't want to vomit, I had to recover from the food poisoning longer than a person would, because the "bug" wasn't leaving my system. It was very painful. I just wish there was a way for us, people that fear vomiting, to deal better with these things and get proper medication. When you tell people or even a doctor that you are afraid, I feel like they don't really get it and simply give you something standard to help with it. But hey, I finally got better, last night I even managed to eat dinner for the first time! YAY. 😉


      1. Rae (@MaelowPi)

        I recently just found your blog/Youtube channel and really enjoy the content. But when I found out you were emteophobic too, it made feel more connected with you. A lot of people don’t know or understand emetophobia, and as someone who suffers from it, its nice to see other people who suffer from it lead normal lives. I am always afraid to travel and eat new foods (two of my favourite things) because of emetophobia. My doctor prescribed me anti-anxiety pills when I am having an anxiety attack when feeling sick. I’ve never met someone else who has this and a lot of my friends don’t understand. I really want to get over this phobia but its so difficult. I read on your latest blog post that you are continuing to feel poor. As someone who relates to your situation, I am so sorry that it continues to be an issue and you have to live with the fear.


  11. Jasmine

    OMG! Marzia, you came to Malaysia and visited KL? Like for 5 days? How come only now I’m reading this post (-_-)” So glad you celebrated your anniversary here. So sorry to hear that you fell sick. How unlikely for it to happen seeming you both had been dining well. I bet this will be a bittersweet memory for you to keep. Hopefully, it won’t keep you away from visiting Malaysia again someday. There’s a lot more for her to offer, you know. And good stuffs that is. Next time, I’ll be wishing you ‘Selamat datang’ 🙂 Tell me, what made you choose KL for this trip? xo


    1. Jasmine

      Oh, and yeah, it’s super hot and humid around here. That’s why your peanut butter & banana pie recipe makes scrumptious dessert all year long ;p


  12. ONEMAN

    Ciao Marzia,
    mi spiace tantissimo per quanto ti è successo.
    Non avere paura di vomitare, è una reazione naturale del nostro organismo che si protegge.
    Marzia, io ti aiuterei se me lo permettessi. A te sembrerà di essere “unica”, non è così, è solo il tuo percorso di vita che ti pone di fronte delle paure che hanno qualcosa da insegnarti. Risulta tutto normale, tutto si supera se lo si vuole e se si lavora su di se, anche il peggior scenario che puoi pensare.
    Piccola curiosità: a livello statistico le persone dedicano 30 volte di più del loro tempo a preoccuparsi del loro stato fisico piuttosto che del loro stato mentale. L’uomo più felice del mondo, Matthieu Ricard, fa l’opposto, è arrivato a dedicare fin quarantamila ore alla meditazione. Tu da che parte vuoi stare?
    Iniziamo da questo video: http://www.ted.com/talks/matthieu_ricard_on_the_habits_of_happiness? 🙂 🙂


  13. Cat

    This sounds amazing I have a fear of traveling for long periods of time. I guess I feel anxious the whole time I recently went to a conference in a different state far away and I couldn’t hold all my marbles together. I was rude, discombobulated and panicking alot. I feel terribly sorry. I’m awful when I’m having anxiety attacks. I don’t know how to tell people either. Seeing as I’m not a child anymore, really holds me back from booking trips outside my own country. But look at the culture and beauty you got see. So amazing. I hope all goes well the rest of the year. Still hoping you guys get another dog. Awesome pics.


  14. Lily

    Hey marzia! May i know what piano song did u used on ur malaysia vlog? At 12:40 to be exact. You also used it on your Hello, Lisbon vlog. At 6:48 mins to be exact. Can you please tell me the title of the piano song bcs it’s SO SO relaxing to listen to! Thanks x


  15. drvnkymonk

    I just got back from a trip from Las Vegas to San Francisco, and I too had food poisoning! Unfortunately, I didn’t show any symptoms until the morning of the flight, and had to stop the taxi so I could vomit on the side of the road! I had to change my flight so I could finish vomiting in the bathroom for a few more hours. Luckily the flight was only 1 hour long, but it was a terrible ending to an otherwise amazing trip!


  16. Kayla C

    Hi Marzia, may I ask where you have gotten your dress from your anniversary dinner?
    I’m in desperate need for a homecoming dress, so if you have any recommendations on where I can find any, please reply!
    Also I really hope you feel better, there are a lot of difficult doctors, but you will find one that will help you with your stomach.


  17. Rachel

    This pissed me off because I’ve been studying in Malaysia for the past 4 years and now I am back in my own country, which is Indonesia. Just when I got back to my country, you and Pewds come to Malaysia and now I didn’t get the chance of meeting you guys (seriously that is like my biggest dream I love you both!!!!)

    Actually you met my friends, they took a photo with you and Pewds (I think at the KLCC bridge), and I am like very very jealous 😦

    Anyhow, I love love love this post because it reminds me so much of my life back in Malaysia. It’s really a beautiful place. I’m sorry that you have to experience food poisoning, I hope you’ll get better soon. Despite that, I hope you will visit again someday (or maybe try to visit Indonesia!).

    Love you both Marzia and Pewds! Stay awesome!


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