May 30th, 2016

Another makeup look!

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 13.10.42.jpg

The star of this post is the Jenn Ne Sais Quoi line, from my friend Jenn Im, in collaboration with ColourPop. 

I wasn’t asked to do this, I was simply sent the products because I know Jenn and, having been such a fan of her for ages (she is actually the person that inspired me to open my own YouTube channel), I wanted to do my part and support these gorgeous makeup products she created.


Foundation: NATURAGLACÉ // Powder: SKINFOOD
Blush: MEMEBOX // Eyebrows: SOAP&GLORY  // Mascara: SARA HILL

These are all the products I have on my face. You might noticed that I skipped primer, concealer and contour, simply because today I wanted to have a lazy makeup day, since I’m mostly staying home to edit videos, and quickly run to the grocery store and post office. But, then I saw Jenn’s makeup laying around, and so I’ve decided to try some on.


These are the things she came up with: 4 eyeshadows and 3 lip products.

I am super impressed with the eyeshadows: all the colours are something I love to wear, with rusty and golden shades, going even darker with burgundy and matte brown.

So today I’m wearing the burgundy eyeshadow as a base all over the eyelids, followed by the golden sparkles on my inner corners. I then took a slim brush and applied the darker shade as I would for regular gel eyeliner. This is something I do when I don’t want a look that’s too intense, especially on the daytime – if I know I won’t be doing anything particular in the evening.

I then lined my lips with the pretty coral shade she provides, and filled them in with a matte dark coral lipstick.

The swatches to all these products are shown on the right, whilst the two remaining items I didn’t get to use are shown separately on the left.


I seriously can’t get over the colour of the eyeshadows. Personally, the lip colours are a bit too intense for me, so it’s not something I would wear often but rather if I have a specific occasion; while the eyeshadows are simply gorgeous, intense and match my eyes really nicely. When I touched them with my fingers to swatch them, they felt so incredibly velvety. I love them, and I honestly think Jenn did a great job with this makeup line!

So this is all, just a quick makeup post to show you her products. Do you like anything in particular?


38 thoughts on “JENN NE SAIS QUOI.

  1. Makayla's World

    I love the eyeshadow, it is so dainty that it looks like you can leave it soft or build it into something intense. Do you know when I will be able to purchase theses, does she perhaps have a website? ☺️


  2. itstotulip

    Ciao Marzia!dagli swatch i colori sembrano super intensi, belli davvero!Mi sa che oggi ti copio il trucco da giorno che hai fatto! Grazie a te ho scoperto che queste tonalità stanno bene anche alle brune e ora sono alla ricerca di tutto ciò che è rame e borgogna!Hai fatto qualcosa ai capelli?sembrano più rossi sulle punte!sei stupenda come sempre! :*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Helena

    The colors are so beautiful and the eye shadow looks just perfect on you! Btw, have you thought about collaborating with a make-up brand to create your own make up collection? :3


  4. Amarettinii

    The eyeshadows look gorgeous! I have already seen Jenn Im’s video on her channel and I love how different of a look you can create with them. ^-^

    On another note: Marzia can you please tell me what to be careful of when choosing or sending your manuscript for a novel to different publishers? And what else should I be careful of?

    I finished writing my fantasy novel (you and your book Dreamhouse were the inspiration to me to finally do it because at first I was too scared of persuing to become a writer o(^-^o)) and I am going to start sending my manuscript to publishers.

    Thank you and love you!!! (I have been a Marzipan for 4 years!)



    1. marziabisognin

      Hi Amara, so great I could inspire you to write! Congrats on writing down your story. 😀 I would suggest to do some research on publishers in your country, and try to contact the ones that you think might fit best with your fantasy novel. To be honest, I actually took this step and didn’t go so well: although I picked the one that published more horror and thrillers in Italy, the company was a bit difficult to work with, especially regarding the contract they gave me. So be absolutely careful when they send you out a contract to sign: publishers will try to lock you down and pay you less than you should be paid – this has happened to be unfortunately, so just really make sure you think about it for a while before going with one publisher. Compare different offers and go with the one you feel more comfortable with. After finding your publisher and signing the contract, you will most likely be paired with an editor: if not, try to request one via contract, so that you two can better the manuscript as much as possible. I was incredibly lucky to be paired with my editor at the time, he didn’t change my story and instead provided me with a different point of view (since when you write you might think some things are obvious, but really aren’t for the reader, if not written down) and shape the story up! So it’s crucial that the person you are working with believes in your story and wants to make it better, not change it.
      I think these are the most important things. Good luck! ^_^

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      1. Amarettinii

        Thank you so much for giving me all these tips Marzia! I am German but I moved to the UK 5 years ago, so I am looking for publishers in the UK, because I have written my fantasy novel in English.

        I am still scared but I will try my best and remember the things you told me! Thank you again for replying! It gave me a bit more confidence! *-* I will let you know if I can manage to get my book published. ((o^-^o))


      2. melmess

        Ik the thing I’m going to say isn’t that interesting,I’m learning Italian just for a hobby to learn more languages. And I was just wondering if you had any tips for websites that you can learn easy Italian? Ly Marzia and I love the maukep look💕 The eyeshadows are truly amazing and beautiful


  5. Ana Stevenson

    Hi Marzia!
    I love your make up looks; even though we have different skin tones and hair colours, you usually go for everything that I like and that happen to match my complexion, so it’s very useful!
    I agree with you, the eyeshadow is gorgeous and the result is beautiful but also very natural. Have a Lovely week! ^^ X


  6. aspeckofkerri

    I love bright reds on other people and I think they do suit you but personally, I prefer to wear nudey brown lip products just because I think they suit my skin tone a lot better (I’m kind of pale and olive-toned so reds, purples and other warm colours like that don’t really suit me). I love the eye shadows and they look amazing with your eye colour! 😁 I need to start investing in eye shadows and eye shadow brushes because I never wear anything but eyeliner and mascara. Do you have any eye shadows that you want to recommend? ☺️ (I have blue eyes if it helps)


  7. Madiha

    Hi Marzia!

    I like how these eyeshadows look on you! I’ve also been interested in burgundy and brown eyeshadows lately.The lipsticks look quite bright on your arm there,but that’s the thing with intense lipsticks, you have the choice of sheering it out or going full on statement lip. It’s nice to have versatility 🙂

    P.S I’ve been enjoying reading your blog since you started it. It’s actually the first time I’ve kept up to date with a blog and it’s really nice.

    Lots of love from South Africa!


  8. Dana

    You look gorgeous as always Marzia! I love the eyeshadow, I like using browns and pinks for my blue eyes. I agree that the lipstick is a bit too intense for me, I prefer plums and dark reds. I was out shopping the other day and found the most gorgeous lipstick color, the color is Lala from NYX and it’s a gorgeous plum/mauve, it goes on creamy and after 30 mins or so stays matte. It’s definitely my new favorite day to day color!! I included a link in case you wanted to check it out because I think it would look stunning on you! Have a lovely day!

    Lots of Love


  9. Lise

    Really loving the eye shadow colors you’re wearing in the last photo! They dont just compliment your eye color, but also your skin tone.


  10. icaweng

    Although lipstick is the only makeup I wear, I have to say the colors of the eyeshadows are simply gorgeous! I really love the soft tones of them : )


  11. motherrussia20

    I started smiling when i saw this post :))) it just so nice when youtubers support each other😍 I started watching Jenn after you mentioned her in one of your videos Marzia😊 have an amazing week x


  12. Kitsukara

    The colours of the makeup are all so gorgeous !! I love all of your makeup styles! Please keep up the great work!


  13. samanthasspaceblog

    Hey Marzia, I know this may seem like a really weird proposal, but I know how much you like to write and I can see your amazing writing skills in Dream House…I was wondering if I could send you a short story I have written? It’s only like 700 words, and it’s for my year 12 (last year off school) assignment. Some feedback from you on it would be awesome. It’s pretty much about an old man that is feeling insecure about getting old. If you would like to see it, oh my godness yay thank you!!! I’d be blown away if my favourite youtuber read my work haah.
    If you’re not interested, that’s perfectly okay too! I understand that you’re busy and what not and that’s fine!
    Just thought I’d take a chance and ask. 🙂
    Have a lovely day!


  14. samnotnan

    I’m with you on the eye shadow, the colours are gorgeous and they suit you perfectly too which is a real bonus. I don’t personally wear makeup, but if I did I’d be purchasing those eye shadows pronto. 🙂
    And big congratulations to Jenn on her new product line, she’s really done a fantastic job. ❤️


  15. Jhuliana

    Hey, Marzia!

    Are you going to upload a Marzia’s Style with this new look? I really hope you are because this is so pretty and adorable. Its really good on you! Keep trying new things Marzia. I am so looking forward to your achievements and also your videos! Love ya!

    Kisses From Philippines~!


  16. kamgabbyj

    I love the eyeshadow colours, I’m a huge colour and texture person and anything that is intense and bold that takes away the attention of people from looking at my condition’s side effects which appear on my face, helps a lot. Don’t know if I’d go for an orange tone lipstick but hey worth a shot right?


  17. Manon

    Hi Marzia 😉
    Is your friend/the brand french ? 🙂 Or is it just the name which is french xP ?
    Love from France xoxo :3


  18. ansia

    Marzia you are adorable and these products look pretty awesome! Congatulations to your friend for being such a talented person and inspiring you! 😉


  19. tanyamoonlie

    Oh, Marzia! I’m so glad that I found you several years ago in the vastness of YouTube ^_^ You’re very pretty and I really like these eyeshadows! The color of the eyeshadows reminds a grapefruit *о* It looks very cute, brightly and summery.
    Thank you for inspiring me! I love you ❤
    P.S. Your outfit in the last video is just awesome. You look like a fairy :3
    P.P.S. Sorry for my bad english ^^'''


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