July 15th, 2016

What they say is true: you never stop learning.


It’s been almost exactly 5 years since I have graduated in what translates to English as “Tourism Expert”. I remember thinking that studying tourism, economy and languages would not be very helpful for the life I had planned for myself, but it turns out that travelling is one of the things I truly love doing, and speaking four languages is pretty useful. And economy, well, I hated it… but it helps now, since I do run my own company.

So after all, that choice was pretty spot on for me. But, there is a but: as I have previously expressed, and many people can easily tell, I am more interested in the art field, and I never really gave that a proper chance. Sure, I paint, I snap photos, I edit videos and I make my clothes and clothing lines – which I am very happy about – but I always felt like I wanted to learn more, on a more professional level. All I know in the art field is what I have gathered on my own, and although that could have been enough, I wanted to push a little more this time.

And so yes, I went back to “school”. 


For the longest time I was stuck, mainly due to two factors:

  1. I do live a busy lifestyle: it might not seem like it, but meetings, emails, travelling and coming up with original material (on top of shooting and editing) does require some time. To that, add personal interests and the time flies by. All of this means that I did not have the intention of going to a university, as the time commitment would be too much for me right now. Also, struggling with social anxiety, thinking about being back in an environment where you are surrounded by people, didn’t seem so appealing;
  2. I have so many interests and passions. Sometimes I think too many. In a way, this is perfectly fine, because I can explore and learn new things about different subjects; but when it comes to having to focus on one specifically, how do you pick?!

Because of the above, I have been pushing my need of learning away for a long time. But finally, I felt like I had to take control over the situation and make a move.


I scouted the internet for months, before finding the best course I could find. I figured if I didn’t have the time for university, the next best thing would be a course. I originally wanted one in my area to which I could go to in the evening, but turns out all the ones I was most interested in begin at the end of September. And my family and friends know all too well that any time I put my mind into something, I make it happen, fast.

So another option was an online course. I didn’t consider it earlier because so many seem a bit sketchy, but eventually I did came across one that seemed to be exactly what I needed, and incredibly well put together.


So now I am an Interior Design student. Only yesterday I turned in my first assignment, and I’m not going to lie, it feels strange and a bit scary to be back at being evaluated by someone, and been paired up with a tutor, but so far is going really well; I feel so extremely inspired that I stop on the street anytime I see an interesting building, or a cool café, just to observe it or take a photo of it.

And if you, like me, might be struggling to decide on which subject to focus on, what helped me was listing out all of the different interests I have, and give some thought to what I would like to do in the future. This is hard. For me it’s so difficult because I have a career on Youtube and making videos is my priority, but at the same time the idea of having a job on the side always crossed my mind: for years I had the thought of re-storing and decorating homes, and now that I’m renovating my bathroom and I have revamped the old flat Felix and I own, I felt like it wasn’t such an impossible thing to pursue.


What I didn’t want to do, tho, was to rush into it, but instead take my time to really understand and study the subject, and eventually obtain a degree.

It will take me between 6 months to a year, but I’m very motivated and truly inspired by learning new things about something I care about.

I was a bit scared to share this, to be honest, because I do feel like some people on the internet like to take my interests and make them seem so insignificant, but I’m so happy to have made this decision and finally pushed myself to try out a course (if you have anxiety and any small thing seem like a huge achievement, you will understand how I feel; even just signing up was a massive step for me) that I realised sharing this with you meant more to me than the remote chance of someone leaving a negative comment. I also usually worry about sharing things too soon, but with me being on the internet, it almost makes me feel like I’m keeping something from you if I don’t talk about it. So I hope you don’t mind!

I do know that most of you in here are people I can trust, share things with and overall have a nice chat with, and that’s why I come here to talk about anything that goes on in my life, no matter what it is.

Again, me putting time into studying won’t take away any time from making videos: that’s what I love doing and will continue as normal, as well as posting frequently in here, but I am very excited about this new adventure as well. 🙂


Wish me luck!



294 thoughts on “BACK TO “SCHOOL”.

  1. Elena

    Dear Marzia:

    It’s so great to know that you decided to study again and something that you love doing!!! It doesn’t matter where or how. The fact that is something you enjoy doing and you’re good at makes it worth it. I hope everything goes well. I understand it can be stressful sometimes. I study Interior Design too. I’m just in my first cycle; and I’m already dying for holidays to arrive. And it’s so weird because that means that my final maquette is even closer and oh my god I’m so nervous. Anyways I don’t know if you are going to read this. But I wish you the best.



    PS: sorry if my english isn’t the best. My first language is spanish (I’m from Peru). Oh, and an idea for the llama’s name: “Copito”. It means flake kinda like snowflake.


  2. allwasgolden

    Hi Marzia!! Where abouts is your notebook from? It’s so gorgeous and I’ve looked everywhere!!
    Even just the brand would be amazing.

    I’m currently studying design (visual communication) as well and I’m so glad you love it!!


  3. Tenori Taiga

    Where can I find these courses? I would also like to start something like online courses and trying to decide which one’s the best. Can you tell me the webpage , you found? Thank You ❤ good luck with all the work!


  4. Bianca★Hooper (@BiaH0006)

    Dear Marzia:)

    I have to say, you are my favorite person on the internet… I love your youtube videos as well as your blog!!! I myself would like to do interior design, I’ve always been interested in design, but because of personel choices I had to study Tourism Management. Now a few years later I think I’m ready to take that step, I really want to learn more about the industry and maybe oneday work in that field. Can you please tell me about the website you are doing your course, if its not any trouble? Will really appreciate it.

    Thank you for being you:)

    Kind regards


  5. cora

    hey marzia, I’m a architecture student from brazil and I’m very much interested in starting a class online about interior design. I was wondering if you could do post about finding a good one, i’ve been trying for a while but just like you i haven’t had much luck. Or a post about your class specifically, like about what is like to study online, i don’t know hehe.

    love, cora

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Sarah Helal

    hey marzia ! can you please tell us what website you’re learning from cause I am really interested in interior design and would like to take an online course in it 🙂


  7. Alexandra

    Hi Marzia, I’m moving to London soon, and ever since I saw your video about having an interior design course that could finish within a year I’m very interested to do it!(I’m going to take short courses on fashion as well, but wanted to learn more than fashion) I hope you can share with us on where you enrolled! Because this would be perfect for me as well ❤ ❤


  8. suzie

    Hi marziaaa, Ive really wanted to study interior design myself too and I felt the exact same way when i first looked into them. I didn’t trust them at all. But now you are taking an online class I think if you can I can. Would you please be able to recommend a good online class? (If you could possibly share what school you are online attending that would be great haha) Thankyouuuuu!


  9. candidcapsule

    Hey Marzia! This is awesome! I have just recently discovered your blog (and youtube channel actually) and I am in LOVE. Good luck in all your studies and life in general, I guess? I am still a junior in high school and I still don’t know what to take in uni because many people who know me like to stereotype me to be that math geek ya know when in fact I have a huge passion in design, especially interior design. Hoping I’ll get it all figured out before I graduate, but thank you for giving young teens like me the courage to do life to the fullest and not care about what others think 🙂 love ya xx


  10. Monica N

    Hi Marzia!I’ve just recently discovered your blog and I’ve been enjoying every post you make!I have struggled with social anxiety for years and it was the main reason that I had to quit my studies and leave university in my first year.Now I want to start a new path,new bachelor program but I’m still so scared of working with a lot of people and failing.It is hard to choose a specific program when you have various of different interests and hobbies.I am so glad that you made such a big step and decided to share it with us!Seeing this makes me feel a little bit optimistic!People like you can really brighten someone’s day! I admire your work on youtube,fashion and everything you make!Good luck with your studies and career!Thank you so much 🙂

    P.S I apologize for my not so good English,it’s not my mother language (I’m bulgarian) 🙂


  11. Suz

    Hi Marzia, first of all well done on finishing your course!

    I’m wanting to study with the same programme and I wanted to ask you how are the lessons delivered? Are the modules taught through powerpoints? Did you get them posted and did you get any additional resources such as colour/fabric samples etc? Also when it came to designing did you get to pick everything yourself or from a set of options? And where were they picked from, a particular source or any source you desired? I can’t seem to find any of the answers to the above anywhere!

    Good luck for the future x

    Many thanks,


  12. Sabrina

    Ciao Marzia!
    Di solito ti seguo silenziosamente perché sono troppo timida per scrivere messaggi >///< ma questa volta ci tengo davvero tanto, quindi ci provo, anche se ti scrivo su un post super-vecchio, ma è inerente a quello che vorrei chiederti, quindi spero che i messaggi sui post vecchi non finiscano nel dimenticatoio! XD
    Mi sono da poco laureata in architettura, ma vorrei continuare a specializzarmi nel campo dell'interior design. Conosci / sapresti consigliare, qui in Italia, qualche scuola analoga a quella che hai fatto tu per specializzarsi in questo campo? Purtroppo l'offerta nelle università pubbliche non è molto vasta (solo Milano, per me inaccessibile) e di corsi privati ce ne sono così tanti che non capisco se sono davvero validi o meno. Mi pare di capire che per te sia stata un'esperienza positiva, ma pensi che possa essere così anche qui in Italia?
    Spero tu possa aiutarmi a sciogliere questo dubbio, nel frattempo ti mando un mega-abbraccio e continuo a seguirti!


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