August 5th, 2016

I’ve completed my first 3 assignments!


I’m not too sure how to structure this blog post, but so many of you have been supportive about me being back to studying and asked for an update, so here is one!

First of all, everything is going really well. I am extremely interested in what I’m learning and I find every assignment to be a “fun challenge”.

I have scored a 9/10 in the very first one, about the ‘Visual Language of Design‘, in which I have learned the basics and about each design element and principal.

The second module was about the ‘History of Style, Design and Architecture‘, which I found so incredibly interesting and truly fascinating. Having a thing for travelling, I get to observe so many different buildings, art techniques and be exposed to various cultures: this chapter was very long and exhaustive, and although my tutor reassured me that was the only section about history – to be honest – I actually loved it. I learnt about the different styles from the Neolithic to the current day, focusing on each era in between. Now I can easily recognise the traits for each of them, and any time I look at a building, I’m able to point out its characteristics, influences and period.

So in the second assignment you could tell how in depth I went, and scored a 10/10!

Now, only yesterday I’ve submitted my third assignment, so I still don’t have a vote or feedback on it, but I can tell you that this latest chapter was about the different Design Styles, like Bohemian, Retro, Art Deco and Nouveau, Victorian, Zen, Rustic, Minimalistic and so on (there is so many more!). Plus, it even went in depth on warm spaces vs cool spaces, what defines them and how to make one turn into the other with a few changes – very cool stuff!

So here is where I am at. Absolutely loving the course and putting my knowledge at use any time I get the chance to.

I still have 9 more modules to go, and many more months, so I will try to update you later on, but for now, since so many of you were curious, I wanted to just write a bit about it.

If I have been a bit less present here on my blog is because work and study have been taking over, and I’m getting ready for multiple trips this month, but I want you to know that I still read every comment and I appreciate you stopping by! 🙂


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