July 12th, 2016

A lovely cabin in Udimore.


Last week I was browsing through the AirBnB website, and came across this newly added hut, only 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Brighton.

I got extremely excited, called Felix and asked if I could book it.

He was on board. And so yesterday, we drove there, and spent a night in this cosy place, together with the puggies.


When we reached the countryside, Maya got very happy right away. She might be 10 years old, but she has a lot of energy and loves to run around free.


The property was absolutely stunning, clean and with anything we could need.


Felix and I took this chance to relax and stay outside. Luckily, it was a sunny day, although the wind was even stronger than it usually is in Brighton. Still, we brought some games and run around with Maya and Edgar.


It was such a nice change, especially because living in the city we don’t get to fully turn off, and being immerse in nature was just what we needed.


Here is the view. And Maya blending in. She is so tiny she is shorter than the plants- haha.


And here is me, chilling in the hammock.


Dinnertime was fun as well. We bought some food to cook right before leaving, nothing much but just enough to get through the night. We had a stove and I managed to cook one thing at a time, which meant some of the food got cold by the time we ate it, but having it outdoor, whilst the sun was setting, was so nice and probably made it taste better!


After dinner, we just walked around a bit, taking in all that beauty.


And by 9pm, the pugs were asleep in the couch.

They had been running so much, they made themselves comfy. So cute.


Felix and I stayed up watching a k-drama till midnight, and then fell asleep. At 3 in the morning, it started to rain. At first it was super cosy, but eventually it got so intense we weren’t able to sleep.

To be fair, I had been wishing all day that it would rain during the night, because being used to travel every year on an RV with my parents, when I was younger, the one thing I have always missed about our trips was hearing the rain fall, hitting the top.

So now I got that experience back, and I’m glad about it. As soon as the rain passed, I fell deeply asleep.

I’m happy I got to spend a day in this adorable hut, and I’m hoping that in the future, the pugs, Felix and I will make more time to visit it again.


PS. In case you are wondering, I have vlogged the trip so expect a video in a few weeks (it’s part of my “notes”, so it will come out at the end of the month).

76 thoughts on “A DAY AT “THE HUT”.

  1. Melanie

    so glas you made a post about this! Seeing all the pictures you were both posting on Instagram, I became really curious where you were. The hut looks so cozy and cute, glad you had a good time there!


  2. maytecedano

    CHARITY funds!
    Hey Marzia! First of all so cool you two got a day-off in a place like that it looks really cozy!
    And I know you may not see this but I will try it anyways, so have you heard of apps that donate money to different charities depending on how much do you walk? because I just found out they exist and I thought it may be cool for you to spread the word! since you have a lot of audience! The apps that I’ve heard of are ResQwalk and Charity miles! I will personally start using them, and I hope that anyone that reads this message may consider it! And if you know someone who plays Pokemon Go you should tell them because I know they have to walk a lot and they can help while playing! Anyways I hope you read this, and have a great day!


  3. alessandramelone

    Oh, that hut is soo cute! The place is so suggestive, being fully surrounded by nature with nothing else but the sun, the sound of the wind and the scent of the flowers… Maya looks so happy in the picture with Felix and Edgar, she’s so adorable! Seems you all have had a great day, I love the sound of the rain too and fall aspleep with that sound in my ears, it’s so calming…
    I wish you a nice weekend, baci :3

    P.S.: those farfalle look so tasty! What do you use to garnish them?


  4. QuirkyKali

    That hut is so cute and cozy! It’s so nice that you guys were able to unplug for a day/night. My husband and I always seem to either binge watch Netflix or walk around town playing Pokemon Go (now that it’s out) once we’re finished with work for the day. What kind of games do you and Felix play to try to unplug?


  5. Ida

    I love your blog and your youtube channel marzia, you seem like a nice person and really down to earth! 🙂

    I was wondering if you got any tips how to deal with stress, I bet you and felix got a lot of work and stuff everyday but how do you deal with all that at the same time? I got alot on my mind right now and I feel superstressfull and I also get to deal with social anxiety. If you have any tips how to deal with these things please share! Like how do you get time to relax and so on. As soon as I get time to relax i feel like I get even more stressed out 😦



  6. sitiinurhaliza

    At first I was like “how could you, you did not bring us along:(” but then yayyyyy turns out you did ! Glad you had fun!


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