July 20th, 2016

Quick, cold and vegan. 


The weather, even here in Brighton, is nice and warm. Yesterday the temperatures reached 29*C – something very unusual – so I felt like it was the perfect time to make a no bake, cold pie. It takes about 10 minutes to make, and an hour for it to be done.

I found the recipe here, but as usual mine has slightly different ingredients, and also a base for the crust.

Hope you like it!


You can read the ingredients in the ‘shopping list’, as well as how much of each you need. I did not specify how much agave (which by the way, you could substitute with caramel and I bet it would be even better) simply because it’s to taste.


Start by creating the crust: take your walnuts (which you can break more than I did, for a smoother base), a tablespoon of sunflower spread (I didn’t list it, by mistake) and agave. Mix together so that the walnuts will stick.


Spread them at the bottom of your cake tin, making sure you cover all the area and don’t leave any empty spots.


Then take all the rest of the ingredients, and mix them together with an electric mixer for a few minutes. You can make it extra smooth, but I wanted to have some banana chunks in there – it’s up to you!


Pour the mixture in top of the crust, and put in the freezer or fridge until it gets more solid. I left it for an hour, and removed it when I noticed that the edges hardened.


And then the pie is ready! I told you it was easy.

I put some agave on top and served it. Felix hates peanut butter, but because the walnuts and bananas mix so well with it, he really liked the taste of it, and the smooth top versus the crunchy bottom made it all better.

Perfect for a hot summer day; it’s so refreshing and tasty!


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