July 4th, 2016

A day with my parents, my cousin and Felix. By the sea. 


Not long ago, I was on holiday in Scotland with my parents. This time, they wanted to bring my cousin Arianna to Brighton, as she is 11 years old and never travelled outside of Italy.

Because of it, I wanted her to have a good time, and make good memories from this short trip. 


Here is us, by the arches of the aquarium, in Brighton. I love coming here, and I take any chance I get.


Just look at how stunning it is. I might not be a huge aquarium, but it is probably the prettiest I’ve ever been to.


Here is my favourite pufferfish. It is always here, in the same tank, and I like to say hi any time I pass by.


Here is a trapped Felix.


But then it was time to head over to the Brighton Pier. Oh, the pier.

This is probably my favourite place in Brighton where to go and have a good time. There are a few rides, two arcades, amazing doughnuts and great views over the city.

It was a really windy day, and the pier was crowded with people coming from every direction, but we managed to move around and check out everything we wanted to. We even won a keychain. YAY!


My favourite ride is the Horror Hotel, which is the one where Felix and I got stuck in last summer, I believe it was.

It’s very old, and not scary at all, but it has some charm to it.

Even my parents gave it a go!


We then had a lovely lunch at Pinocchio, an Italian restaurant by the Lanes. Great actual Italian food, so if you are ever visiting this area, I do recommend it.

We had a walk around the Pavilion, but then the rain started to pour down.


And here is a shot of my favourite thing. The West Pier, which is now slowly falling apart. It’s like a ghost, and I absolutely love it.

But that was it. We came home, chatted, ordered takeaway and watched the football game between Italy and Germany. Unfortunately we lost, but it was nice to have some family time together.

What have you been up to this past weekend?


54 thoughts on “TO THE SEA LIFE.

  1. marizeko

    Wow, everything looks so magical! If I ever manage to travel there, I will definitely visit those places!! Did you remember to un-trap Felix btw? Just worried, if Edgar now would really take over his channel…. 😀


    1. marizeko

      Oh and you asked of weekend. We went to visit our dear friends and saw their 8 months old son, who was so adorable you could eat him!!! Nicest and easiest baby I have ever seen!


  2. Ella Brown

    Wow! I love hearing about your day and what you get up to. I am a huge fan, and absolutely love you! Hope you have an amazing day!!!


  3. eilidhrose

    Brighton looks amazing! I really want to visit this summer, I live in Scotland 🙂 I love reading your posts as it gives me ideas for my own travels to different places!
    I hope you’ve had a great weekend!
    Much love, Eilidhrose x


  4. Tessa

    I absolutely love every post of your blog, no matter what’s it about! Thank you for sharing your days with us, for me it’s always wonderfully relaxing to read about your latest activities!
    I’ve actually been to Brighton once, but only had the time to check out the beach, not the piers. It looks like a great city to live!


  5. Leigh

    The Brighton aquarium looks so lovely. I love that the architecture of it looks like something out of a cathedral. My greatest wish is actual to take a trip to England and visit all the cathedrals I can- during the mass services if possible.

    Didn’t get up to much over the weekend, just stayed in doors avoiding the potential cold front- which landed today instead of over the weekend as predicted😓 The cold probably doesn’t compare to what you guys experienced- the overcast sky and the rain makes it look like Brigton was freezing cold. Are you sure you guys are in Summer😝

    Anyway, another lovely post and I hope you have a great day


  6. ricecroquette

    I’m so happy when I see a post from you, Marzia! The aquarium looks gorgeous, it reminds me of a Wes Anderson movie for some reason. This weekend me and my girl friends went salsa dancing for the first time! I’m pretty terrible at it, but it was very fun! x


  7. Sara B.

    What beautiful pictures! I hope one day I can visit Brighton! Well, go to the UK in general haha so sweet of you to bring your cousin! Have a great week 🙂 xoxo


  8. Millo

    Thanks for sharing this Marzia, it’s very inspiring ! I’ll visit London in few weeks so I’ll pass by Brighton 🙂


  9. alexia99blog

    It’s great to see you had a great time! Everything looks so charming in some sort of calm, mysterious way. This weekend I didn’t do much, just travelled to the USA to shop around for college (I start today!) and for our beach trip to Cancún starting this weekend.
    I hope all of you (you, Felix, your parents, your cousin, and the pugs 😂 are doing great 😃)


  10. Karalee

    The pictures are wonderful! I would love to visit London and Brighton! The only place I’ve been to in England is Heathrow airport which I don’t think really counts.


  11. Jhuliana G.

    Hey, Marzia! How many places have you ever visited in Brighton since then? I hope there a lot! Well, hope you enjoyed :3


  12. alicesuworld

    You’re picture always are awesome !
    Brighton seems such amazing ! 😊
    Your cousin is so tall for an 11 yo girl, or maybe you are tiny ? haha However you and your family are really cute !


  13. Rebekka S. Kandelsdorff

    Your cousin looks like my cousin. They are also almost the same age (My cousin is 10) and her name is Lærke❤️ Basic Danish name👍🏻


  14. Matzes

    Hello Marzia!
    I was wondering about what is your oppinion on brexit? Are you considering leaving the country? I’m about to move in because I’m in love with England, … but now I’m not that sure.. :/

    Bs, Bianka


  15. barelysara

    Hey Marzia. Every time you post something about Brigthon, my urge to go increases.

    I actually want to ask you something. I’m going in October to San Francisco and I remember while you and Felix were in LA you spent 2 days there. Do you remember some good places to eat or to go to? I can recall you rented a GoKart but I really don’t think I would be able to rent one of those. I am leaving 4 days and I will actually spend my birthday there, so I would like to do something special at least that day. I am considering going to the Palace of Arts that you showed on your Vlog because it looks gorgeous. But still I want to ask if you remember something else.

    Lots of love my Libra sister.
    Sara 💜


  16. Sofia

    Hey Marzia! My best friend and I are coming to Brighton in one week and we’re so excited! We will definitely check out the aquarium, it really is beautiful. And the Pier is so stunning :O
    I’ve gone through every tourist guide and made a list of things we want to see but the guides only talk about the “normal things” like the Pavillion 😛 so I wanted to ask you if you could give us any advice on the secret and unknown things in Brighton that are worth checking out! 🙂 I remember some places you showed in your videos but I don’t know where to find them, like the pottery café 😛


  17. Raindoodlie

    That picture of the West Pier is so haunting and beautiful especially with rain! Nice picture, Marzia! I love pictures and interesting places like that. I’m glad you, Felix, and your family had a good time. ^-^


  18. dianne

    I’ve always wanted to visit Brighton solely for the pier—it also reminds me of the pier in Bioshock Infinite for some reason haha.

    Does it always rain there, though? The place looks eerie when it’s raining (judging from the West Pier photo). :O


  19. Sarah-Jo Beaton

    MARZIA: WHY YOU SO CUTE!!!! I absolutely adore you, and look forward to seeing all your travel videos & amazing pictures. Much love from Canada! P.S. You should come check out British Columbia, Canada sometime. 🙂


  20. Sidney Cushman

    Wow, I love that picture of the abandoned pier; you’re right, it looks ghostly and haunted! This weekend my boyfriend, dog and I went on a road trip and got stuck in the middle of a tornado warning! Lightning flashed every half a second, rain was pouring and hail pelted our car. The energy in the air was incredible. It was terrifying, but intensely beautiful all the same. Have a Happy day 🙂 Sidney


  21. Karima Oulihem

    This weekend, I quit my job after two years so I could enjoy my summer before university 🙂 I really love reading your blog and watching your YouTube channel Marzia :3


  22. Angye

    I like how you show all so nice! I think that you are a positive person and always see the good side of the things. That is something for I admire to you! ^^


  23. mitchamablog

    Today I’m celebrating by BIRTHDAY! yey!
    And yesterday I was at Beyoncé’s concert, amazing weekend birthday for me!

    Can’t wait to visit Brighton soon though, it looks beautiful!


  24. mewxx

    That aquarium looks so beautiful and the colours of those lights are so pretty ❤ I'm glad you got to spend a nice day with your family in Brighton ❤ This weekend some friends of mine cooked a meal and I got to hang out with them 🙂 We all ate outside together because the weather was so sunny. I also went to my favourite coffee shop so I had a great time ^_^ ❤


  25. Teresa

    Marzia 🙂 I love reading your posts. I’m spending the summer in Richmond as an Au-Pair and your posts make me excited to visit Brighton. I hope that little dumpling I’m looking after can spare me for a day so I can head down to Brighton. Anyway, love reading your blog after an exhausting day like today! Baci Teresa


  26. robertaslife

    Sono stata a Brighton la scorsa estate con il mio ragazzo, ed è veramente bellissima 🙂 qualsiasi cosa è riuscita a sorprenderci! Ti consiglio di provare Donatello, nelle Lanes, e i doughnuts più buoni sono nel chioschetto in riva al mare davanti al cinema! 😉 un abbraccio!


  27. kareaux

    Sounds like you had an amazing day! The pictures are so pretty. Brighton looks like such a nice place to live!
    I love that photo of your parents. You have just the same smile as your mom!!


  28. Matheus Giordano

    Love reading about your day, it really cheers me up, so thank you so much for sharing!Brighton looks so beautiful and I have the impression that is such a peaceful place, I’d love to visit someday!


  29. Alessandra

    Hi Marzia!
    When I visited Brighton in the 2008 I remember I saw some seagulls stole a portion of fish and chips to a man who had just bought it on the pier… It was hilarious – maybe not so much for the man who had to fight and lose against the seagulls – but can you believe me if I say that I do not remember the West Pier?! It’s so magical and suggestive, how did I possibly forget about it?
    Another visit to Brighton is needed, of course.
    Abaout the last weekend… I studied. Exams are coming *cry*.
    Baci :3


  30. ansia

    Hi Marzia! Great post as always! I remember your vlog about Horror Hotel ( XD), the aquarium looks pretty cool! This weekend my parents and I visited our relatives in Macedonia (we live in Crete, Greece) so it was special for us , as well! We were watching the game between Germany and Italy on Saturday while having dinner in a great tavern. What a match! Too bad Italy didn’t win, it was so close! 😦 Anyway,we had a lot of fun ,it was a great weekend for my family and I , I’m glad it was for you too! 🙂


  31. K.

    Do I see a Polish flag there? Anyway, great post as always. They always make me wanna pack my things and travel to Brighton, seems like an amazing place. Cheers from Poland! 🙂


  32. humanpho3nix

    Seems like a wonderful weekend 🙂 I really want to meet that pufferfish and visit the pier, maybe one day…

    I really loved reading this post and looking at all of these pictures too

    This weekend I went on a vacation to the seaside with my best friend and her family, to the town called Neum. It was just amazing


  33. 0candace

    Your parents are so adorable and I also watched that italy v germany match and I was going for italy as well and wanted them to win. Hope your cousin has nice memories of her visit. And lastly. Lovely seeing places in Brighton. I know what places to go when I visit, one day. x candace


  34. Kate

    I hope you and Felix would have a go in visiting Philippines, Marzia. Go to Palawan, Boracay, Amanpulo etc haha! There’s so much place to go to. 🙂


  35. nandaispanda

    These places look wonderful! I’ve never been to the UK, but I really want to. And when it actually happens and I’ll be travelling there, I will definitely go to the aquarium and for the horror ride, haha. Thanks for the tips! 😉


  36. adelyn

    hey marzia 🙂 i just read your book and it was AMAZING!! Will you ever write another book?
    hope you reply this comment!


  37. Victoria

    Hi Marzia!
    I love your blogs, they are so lovely to read and hear about all of the special places you visit. This weekend I plan on going on some walks, and am going to make a new dress.
    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


  38. Meh's (@Guiliotin)

    Have you ever tried diving? I think you guys would love it.
    It seems like you’re always searching for new things to experiment. ha ha
    And you’re so close to the Brighton Dive Centre, why not check it out? 😀


  39. Graxe

    Hey marzia, i was just browsing different blog sites and i found this. I think you’re entries are really sweet and funny. Brighton sounds amazing and you have definatly convinced me to go xx


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