June 21st, 2016

Happy first day of SUMMER!

(at least today is the beginning of the new season in Italy)


Yesterday I hang out with Emma again, as it felt like forever since I’ve seen her (the night before I left for Scotland).

We went to eat a Chopstix, no surprise there, and did some shopping!

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it here on my blog, but I have been redecorating the “old flat” this past month. Felix and I have been living here in June because we are redoing our bathroom in our “usual place” and needed to move out, and although we were supposed to go back there yesterday, the works are a bit delayed so we are still in this one, for now.

Anyway, the point is that I have been buying a bunch of furniture and decor to make this place nicer, since we left it alone for about a year.

I wanted to give it more of an edge and a modern touch, whilst still keep it elegant and victorian. I got quite a few things in the past 3 weeks, but I am making a video about it which will come out on Thursday so instead of showing everything here today, I will just share the stuff I bough yesterday.


I was specifically searching for: a clock, artificial flowers and pillows. I found what I wanted!

On the left there is a toy Felix brought home a few weeks back, so I did not get it myself, but I wanted to include it because it’s such a fun design and not only you can stick your finger into the whole and play with a tamagotchi-like character, but it works as a clock as well.

The bigger one in the picture is the one I got yesterday, and it was only £8 at HomeSense.


I successfully also found some flowers I could place into these four tiny vases I bought last week from Urban Outfitters. I was being picky with the flowers I wanted because I needed them to be very dainty. These, again from HomeSense, are the ones I’ve settled with, and I’m glad I did because I do think they look just right in those vases.


Still in the same store I got this small vase with artificial succulents, so adorable!


I also picked up a clear tray at Urban Outfitters, simply because I looked at it a while ago but was too expensive, but turned out to be on a 50% sale at the moment, so it was the perfect time to get it.


And finally I got my pillows (in the picture you can see one – HomeSense) of a bright yellow shade. I adore these, and the way they catch the light.

To show how obsessed I have become with yellow lately I included a tiny “Get Happy!” book I found at Urban Outfitters, as well as a cool candle I got from Habitat (the white blanket also is from Habitat).

That’s all. The place is coming along really well, and I can’t wait to show it to you in a few days! I have before and after shots of it, so you will be able to see exactly what has changed and what not. I figured I would vlog the process as it could be somewhat interesting.

Only 2 days left!


54 thoughts on “YELLOW MANIA.

  1. aspeckofkerri

    What way do you normally work your flats? I know your “usual place” is the one you live in and use for everyday life but what about the one you’re staying in right now? Do you use it to film or do you do anything with it when you’re in your usual home? I do know that Felix had a place for filming that he recently had to move out of because of “complaints” but found a new one!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amarettinii

    You have a really great sense of home decor Marzia! I have been recently redecorating my room into a modern style (I cant do the whole house because I still live with my parents :P) and decorated it in light blue tones. The colour yellow fits perfectly with the new season, being summer. It is a bright and warm colour that makes a home more welcoming in my opinion. I can’t wait to see the vlog and the before and after shots. By the way, Marzia where did you get the chair in the last picture? I am in love with it!

    Oh and Marzia, I don’t know if you remember me but I was wondering if I could include you in my Acknowledgments for my fiction fantasy novel? You gave me some really great tips for sending my book to publishers. o(^-^o)

    Love you, Amara


  3. Filli-iz

    Everything look very fresh and nice! I have lots of things to learn from you since I am not good at decorating. I really want to see your vlog asap.

    Hope everything will be good for you. Bye 🙂



    hey marzia,
    i really love yellow color
    it just gives a fresh and warm look
    and i really love your taste
    well i am also pretty much obsessed with yellow
    the tiny vase is super cute
    desperately waiting for the vlog 😀
    take care and have a nice day
    and also HAPPY SUMMER 😉
    virtual hugs ❤


  5. Esra C

    OMG!😱 Okay, stuff related to interior decor has to be my favorite type of blogs and YouTube videos of all time followed by food stuff of course😁
    I simple cannot wait to watch the video! 2 days seem so long a time! Yayy!

    Love, Esra.


  6. sophierobinsonx

    Beautiful things Marzia,
    I really want to redecorate but were hoping to move house this year so I best wait and see if we do 🙂
    I love the victorian decor. Im collecting a few bits and bobs that i catch in the sale, recently brought a big wicker pig from sainsburys! Haha! He lives in my country kitchen. I love him ;D
    Cant wait to see your video on Thursday X


  7. alexia99blog

    That’s really cute! It’s been around 2 years since I’ve started somewhat obsessing with yellow, but for some reason it’s a bit hard to find around here 😥 I just love how it both makes a statement and makes everything make a bit brighter and happier 🙂


  8. Simay

    They are so cute!! yellow always be my favorite colour.Btw I’m exticed for new video.Great post Marzia 👌🏻💖


  9. Carolina Vitória

    Hello there, Marzia!!

    There’s one thing about you that I really like (among other things), and that things is that you always keep all the drama away and you never (or rarely) complain to us about your life problems and though I’d gladly try to help if you ever needed our help, I find it really nice of you to keep your blog and YouTube always on the “happy” side without having any stressful or “negative” videos. To me this means a lot because watching your videos always sends a lot of good vibes to my day and I admire the effort you make, even when you’re sick, stressed or annoyed, I feel like you always suppress those feelings on your videos and it must be hard for you to always look happy so thank you for your effort and if you ever really need to make a more serious video, do it 🙂

    Remember one video that you made when you were talking about you and Felix being a completely different person and that you wanted to dissociate yourself from him a bit? I remember thinking ” wow thank god she finally spoke about this ” because you probably kept that inside for so long. I found you first than Felix by the way, hehe. And I’m talking about the old video where you spoke of it, the one that i cant find anymore in your channel and nor the most recent one, though that one was also good! But my point is, you kept that inside for so long and good thing that now that doesnt happen as often and I do thing you’re doing amazingly at showing the world everything you’re capable of doing!

    Anyway, I’m talking about this because your life must be pretty stressful right now, having to move houses, not being sure exactly how things will turn out to be, and yet you always keep your posture so, for that, a big THANK YOU and keep being strong, I wanna hug you!!

    Also can’t wait for the full video, I love the way you decorate your house though I am more into white rather than yellow hehe

    Hugs from your Portuguese fan!!


  10. Debora

    Yellow always seems to gives out a good vibe 😊 I love it ☀ it’s looking wonderful Marzia 😀 can’t wait to see more ✨😘


  11. icaweng

    Just some tiny stuff can give a home a different look and atmosphere^^ Those yellow decorations/furniture are so adorable and make me feel energetic. The artificial succulents… I want to find one as well! I didn’t even know they existed lol I have had 5 real succulents; however, two of them are gone because my cat kept knocking them down from my desk. And just two days ago, my cat ate one of the last three…

    I really like having plants inside the house, and until the cat learns not to eat or knock them down, artificial plants will be the top choice.


  12. barelysara

    Your style for everything, clothes, house decor, makeup, everything is just the best.

    I really liked the yellow clock and the chair. They look really pretty. I’m gonna be doing the artificial succulent because I love them but I know they’d probably die under my care.

    Love, Sara.


  13. celinesara

    I love how you incorporated an Eames chair in a Victorian looking interior. The idea alone sounds strange but there’s something about it that makes them go along great. Maybe the curves and the light beige ? I think it looks great, I love your interior decor sense, you always make great combinations 🙂


  14. beth

    Adorable stuff! I’m in the middle of decorating my home and trying to make it more homely but i never thought of using artificial flowers
    Thanks for the inspiration marzia xxx


  15. Sammi

    Marzia, I love the decor. The yellow gives it a happy vibe! I can’t wait to see your video. I have recently been introduced to your channel. And with that I found out that you have a book. Im going to buy it today and read it, I’m so excited! And I’ve also been watching your past videos. I know that you have a video where people all the time find out about you through pewdiepie. By the way, I did not find out about you through pewdiepie. 🙂


  16. Andrea

    Hey Marzia, your flat looks really beautiful, there’s no doubt 🙂 But why do you have two flats? o.o I’m just wondering


  17. ansia

    I can’t wait to watch the video tomorrow (or today or whatever:P) , the place looks amazing! Have a great time Marzia!!!!


  18. Cortney

    Hey Marzia, just watched your “June Notes” video yesterday and I really love your new black/white rug in your living room. I’m currently working on redecorating my room and have been trying to find the perfect rug for months now. I feel like this rug is perfect, the colour, the pattern, size and the material, and I know will suit it so well. I was just wondering which store you got it from if it’s not a problem? 🙂


  19. Shofi

    You’re at decorating, aren’t you? They look simple, nice, and fresh. I love how you take the picture. It’s make the looking is nicer.


  20. murtyespinosa

    Last month was the beginning of our school days, so I haven’t seen the entries you’ve uploaded until now. I already watched the vlog before seeing this, and you did a beautiful job with decorating your flat, even though for me, it cost a bit high.


  21. Jasmine

    Marzia, I know this is so random but you want to check out! She’s a talented fashion designer from Indonesia who works on beautiful pastel collections. Your taste reminds me so much of hers and I admire you both! 😀


  22. Vera

    I love this! Yellow is my favorite colour ever, since I was a little kid. It’s so bright and to me it just symbolizes life and happiness. I always think of sun whenever I see something yellow ^-^


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