July 23rd, 2016

Another vintage shop I fell in love with.


This is a new discovery for me: I have seen the sign for this shop a few times before, but being just outside the usual Lanes area I shop at, I never checked it out… until today, of course. 


Here is the entrance, on it’s own, not really close to any other shops. It may seem pretty small, but it is actually very big inside!


The building itself is cool, and there is tons of stuff to go through (this is just an area). As you know, I love Snoopers Paradise and it will always be my favourite, but as far as vintage clothing goes, this place has a lot more to offer.


I selected 3 items, although I definitely want to go back and browse though for a little bit longer.



My outfit and the shop matched – haha.


Driving back home on a Saturday is madness. People and cars everywhere. But these bubbles floating around made it all better! Can you tell how many people are packed on the streets?


Eventually I got home, and here are my 3 picks:

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

They might look a bit strange laid out this way (and okay, yes, the pants are weird) but they are all very cute in person.

The pants have a lovely floral pattern, and the fabric is very strange cause it’s slightly hairy – no idea what is it – but breathable. They have a straight cut, a bit baggy on me, but I would see them looking nice with a simple t-shirt to wear on a chill day or a picnic.

The yellow dress is stunning: if you look at it up close you will see all the amazing detailing. It’s a midi dress, meaning that it reaches below the knees, and it’s very pretty. I can totally see myself wearing this on a hot summer day.

And finally the pink one, I loved the cut of and the buttons going down the centre. I was unsure of this because it is pretty stained, and needs some fixing (the threads are coming off everywhere) but the store made me a discount and I think I might be able to bring it back to a wearable state.


And here is a photo of Maya, because she is adorable. 😉

That’s it! I wasn’t planning on making a blog post, but since I came around this amazing store, I thought I would share it with you.

Have a lovely weekend!


81 thoughts on “BEYOND RETRO.

  1. mitchamablog

    I don’t find ANY of your picks weird, on the contrary I love them all and I wish I could buy them as well, they are so my style! I wish I could find a vintage shop in my town as well 🙂


  2. onesugartea

    the yellow dress~ absolutely adorable! I love these kinds of vintage shops. I found a great underground place in Oslo that looks pretty similar to this one. they organized the whole store by color!! it was like a crazy rainbow of retro fashion haha ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ansia

    Really cool store, I wish I could find something like that but there isn’t such thing in the place I live :/ Oh, Maya is adorable indeed!!! ^.^ Hope you had a nice weekend, mine was pretty fun and thanks for sharing! 😀


  4. Ana

    I wish there was a little vintage shop like this close to me! Small shops are so incredibly homey, and unique. Everything you bought is so adorable, but the yellow dress is my favourite. It is simply gorgeous!


  5. Alisa

    When you say the pants are slightly hairy – could it be flannel? They remind me of pyjama pants, but there is nothing wrong with that.

    The middle dress is sooo Lolita, and I love it! The floral trim is lovely! I really like the lace on the pink dress, too.


  6. Ooh La!

    Woww, actually the pink dress is my favorite of the three pieces you picked! I don’t know, it’s so cute! Reminds me a little of Wes Anderson’s style, and that’s probably why I love it haha like, I can totally see you wearing it with high socks and oxford. The other two are also so cute, the pants look very comfortable and I just loved the top of the yellow dress. You’ve made an amazing shopping there, I wish I could go too, I love vintage shops!

    Have a nice day!! 🙂


  7. Esra C

    I love the fact that you are so open to trying new things and new places! I feel that by doing so, you are able to expand your comfort zone and feel a lot more relaxed with yourself. Maybe it’s just the way I feel when I do it, but it really helps me socially.
    It feels like such a long time since I last wrote a comment on your blog! I’ve missed chatting with you😊 Waiting for a new post soon. Stay safe❤️

    Love, Esra.


  8. Natalie

    Hey Marzia!
    Love your blog so far! It’s full of intresting and new things that I have never heard before. It’s very cool that you made this and included things that you love and enjoy the most. And by sharing these to your fans, it’s awesome to see them, including me, enjoying it so much! I love it how it inspries me and others to try new things because of this blog and most importantly, you!!! 😊 Thanks for making this blog and taking the time to do this! Happy blogging and youtubing!❤️❤️
    Natalie 💕


  9. Natasza

    hi Marzia,
    refering to your ‘back to school’ post (btw, you go, girl!)- thought I would ask- have you ever tried/heard of Skillshare?
    thinking about joining in so any opinion would be nice 😉
    cheers xo


  10. Sam Bailey

    I absolutely love the yellow dress! From your most recent video (which was incredible, by the way!) the dress seems to fit you comfortably and looks great on you. Love it!


  11. samashbailey

    I absolutely love the yellow dress you picked up! From your most recent video (which was incredible, by the way!) the dress looks gorgeous on you and is well suited. I love it!


  12. alessandramelone

    Hi Marzia! This shop looks amazing! I love industrial buildings that have been renewed but still kept their own style and old-fashioned taste, the roof trusses in glass and iron give the perfect light to the inside, and also the style of the shop and the style of the construction match perfectly! *architecture lover rumbling*
    One day I hope I will come back to Brighton and have a long walk around visiting all the wonderful places you show us!
    The three pieces you’ve chosed are really cute, I wear black clothes most of the time so I’m not the best judge (xD) but I think they suit your personality and taste pretty well!
    Hope you have a nice weekend, baci :3


  13. Hannah Challinor

    i bet u will look beautiful in them. the pants i can imagine with a white t shirt, cropped or tucked in. the yellow dress looks amazing and good luck with the pink one !!! ❤


  14. Bella

    Hey Marzia! I’ve been inspired by you on the video called ‘Haulternative’ you’ve made! Now I am really into buying secondhand or vintage clothes but I have one thing in my mind, how do you sterilize the clothes you bought from there? I would really appreciate it if you would respond 😉


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