August 11th, 2016

Caorle, Treviso and Vicenza.


As you probably know, I was born and grew up in Vicenza, a city in the northern region of Veneto, Italy.

I’ve stopped by a few days to stay with my family, and meet with some friends.

Here are some photos I took, to show you around.


When I landed in Venice airport, my parents came to pick me up. We stayed a day at my aunt’s flat by the seaside, in Porto Santa Margherita, and then, on the way to another city, we stopped by Caorle, a picturesque seaside town nearby.



I loved strolling around all the tight and colourful streets, full of charming old buildings.


My parents told me they brought me here when I was little, but I had no memory of it, so I’m glad I got to see it, even if just for 30 minutes. Very pretty!


Then we drove to Treviso, another city not far from where I used to live, which for some reason I’ve never checked out before.


The best part about this area is that there are canals everywhere, so although the heat and sun are strong during the summer, being able to see water everywhere around you gives you the feeling of being a bit chillier. Plus, it makes everything look even prettier than it already is.


I believe most people stop by Venice only, when touring Italy, but the truth is that all the other cities in Veneto have so much to offer as well. And because they are not so well-known, they are usually very quiet.


Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to spot some abandoned buildings, especially since Italy is still hurting from the economic crisis, but to be fair, even unkept properties manage to look charming in this setting.


Also, most of the architecture in Italy is just incredible, and having so much history, you can easily see a gothic or medieval building, right next to one from the Renaissance period.  A stunning contrast.


So my quick visit at Treviso was very successful: it definitely left me with a good impression of the city, and would recommend others to visit it as well, if they happen to be around and have a free morning.


But now we make it to Vicenza – my city.

It’s not too different from other places in Veneto, like Verona, Treviso and Padova (you can see a pattern with layout, squares and buildings) but what we do have to offer as an extra, is the presence of plenty of Andrea Palladio’s work.


If you are not familiar with his name, he used to be a very important architect in the Renaissance era (he even had his own movement), that built many villas as well as important palaces, all around Vicenza. His buildings are listed from UNESCO as World Heritage.


You won’t be able to fully take in the beauty of his work until you see it in person, but to give you an idea, this is the Olympic Theatre, which mimic the ancient Roman open-air theatres.




And this is just one example, if you look him up you will see how many more things he has done that are very impressive.


In the main square of Vicenza there is the Basilica, which is another example of his talent.


But this concludes our short tour. When I go back next time I will try my best to show you some other places in the region.

I’m also editing a video today so you will surely see more of these areas as soon as it comes out!

I’m curious: have you ever been to any of these places? If so, what did you like best?



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