Today’s food.

June 17th, 2016

It’s been a while since I have done a blog post about what I eat, so here is one!


I’m still sick, so I haven’t made anything too fancy, but I did make sure to eat lots of fruit and veggies.

On the menu: fresh fruit; mixed vegetables with avocado; vegetarian lasagna with lettuce.


The first thing I did when I woke up was cutting all the fruit I could find into pieces. I was able to get some mango, kiwi, banana and watermelon. I actually felt much better just by eating this, as I wasn’t hungry at all but fruit is so refreshing it helped to start my day.


For lunch I instead took all the veggies I could find and mix them together.

I love to do this because if you don’t feel like coming up with a dish, you can just chop all the vegetables, cook them in a pan with some olive oil and you got yourself a delicious meal.


I cooked all of the above together for 30 minutes on a low flame, except for the avocado which I have added on top afterwards.

I also used some powdered garlic, for extra flavour.


I actually think the avocado is vital for this dish, cause otherwise it gets a bit boring after a while, but the contrast between cold and hot makes it very interesting and blends so well.

In the afternoon I continued watching Scream on Netflix, and I have to say, although I did not love the first few episodes, the last 5 were really good. Also, two episodes away I guessed who the killer was and how things were going to play out, which made me really proud of myself – haha!

If you are a fan, as me, of the original Scream movies, you might enjoy this series. Although, as I said, at first I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, especially because it seemed mostly influenced by the last Scary movie (n.4) – which was my least favourite of all – towards the end the show really redeemed itself and the ending was great (not so much that it was original, but rather that they kept the same “touches” as in the movies).

Anyway, I’m getting too nerdy about this, but I’m a huge Scream fan so I had to put my thoughts out there.


The point is that I’ve spend my afternoon in the couch, watching a bunch of episodes, and when I got hungry, I decided to snack on Biscoff by Lotus. I tried the smooth one before and didn’t love it, but then I gave the crunchy one a go and oh. Oh. OH.

So good.


And finally I attempted to make my very first lasagna.

It’s one of Felix favourite dishes, so I wanted to make it for him. I didn’t follow a specific recipe and just went with what I thought made sense, and luckily it tasted really nice!


I used some fake “mince” together with chopped shallot and passata to make the sauce.

Then I used the pasta sheets to make the base, added the sauce, a few layers and then besciamella and mozzarella bits on top.

I cooked it for 45 minutes on 180*C.


It might not look too great, but it tasted really good and we finished both of the big portions I made, which made me happy.

I then went on and ate another banana, just because, and now I’m done. Okay, okay. I also had some chocolate.

Gonna go watch Orange is the New Black now. TODAY IS THE DAY.


66 thoughts on “Today’s food.

  1. Tareau Barron

    Your food choices were really great. I just finished eating and after reading your post, my greedy ass is hungry again. Lmao.


  2. aashi16sahu

    You know what I’m a beginner blogger and your blog is just an inspiration else you can say it’s a motivation for me!!


  3. Hannah Challinor

    omg it all looks really good and i am like obsessed with that lotus biscuit spread, i eat it directly from the pot like you, hahah. Scream sounds really good and the same happens with me that i guess who the killer is and then everyone on the programme is going crazy trying to find out who it is and im there screaming at them, hahaha.
    i love orange is the new black and have started season 2 bcuz i didnt start watching it till this year , no spoilers please <3!!!


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