May 31st, 2016

I’m having an unlucky day, so I decided to treat myself to some snacks!


I woke up at 7am after a bad night sleep. I had to rush and move out of my flat because workers arrived (we are re-doing our bathroom). Rain started to pour intensely, together with the strongest wind. I walked in the rain and got soaked, and once I got safely inside my old flat, putting away the clothes I had packed the night before, I bumped my head in the wardrobe so hard my forehead instantly got very swollen. Let’s not forget that my phone is dead and I forgot to bring the charger. YAY.

I was having such a hard time with everything, that I decided to head out and go to an asian market. I picked a few drinks and snacks, and now I’m here, cosily writing about them, feeling much better already!

Food always knows how to make me happy. 


So, the one thing I go insane over is asian drinks:

  1. They look adorable;
  2. They taste delicious;
  3. They are so unusual!

I got incredibly excited when I found canned milk tea. I don’t drink milk that often, but. But. This is a whole different thing. It’s usually difficult to find it where I live, so I honestly went crazy and grabbed the last one available in the counter.

I’m sipping it very slowly, just so I can enjoy it all day.

Since that was the last one, I decided to pick up a rice drink, which I’ve tasted before and, although is not the same, still tastes very nice.

Another option I decided to try out is the Cookies & Cream drink – I’m very intrigued by this, but haven’t tasted it yet.

I then saw strawberry water in a can/bottle packaging, and because it looked so cute, I had to add it to my basket.

I also took one last drink (the one in the green packaging) but I haven’t tried it yet and I have no idea what it is. Sometimes you just have to include new things in your diet, and in my case, I’m hoping it’s green tea based!


Now, I definitely knew I needed something salty today. I was happy to find some Calbee chips (my favourite Japanese brand) and although there wasn’t a huge selection, I did spot these pizza ones (vegetarian). They are very good, slightly hot but nothing I can’t handle. I would rate these 8/10.

Then I picked up a bag of green peas chips, which are so incredibly delicious. I don’t even like peas that much, but these are great. 10/10!

The last salty thing I wanted to try was this bag of roasted chestnuts. I love cooking and eating chestnuts, so I figured these could be a nice snack to have around. Unfortunately, although they don’t taste bad, they are super slimy and they just seem a bit weird. I will finish the package, but I will not buy them again. 6/10.


Moving onto sweet treats, I got some I already knew I liked, and others I’ve heard of but never tried.

I of course went for some Matcha Pocky, they are very good and I always make sure to have some in the house (7.5/10) but I also found the Pepero, from Lotte, that I bought during my trip to South Korea. I picked those up and tasted them at home, and they actually are even better than I remembered! I would give them 8.5/10.

I believe Birthday Cake Oreos are pretty popular, but I never had them before. I ate a cookie, and although I did like it, I think regular Oreos are the best. This would be a 7/10.

Another brand I really like from Japan is Glica (the same that does Pocky) and although some of their snacks are incredible, others kind of feel “old”. The last thing I’ve tried today, the Cream Collon biscuit, was okay, but not the greatest. I will happily eat it, but as it goes for the chestnuts, I probably won’t get them again. 6/10.


And these are all the snacks I bought and tasted today. I do get waaay too excited anytime I enter an asian grocery store, simply because it reminds me of my trips to Japan and just makes me curious to try out new things.

Have you tasted any of these? Do you have a favourite asian snack or brand?



85 thoughts on “ASIAN SNACKS.

  1. cataclysmaftercataclysm

    Marzia may I ask how you created your blog to be so pretty and organized? I’m currently trying to create my own blog on here and it’s haaaard!! Haha do you have any suggestions? I’m really struggling here. Thank you!! 🙂


    1. beacolorfulmind

      While I was in Japan I tried, as you do, the green tea Pocky sticks and I didn’t like them so much! Buuuuuut all the every kind of Calbee Chips are absolutely amazing!!! I wish I could Be back to Japan soon!
      Thank you Marzia for your posts I always enjoy them!! Ciaoooo:):)


  2. Jessica

    Hi, I love your blog, and youtube! You seems so sweet and fun ☺️ And a bit weird, but weird people are the best ones☺️

    Anyway, have you tried panda cookies? The look like pandas and have different flavoured
    fillings! They are sooo delicious (and cute) I think you would like them☺️ Some taste like nutella☺️
    Take care!


  3. justmaria

    There’s no way to find asian snacks in where I live but I’ll try to find them somewhere else because I never han an asian snack and I’m really interested. 🙂


  4. Natasha p

    hey Marzia
    i hope your day get better, from the sounds of things it seems like you just have one of those day were things just go wrong but don’t worry it will get better it always dose 🙂 just keep on smiling because when you smile it makes you happy and everyone around you happy too 🙂


  5. Suzon

    Aaaaaaah, there come your sugar consumption! Be careful not to eat too much of it :/
    But I mean, with an asian market close by, how could anyone resist?
    Anyway I tried the green tea pocky, but I’m not too fond of them. I prefer strawberry, real chemical taste :p


  6. Jasmine

    Marzia, I love the green pea snack too! I too don’t like green peas but had once tried this snack after my friend bought it and immediately fallen in love with it. Pocky is also another favourite of mine. I’m from Malaysia and I’m not sure if these snacks are available in the UK, but I’d recommend you to try them if you find one:

    1. Drinks by Yeo’s – chrysanthemum tea or any of their fruit based flavour
    2. Season’s Cincau grass jelly drink
    3. Dahfa dried fish fillet
    4. Apollo chocolate layer cake
    5. White rabbit cream candy


  7. Mai

    I think it’s kinda unfair that whenever you pick a random person in your comments to get the items that you have showed in your blog because the people that have been with you for so many years and yet you choose a random person who probably just started subscribing to you and I have been with you for so many years and you still haven’t even got to notice me I’ve been writing to you since the moment you opened your blog to the public I mean I don’t want the products I just want you to answer me because I have a depression problem and your the only one I can talk and chat with so please talk to me because I need you Maria please think about it and I’m sorry I was just ranting about how it’s unfair that you give all these products to these people but I hope you get a chance to chat with me and one more thing I wanted to tell you that I love you if your are weird because I am weird too.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. sierrakko

    Yummy! Some of my favorite snacks are the salad flavor Calbee jagarico and Nongshim honey twists. Karamucho makes really good spicy chips too if you like hot things.


  9. Amy

    I live in a little coutry called Malaysia. I really do wonder if you would like the local food here. Maybe you should try something different, an asian far different from japan!


  10. Alfie

    I live in Indonesia and I love Yeo’s Birds Nest canned drink, it tastes especially good when it’s cold! Always love to see you and Pewds! ❤️


  11. dani

    Hey, Marzia. I was just wondering if you’re vegan or not. I’m just confused because sometimes you make meals that are vegan and sometimes you eat things like eggs or whatever. I’m not really an expert, but from what I’ve heard, vegans don’t eat animal byproducts which includes eggs, milk, butter, etc. So yeah, I was just wondering.


  12. istanabelle

    Marzia, many Japanese snacks will have bonito (fish) in it for “flavour” if you do not know if it has it, you should look it up. I bought the calbee seaweed and salt ones, but then read the back and it had bonito and roe extract.


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