July 4th, 2016

A day with my parents, my cousin and Felix. By the sea. 


Not long ago, I was on holiday in Scotland with my parents. This time, they wanted to bring my cousin Arianna to Brighton, as she is 11 years old and never travelled outside of Italy.

Because of it, I wanted her to have a good time, and make good memories from this short trip. 


Here is us, by the arches of the aquarium, in Brighton. I love coming here, and I take any chance I get.


Just look at how stunning it is. I might not be a huge aquarium, but it is probably the prettiest I’ve ever been to.


Here is my favourite pufferfish. It is always here, in the same tank, and I like to say hi any time I pass by.


Here is a trapped Felix.


But then it was time to head over to the Brighton Pier. Oh, the pier.

This is probably my favourite place in Brighton where to go and have a good time. There are a few rides, two arcades, amazing doughnuts and great views over the city.

It was a really windy day, and the pier was crowded with people coming from every direction, but we managed to move around and check out everything we wanted to. We even won a keychain. YAY!


My favourite ride is the Horror Hotel, which is the one where Felix and I got stuck in last summer, I believe it was.

It’s very old, and not scary at all, but it has some charm to it.

Even my parents gave it a go!


We then had a lovely lunch at Pinocchio, an Italian restaurant by the Lanes. Great actual Italian food, so if you are ever visiting this area, I do recommend it.

We had a walk around the Pavilion, but then the rain started to pour down.


And here is a shot of my favourite thing. The West Pier, which is now slowly falling apart. It’s like a ghost, and I absolutely love it.

But that was it. We came home, chatted, ordered takeaway and watched the football game between Italy and Germany. Unfortunately we lost, but it was nice to have some family time together.

What have you been up to this past weekend?


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