June 17th, 2016

It’s finally warming up!


Yesterday, as every Saturday, Felix and I spent the day together. We wanted to simply walk in the centre and have a nice time: the weather was on our side, and the sun came out.

I always talk about The Lanes, so today, let me show you around!


The Lanes are the oldest part of Brighton, right in the centre: there are the North Lanes as well as the South Lanes, but the best street is the North Laine (the one in the picture above).

Being so old, all the Lanes are very tight and quirky, full of independent cafés and shops. When you walk in this area, it feels like a maze, and every turn you make, something interesting shows up.


Here is where Family Store – a cool shop I’ve mentioned a few times before – has opened a few months ago, and I like to go check out what new pins and art books they have to offer as often as I can. They sell “Stay Home Club” stuff, which is very nice.


But if you keep walking straight up, you will find the North Laine, which is the slimmest street, where my absolute favourite vintage/second hand market is placed: Snoopers Paradise.


What ever you are looking for, you will find it here. And even if you are not looking for anything in particular, you will still want to grab something.



If you like to snoop around, this is the place for you. I love just looking at all the things they have to display, and any time I leave, I always have something with me.


Oh. Did I mention that they have a ton of creepy objects?!


But this is only one of the many amazing shops in the North Laine, so if you are ever around, make sure you check this street out. Everybody loves it. 😉


After doing some shopping, Felix and I stumbled across this new place, Loving Hut, that does vegan cuisine. I felt like I was in heaven: Brighton is popular with vegetarian and vegan restaurants, but usually they are more a sit-down kind of type, rather than a quick lunch. So finding this was perfect, and my burger was incredible! I’m already thinking of going back soon, the food was just too delicious.


With our bellies stuffed, was then time to go back home, grab the pugs and go down to the beach. It was surprisingly warm, not only sunny, and although the wind never really stops, it was the greatest summer day we had so far. So of course, that deserved an ice-cream.


Can you spot the West Pier, in the distance?

We stayed by the beach for about an hour, then left to paint a bit, change, and go to the cinema. Such a lovely day.

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at The Lanes, and I wish you a great weekend!


64 thoughts on “A SUMMER DAY.

  1. Pola M

    hey marzia! im going to be visiting Brighton in august, and i don’t really know what im going to do there for 3 days. do you have any recommendations, like restaurants to eat at, and places to visit? id prefer places that aren’t well known, like ‘the lanes’ you’ve shown us.
    i love your blog a lot!


  2. Claudia

    Hello Marzia!

    I’m not much a traveler to be honest, I’ve only been from areas IN the country I live in ( all the way to Asia ) but one day.. One day I’ll travel like a soaring bird that gets headaches due to plane air-cons. I’ve never been to an actual Antiques Shop before as well.. As you can see I’m not much a person to discover I like staying in being a little caterpillar. BUT I’LL ONE DAY BE A BUTTERFLY JUST WAIT.

    I’m very weird sorry.. And I’ve never left comments for popular people, ever. So its my first time. But I want to compliment how awesome you are!!! When my friend introduced me to your channel and to your videos you were the ONLY youtuber I was watching so far… ~ Stalker Vibes ~ and now even a classmate and friend of mine watches your videos!

    Right now, its quite late where I live. So wherever you are… Whatever time it is, hope you’re doing great ! (≧∇≦)


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